Helping the World Trade: Service

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My name is Trent Stranski
have worked for skyline approximately six years
I honestly feel that skyline is a family is a family-oriented company
from start and
the team here in las vegas we're very close we are... we are like family
working with skyline all the employees all of them great,
here in Vegas but also in Eagan,
Orlando, Chicago,
toronto and our dealers are very nice and very wonderful to work with as well
between us and dealers
we are one team
and we are on the same team to make sure that we get
the client what they need.
my responsibilities here skyline are i wear multiple hats
i help with, solutions...uh project management jobs
my team and I, we make sure that all the booths and exhibits are built properly
uh... responsibility of
freight DIY orders
uh... make sure that they get to the trade shows and shows on time
i'm also uh... emergency contact
where if
someone is if there's a client or an I&D company at the show site, where they're missing
some pieces or something
they can call me and i will
jump through hoops or whatever i can do to make sure that the customers satisfied

what i think skyline does more than anybody else is is our product quality
I feel that it's it's strong it's firm it's
it's a... it's a great product.
we put our product out there that just doesn't just get the show by but get people to go wow, where did that come from?
understanding what skyline and the trade show industries all about is we are
helping the world trade because if there exhibit looks great and wonderful and
they get more leads, they're making the money which is helping the economy
it's it's phenomenal it's just a great uh... wonderful thing to..
to help our clients to to fulfill that we are helping
the economy
when a booth leaves here, we know that
it is what the customer wants. and its at 100
Just very happy to be working for uh... the brand.. the brand name skyline
I'm Trent and i helped the world trade
helping world trade