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The year is 1893.
A small village in the heart of India.
The people of Champaner depended on agriculture...
... like those in thousands of villages.
A British cantonment bordered the village.
Two miles south, beyond the cantonment, was the fort...
... of the Rajah of this province.
The British protected the Rajah's domain from neighbouring attacks.
They also promised the other Rajahs protection from this Rajah.
Thanks to this double-dealing, the British...
... collected a tax from the Rajahs...
...paid by every farmer in the country.
The submission of a portion of the farmer's harvest...
... to the Rajah as tax.
Every Rajah collected lagaan from villages under his rule.
The Rajah would keep one share...
...and give the rest to the British.
In this way, the British fist grew iron strong.
Like thousands of villages across the country...
... the farmers of Champaner toiled on empty bellies...
...and paid taxes to the Rajah every year.
Last year it rained, but very little.
And this year, there has been no rain so far.
Dry eyes...
...scan the sky.
You're there again! What are you looking at, Mother?
Just wondering when the sky will darken with clouds.
How l long for the rains.
A month of rainy season gone by and not a drop of rain.
Coming, coming.
By God's grace, at least we have drinking water.
Or we'd be parched to the bone.
-Such are his ways. -Yes, Mother.
The fields are parched. How will the grains ripen?
Don't lose heart, Hari Bhai.
We'll dig into the earth.
We'll tear up the earth for water.
lt's what l told Bhuvan.
Where is he?
He went out in the morning.
lt's time to eat. Send him home if you see him.
Yes, Mother.
You pests! l'll wring your necks!
Oh, no! The Great Chicken War again.
Goli, you moron!
See if l don't ram you down a gun barrel!
Morons! You think these are your own hens!
Go to hell, Bhura!
Come here, l'll show you.
-Wait right there! -Come on!
-l'll put you in bed for days! -How dare you hit my kids?
l'll hang them and burn chilies under them.
Hassling my hens! And you?!
You behave or else l'll burn your slingshot!
-ls that so? -Stop it now.
You two are worse than cats and dogs.
But his boys are after my hens!
Stop acting like they're being molested!
Your hens aren't getting married!
They're only kids. Goli, control your kids.
Tell me, have you seen Bhuvan?
-No. You seen him, Bhura? -No!
Left, right, left!
Scumbags! Sons of jackals!
Strutting around in the heat!
You're all going back to that little island...
May the mighty hands of Fate ruin you!
Guran! Why bother reading their fortune?
They won't even care. Won't you read my fortune?
Tell me. Will l get the prince of my dreams?
Why not?
lf you truly love him, then he'll give you...
...your wedding bangle. You'll be his bride.
-Really? You heard that, Jigni? -Yes.
But.... But what?
l see an obstacle.
What obstacle? Tell me quickly.
Read my fortune.
What is it, Kaka?
-Was Guran telling your fortune? -No.
-Yes. -He's mad.
No clue about the present and he babbles about the future!
No, Hari Kaka. He's not mad.
What about Durga Bhabi?
She was childless for nine years. Then Guran said she'd have a son.
And wasn't Somu born? What about--?
All right, all right. That lunatic is not mad.
Now tell me. Have you seen Bhuvan?
No, but l know where he will be.
So our little girl keeps tabs on him?
Lakha, what is it to you?
l see! This concerns me and l'm not to open my mouth?
Why don't you wear wedding bangles for me?
-Lakha, what nonsense is this?! -l really mean it.
You've grown old...
...and Gauri here doesn't care for me.
Here, look at this. Look.
-See how badly hurt l am. -Hurt?
lt's my father you need, not me.
-Father! -What is it?
Lakha has a gash on his hand.
He seems to cut his hand more than he cuts wood.
What can l do, lsar Chacha?! l'm always wounding myself...
...very badly.
Kaka, l'll go fetch Bhuvan.
Listen, if you see him, tell him Mother is waiting for him.
Yes, l'll tell him.
Missed again.
Ram Singh! Quick! From there.
Wesson, you go round. Let's corner the blasted animal!
Drop the stone.
Finally. Got the darn creature.
Well done, sahib. Good shot.
Thank you, Ram Singh.
Now for something bigger.
Arrest him.
Sir, this dacoit was hiding in the bushes...
...with this stone.
He'd been distracting the deer.
Now l understand...
...why l missed five times.
You, a protector of animals, eh?
He's a farmer from Champaner.
Well, you must be a very good runner.
Try saving this one.
Next time, l will shoot you.
Next time, you'll be the target.
Captain Russell! Rajah Puran Singh... waiting for you.
Puran Singh! What could he want now?
Why are you screaming your head off?
l was looking for you. l couldn't see you.
-Was l lying dead somewhere? -How should l know?
God! What am l saying?
Why are you so angry?
Never mind. What do you want?
-l've got something to tell you. -What?
Sit down, won't you?
So tell me.
Guran read my fortune today.
What's the misfortune?
So mean! l'm not telling you then.
All right, tell me.
Come on.
Guran said...
...l'll put henna on my hands this year.
l mean, get married.
That's great news.
You'll be dancing with joy. Who's the boy?
How would l know?
Guran didn't tell me that.
But one thing is certain:
The house l marry into will have...
...a neem tree in the courtyard.
A big field beside the house...
...two cows, a pair of oxen...
...and three goats.
Guran said my home will be...
...a little heaven.
How wonderful! You're really lucky.
Lucky? You call this lucky?
Heaven for a home. What more do you want?
Lord knows what'll become of me.
Tell me one thing, Bhuvan.
-What kind of girl do you like? -Me?
l will only like the girl whom my mother likes.
-Whom Mother likes? -Yes.
-Oh, God! -What happened?
l came to tell you that...
...Mother wants to see you.
Now you tell me! After all this!
You sit here. l'm going.
Bhuvan, l'm sorry.
How did your hunt go?
The British are the best when it comes to hunting.
-The British Empire is the best, right? -Absolutely.
-But l'm worried. -About what?
When all the game is finished...
...whom will your guns target next?
We're fortunate that you came to visit us.
But l don't know the reason.
l've brought a request on behalf of my subjects.
A request?
Morning, Eliza.
Your Highness, l present to you my sister Elizabeth.
She just arrived from London.
Elizabeth, His Highness Puran Singh Chawla of Champaner.
lt is my good fortune to meet you.
-Rajahji, she doesn't know Hindi. -Of course.
Charmed to meet you.
Pleased to meet you.
-Sir. -At ease, Smith.
Elizabeth, meet my deputy, Lt. Patrick Smith.
-How do you do? -Pleased to meet you.
Well, Rajahji, l am at your service.
For the last three years, my people haven't worshipped... the Siddheshwar Temple.
They believe that...
...worshipping there will end the hardships they faced last year.
-But-- -But the temple is in the land...
...ruled by Rajah Diler Singh, your cousin and your enemy.
And your dear friend.
l'm sure if you speak to Diler Singh, he won't say no.
No, thank you. Hum shakahari hai.
l mean, vegetarian.
What do you think, Captain Russell? ls it possible?
Well, he could be persuaded.
Your work might be done.
But on one condition.
There's one condition.
Yes, tell me.
Eat the meat, Your Highness.
You eat this meat and l'll talk to Diler Singh.
As l told you, l'm a vegetarian.
Hum shakahari hai.
Just one piece of meat.
You eat it and consider your job done.
Eat the meat.
How's my eating meat connected to the temple?
lt's not connected.
l just want to see you eating meat.
Captain Russell...
...l cannot betray my religion... order to do my duty.
l'm sorry.
All right then. You'll have to pay me double tax.
Double lagaan?
Look, Rajahji.
Last year, l agreed to cut the tax by half at your request.
And delayed, at that.
You have to clear the arrears this year.
-...double lagaan. -Sir.
But it hasn't rained yet.
The British Raj does not bathe in lndia's rains, Rajahji.
Rain or no rain, l must maintain this cantonment.
The army costs money.
lt has to be paid, fed and clothed...
...for your protection.
How will the farmers pay?
Come on, Rajahji. lt's only double lagaan.
And moreover... don't even eat meat.
Hey, Arjan! What's Bagha so thrilled about?
-l don't know. -Must be something special.
Hey, Bagha! What are you beating that drum for?
Dark and dense
Dark and dense Come the swirling clouds
Dark and dense Roar the clouds
The thunder reverberates
How lethally does lightning flash
The clouds make my heart race
The clouds make my heart race
O black cloud Pour down your rain
O black cloud Pour down your rain
Wield not Lightning's flashy sword
But instead The arrows of raindrops
The clouds Bring rain in their wake
Swirling darkly The clouds come
My heart leaps and says.:
Dance with joy
Step out of the house
The clouds will rain down nectar
Gone are the days of hardship Sing the melodies of the monsoon
Dark and dense The swirling clouds
Dark and dense Roar the spreading clouds
When joyous rain pours
Who then will be thirsty?
The cuckoo will sing Perched on the parapet
The songbirds will sing
Of the new days That are to come
Light shall smile at darkness
Love's rain Will drench hearts and bodies
On the earth A mirror of water
Wherever you go
You will see
This splendid sight
The earth here Wears a rainbow-hued veil
Let's hang swings from trees And swing high
O black cloud Pour down rain
Wield not Lightning's flashy sword
But instead The arrows of raindrops
Now comes the intoxicating season
To spread a carpet of green
Bring along the season of rain
Anklets of lightning Adorn her feet
The cloud is her veil
The season comes to bedeck The bridal earth
Boughs wear Bracelets of blossoms
Joy will now rain Upon every courtyard
Now every bud will bloom
Every path will ring with laughter
The breeze makes the season balmy
Doused is the scorching heat That burns body and soul
O black cloud Pour down your rain
Wield not Lightning's flashy sword
But instead The arrows of raindrops
Dark and dense The swirling clouds
Dark and dense Roar the spreading clouds
The thunder reverberates
Oh, look! How lethally does lightning flash
Oh, God!
We celebrated too soon.
Who knows what God is punishing us for?
There'll be no rain this year too.
Bloody lunatic! Lunatic!
-Always saying inauspicious things! -Wretch!
Listen, villagers, to this proclamation!
Orders of Rajah Puran Singh, your liege and master.
This year you shall pay twice the amount...
...of wheat, rice and maize.
The double lagaan will apply to the whole province.
-How can this be possible? -This is tyranny!
Double lagaan!
Demon! Why don't you just skin us alive?!
Our plight isn't hidden from the Rajah! Even then, double lagaan!
What have we done wrong? Why double lagaan?
We didn't pay on time last year. And we paid only half.
Abba, it was Rajahji who waived it because it didn't rain.
Sweets one year and abuse the next.
We're being punished for it now!
Quiet, Lakha!
l won't hear one word against our Rajahji.
He and his ancestors have protected us.
So? Was that any favour?
lt is the duty of a tree to shelter.
All l want to know is...
...for how long will we fill his coffers?
Try and understand, Arjan.
This demand is the doing of those damn white sahibs!
Whether we put it into the right hand or the left... is still we who pay.
l say we all go to the palace and talk to him.
He's seen these clouds too.
We'll say we cannot pay lagaan.
Not a single grain.
What if Rajahji refuses even after hearing us?
Then the fingers of my hand will close into a fist.
Meaning? You'll fight?
-lf it's necessary, then l will. -Have you lost your mind?
lf you offend Rajahji, we'll all be ruined!
ls your life all joy and comfort right now?
l won't let the whole village come to harm!
What should we do?
Sell our homes? Our cattle? Ourselves?
What justice is it to demand double lagaan?
Pitch it up a bit.
Chief, there he is!
Where are you going?
Please. We must meet His Highness. lt is most urgent.
But the game is going on.
Sit here. You must wait until the game is over.
All of you, sit down.
What are they playing?
God knows what these white guys are playing.
lt's quite like our game of gilli-danda.
Why are they playing a kid's game then?
Run it! Run it!
How's that?
Any clouds up there?
Great shot!
Wasn't that a wonderful shot?
You are not supposed to touch the ball!
Bloody darkie! Arrest him!
Long live Your Highness!
What are you all doing here?
Forgive us.
We came to see you, not to see their stupid game.
We are desperate here and now he hits Bhura!
-Captain Russell-- -l didn't hear what you just said.
Forgive them.
They've come to me with their problems.
The boy is an innocent anyway.
He's not so innocent.
lt was you in the jungle, right?
All right.
We'll decide this after the game.
Leave him.
Come on, chaps. Back to the game.
-We'll talk after the game. -As you wish, Your Highness.
Well done, Smith. Well done.
Enjoy the game? lt was a good one.
Long live Your Highness.
All right, Chief. What is the matter?
As you are aware, Your Highness...
...there have been no rains.
lf we can live on...
...what we have this year, we may be able to get by.
Our liege lord. We've come to make a plea.
Waive our lagaan for this year, Lord.
Listen, Chief.
l fully understand what you are all going through.
But my hands are tied as well.
These whites don't even spare their own kin.
You will pay double lagaan.
-We'll die of hunger. -We'll starve.
-Any problem, Your Highness? -Captain Russell...
-...they have come with a petition. -And that is?
They want to be exempted from paying lagaan.
l told them it's not possible.
But it is possible.
l will tell you.
All right.
l'll cancel the tax.
But there is a condition.
What condition, sir?
Come here.
What was that you said about our game?
What did he say?
''A stupid game.''
What do you know about this game?
We've played it since we were kids.
We call it gilli-danda and....
-Who knows what you call it? -Cricket!
So you're saying that you can play cricket too?
Yes. lt's easy.
All right. l'll cancel the lagaan.
But you must defeat us in this game.
This is the condition:
You beat us at this game and you won't have to pay lagaan.
l'm serious.
You beat us in this game...
...and l'll cancel your tax.
...if you lose... will have to pay triple tax.
That is, three times the lagaan.
All right? What do you think?
Do you accept?
Sir, l think the cat's got his tongue.
All right. l will raise the stakes.
lf you defeat us in this game...
...l'll cancel not only...
...this year's lagaan, but next year's as well.
Bhuvan! Don't you say anything!
-Don't say a word. -Yes. Be silent.
All right.
l'll raise the stakes even higher.
Not just one year.
l'll cancel lagaan for the next two years.
That means three years!
And not just for you, but for the whole province.
Now do you accept?
He's digging a pit to bury us in, Bhuvan.
-Chief, you speak up now. -Yes, Chief, speak up.
-Sir--!? -Shut up!
Tell me.
Will you pay double lagaan?
Or do you accept the bet?
l accept the bet.
-Did he agree? -Yes, he did.
All right.
So it's decided. The game will be played after three months.
-This will kill us, Your Highness. -We'll die.
This is unfair.
So is life.
No lagaan if you win.
But if we lose, we have to pay three times the amount.
And Bhuvan here agreed to this condition!
-What have you done? -From double to triple!
We are ruined!
l told you we could face a calamity, didn't l?
Was there any choice?
l ask you, did we have a choice?
What else could we do?
lsn't double lagaan unjust?
Are we strong enough to pay it? Tell me, can anyone here pay it?
This isn't a calamity. lt's an opportunity.
This is not bravado.
You have to get burnt to save your home from fire.
l know.
l know we are weak.
But this way we have hope.
And l want to turn this hope into reality.
This game is for our fields and harvest.
Have you forgotten? lf we win, we'll be happy for three years.
Just think.
No lagaan for three years.
You know what that means?
lt means our grain will be ours. Only ours.
Not a grain to be given.
The welfare of our children, our entire village, is in this.
Our sweat will run as blood in our veins.
Such small eyes dreaming such big dreams.
Yes, Arjan, l have a dream.
And only those who dream can make them come true.
lsar Kaka, three months is time enough.
We can defeat them.
A whole year of hitting with a stick won't teach you...
...this game!
l know this isn't easy, Lakha.
But, Chief, it's not impossible either.
l need your support.
Nobody in this village will support you in this madness!
-But lsmail-- -Enough.
We've only one hope.
We'll all go to Rajahji once again and beg him to save us.
What are you thinking, Mother?
About what happened today, son.
l swear on you, Mother! l did what was right.
l feel rage when we pay lagaan to the Rajah.
And he gives it to those filthy whites.
You tell me, Mother.
Who ploughs the earth to sow the seeds? We do.
Who waters it? We do.
So why should we fill their coffers?
The white sahib said that lagaan may be cancelled for three years.
How could l remain silent, Mother?
You tell me.
Should l have stayed silent?
What are you looking at, Mother?
You talk just like your father.
He was just as spirited. Always spoke the truth.
Go and sleep now.
Don't let this burden you.
Gauri? What are you doing here?
l came to see you.
To tell you...
...that l am with you.
l have faith... you and in your courage.
That's all l came to say.
Bhuvan Bhaiyya. l lost my gilli. Make me another.
What's this?
l'll tell you.
Who knows what'll happen?
lt's not at all difficult, Tipu.
They play it wearing pants and call it '' kirkut.''
We wear loincloths and call it gilli-danda. Get it?
Our fathers and grandfathers played gilli-danda.
Go over there.
Back. Further back.
A little more. Stop.
Now catch the ball.
Catch it properly, Tipu!
Toss it to me. l'll show you.
See that?
lt's very easy. Why, even you can learn it!
This game is just like gilli-danda.
Very good!
What a catch!
Well done, Tipu. lsn't it easy?
Now throw the ball. l'll show you how to hit it.
Wow! That's some throw!
You throw well, Tipu!
Gauri. Throw it here.
Hey, Gauri!
What are you doing? Go heat the water.
Here, Tipu.
Now watch me this time. lt's very easy.
Damn! The stick slipped.
My hands are sweaty.
This should do the trick.
Okay, Tipu, throw.
And don't feel bad.
This time l'll whack it.
'' l'll whack it.''
Hey, Bagha! Throw the ball.
-May l say something, Father? -What?
l feel Bhuvan is doing the right thing.
All right. Go see if the water's boiling.
That's it, Bagha. Hit it hard.
Well done, Bagha!
Bhuvan, like Bagha, l am also with you.
Who are they, Father?
Ramprasad and Namdeo. Chiefs of Tanipura and Bhind.
But with so many people....
-Who is Bhuvan? -Bhuvan?
There he is.
There he is!
Stop, Ramprasad!
-Respect the code of honour! -l've no quarrel with your village.
We've come to teach Bhuvan a lesson!
Why should we suffer for what he's done?
You bigmouth! Who are you to decide for us?
-l've done what is good for us. -To hell with your good!
You must beg for forgiveness from the sahib!
As for your game, to hell with that!
No? You are asking for trouble!
Be calm, Ramprasad! lt'll be as you say.
-But, Chief-- -Enough!
No more buts!
We must go to our Rajahji.
The issue is not about the temple, lagaan or the game.
But of British honour.
And Captain Russell's ego.
Talk to the white sahib once more, Your Highness.
Forgive him, Your Highness. He is naiiive.
-He got carried away. -lt doesn't matter what he is.
He has challenged the British on your behalf.
He is ready to beg for forgiveness. All of us are.
l'll agree to 1 00 whiplashes.
-But l won't beg for forgiveness. -What?!
lt's too late for forgiving.
You must pay for what you have done.
So what shall we do then?
l suggest you learn their game.
Why are all these other guys standing in the field?
Like in gilli-danda, to catch the gilli. l mean, the ball.
How's that?!
That is out, sir.
Why does he point his finger at the sky?
l'm trying to understand.
He's thinking of his mother. She's sitting up there, right?
Bowl it on the offside!
Excuse me. l'll just take a walk.
This bug's after me.
Quiet. The white lady is coming here.
Damn, it's got in!
Oh, no! lt'll kill me!
Miss? What happened? These darkies bothering you?
lt's okay. They're farmers. l know them.
Thank you. Carry on your game.
l know what you were doing.
You were trying to learn the game.
No, memsahib. We're only trying to learn the game.
Oh, l thought you were trying to learn the game.
What's she saying, Bhuvan Bhaiyya?
l think she's telling us to go.
-All right, we're going. -No.
Ram Singh!
Yes, memsahib. What can l do?
Tell them that l would like to help them learn the game.
Yes, memsahib.
Memsahib says she'll help you understand--
Memsahib, just a minute.
lf Russell sahib--? Russell sahib will get angry.
-Ram Singh, can l trust you? -Of course, memsahib.
No one should know about this.
All right, memsahib.
No one will know.
Memsahib says she wants to help you understand the game.
But why? After all, she's white too.
The man wants to know...
...why you want to do this as you too are British.
Tell him l know what happened is unfair and l want to...
...give them a fair chance.
Memsahib knows injustice has been done.
That's why she wants to give you an equal chance.
We are pleased to accept. Thank you.
He's happy to have your help and thanks you.
-Good. -Wonderful!
Tell him l'll meet him tomorrow.
Same time, but not here.
And not in their village.
Some other place?
She'll see you tomorrow, same time. But not here.
Nor in the village. Have you any other place?
l got it.
Behind the hill near the village.
You can meet him next to the hill, near the village.
-l know the place. -All right.
What's his name?
Memsahib wants to know your names.
He's Guran. That's Bagha. This is Tipu.
And l am Bhuvan.
No, no. Bhuvan.
That one came out right!
-My name is Elizabeth. -Memsahib's name is Elizabeth.
Ali...and what?
My God! l'll twist my tongue saying that!
lt's a nice name. Whatever it may be.
Memsahib, we're leaving. Namaste.
Come on.
He'll never agree, Bhuvan.
He will.
-Greetings, Bhabi. -How are you?
What are you up to, you imp?
-Have you eaten, Goli? -Yes.
l didn't see you all day.
l was busy preparing for the game.
How's your game coming along?
lt's just the beginning. We're learning.
Do you know everyone is making fun of you?
They say you've got fine players.
Bagha and Guran. One knows only how to beat the drum.
The other keeps staring like a madman.
Oh, no!
-lt's the others who say this. -Really?
We also have a white lady with us. She teaches us the game.
A white lady?
-Stop lying. -Why don't you ask them?
ls this true, Gauri?
Yes. There is some white lady.
You're really going to play?
ls there a choice?
l don't have so much land like you that l can sell off a bit.
What do you mean? Why should l sell my land? l'm not selling.
Then is your grandmother going to pay the lagaan?
Well, l'd better be off.
Hey, Bhuvan.
-Could l be of any use? -No, but your buffalo might be!
-You're the most useful to us of all. -How's that?
You throw the ball the way you swing your slingshot.
What deadly aim you have!
Then we won't have to pay lagaan?
Yes, Goli.
We'll never go hungry.
Will our dream come true?
No, Bhuvan. lt hurts too much to dream like that.
Have faith, Goli.
He who has faith and courage in his heart shall win in the end.
Beautifully said!
Every saint
And seer has said
He who has truth and courage
In his heart
It is he
Who wins in the end
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
However long the path may be
This body of yours Shall not grow weary
Come on
Hear the call of the road
Let not the road Remain waiting for you
You come along
You are the king of this earth
Know this for sure
Go forth And meet hardship head on
Don't ever accept defeat
Listen, my friend
What is this fear you have?
This earth is ours
So is the sky
Listen, my friend
What is this fear you have?
You come along
Hear me, my friend
What's in your heart
Is in my heart too
The dream you have
Is also my dream in life
Yes, we go on
Our eyes lit with hope
May this light of our hope
Never go out
May never a storm
Put out this light
Listen, my friend
What is this fear you have
This earth is ours
So is the sky
Listen, my friend
This balmy easterly breeze
Will cast its intoxicating spell
If we call out in unison
The season of flowers
Will also come
Happy days shall be here again
With no trace of sorrow
Let's together create
A festival ofjoyous colour
Tell me why you stay
Aloof this way
Listen, my friend
What is this fear you have?
This earth is ours
So is the sky
Every saint
And seer has said
He who has truth and courage
In his heart
It is he
Who wins in the end
That lady is not here yet.
-l'm here. -We're waiting for the white lady.
Not a girl but a lady!
There she is, Bhuvan Bhaiyya!
Tell me something.
Why did that witch agree to help you?
She took a fancy to Bhuvan Bhaiyya.
ls that so?
Cheeky brat!
Who are they?
Wow! You learned our language very fast.
Ram Singh taught me. Who are they?
You know Tipu, Bagha and Guran.
This is Goli. He's lsar Kaka. And this is Gauri.
We'll meet again.
Memsahib, that was wrong.
You should say, '' l'm glad to meet you.''
l'm sorry.
l'm glad to meet you.
We're glad to meet you too.
-What do you know about the game? -What?
Memsahib wants to know what you know about the game.
There are six sticks. Three on either side.
Two fellows stand with planks before the sticks.
One runs near the sticks and throws a ball.
The other hits the ball with his plank.
And everyone runs here and there.
One of them grabs the ball and gives it back.
He throws the ball again at the guy who twirls the plank.
This goes on all day.
Throw the ball, twirl the plank. Throw and twirl. Right?
Memsahib, l can't translate all that.
No need, Ram Singh.
l understood most of that.
He knows nothing.
This is what a cricket field looks like.
-This is the field. -This is a cricket pitch.
The game is played on this strip.
There are three main aspects: batting, bowling and fielding.
There are three aspects: Wielding the bat...
...throwing the ball and guarding the field.
Even our great-uncles won't understand this.
What did he say?
This language, even his ancestors won't understand.
Better make it simpler.
Cricket is played by two teams, say yours and the English.
Each team has 1 1 players.
Five batters, five bowlers and one wicketkeeper.
What happened?
What happened?
-Nothing. -Memsahib...
...l think we should leave. lt's getting late.
This is enough for today.
-We'll begin with a little prayer. -Hari Om.
Catch, Bagha.
Everyone, try catching the ball. Don't let it drop.
Bhuvan, the white lady said there must be 1 1 in a team.
We are only five.
Why five? l'm here too.
Whatever the white lady can do, so can l.
All right, Gauri. We're six, not five.
You are doing it for your village, l'm sure the others will too.
-lf not, we'll drag them in anyway. -Goli!
Catch the ball!
-Who threw this ball? -Goli Chacha did?
Goli, you jackass!
l'm gonna get you today!
There they go again.
l'll crack you open like an egg!
Will you two stop your squabbling?
-lsar Kaka, don't interfere! -Stop it, you fools.
...our sixth player.
Did you see how a ball is caught, lsar Kaka?
Amazing! Like a bird diving for fish.
-Oh, so that's how it's done? -Of course!
Bhura, show it to them once more.
Especially to Goli here. He just doesn't know how to catch.
Everybody! Go there and watch carefully.
Come on, Goli.
Ready, Bhura?
Watch carefully.
You see that?!
Brilliant, Bhura. That was something.
But where did you learn that?
l'll tell you.
A ball travels in a straight line. But hens run in a zigzag!
To catch hens, you've got to be quick.
Like Bhura.
Bhura will teach us now. Won't you?
l'll teach you, but....
But what?
What about my hens?
Bhura, these hens of yours are a real pain!
At ease, captain.
You know Major Cotton. That is Major Warren.
Take a seat.
...what is this we hear...
...that you have agreed to cancel the tax of the farmers...
...if they beat you in a game of cricket?
ls this true?
Yes, Colonel Boyer. lt is.
What are you here for? To play games?
Let me remind you that you are working for Her Majesty, the Queen.
Your job is to ensure the smooth running of your province.
Pardon me. But that's what l'm doing.
We'll be the judge of that, Russell.
We also understand that if you lose this ''match'' ... will cancel their taxes for three years.
Not just Champaner, but the entire province.
-But they won't win. -You're missing the whole point.
Do you realise we could have a situation where there will be... matches all over the subcontinent... cancel the tax?
But there is one thing. lf they lose, which they will...
...they will have to pay three times the tax.
Oh, this is ridiculous!
He's making the government into a bookie...
...with whom he can place his wagers.
What would you have us do next? Race horses?
This is the most preposterous idea!
The British Empire cannot function...
...according to your whims and fancies.
Now jolly well understand this:
lf you win, you'll have had a narrow escape.
But if you lose, you will pay the taxes for Champaner...
...and the entire province yourself.
Then you'll be sent to Central Africa. ls that clear?
Yes, sir.
That will be all. You may go.
You're supposed to salute when a superior officer passes!
-l did, sir. -l didn't see it.
That's better.
-Your meeting did not go well. -Damn right, it didn't.
The old hats will teach me how to run the show.
They've lost their sense of adventure.
What's wrong with some fun along with the lagaan?
-ls the match cancelled, sir? -No!
How dare you hurt my horse?
Hurt my horse, will you? l'll destroy you people!
l'll take so much lagaan... won't have a rag on your backs.
You bloody slaves will remain crushed...
...under our boots!
However thick the sole may be, sahib... wears out. Then the nails begin to prick.
Ram Singh!
Yes, sir?
-Get him out before l kill him. -Yes.
Arjan, what happened?
Bhuvan, l've been blind and stupid.
l am with you now.
Tell me, how can l help?
That's great. We're coming together to form a fist.
No, no, Arjan. Not like that.
Lakha, Goli was telling the truth.
-About what? -The white lady.
We were wrong, Lakha.
But we can still make it right. We must support Bhuvan.
What did you say? Have you gone crazy?
Try to understand.
An English girl... helping us save our bodies and souls.
And we sit sulking?
Shame on us!
lt is Allah's command. We must be with him.
Come with me. Come!
...have you gone senile? Then get yourself a crutch...
...and a shroud too.
This Bhuvan of yours will never succeed.
...he'll never take you into his team.
Now catch this!
Bhuvan...'s not just your honour, but that of the whole village.
l'm ashamed of all the things l said the other day.
l swear by God...
...l am with you. lt's the word of a man of prayer.
What a beautiful thing to say! He has raised our spirits.
Who can stop us now?
With a procession Of elephants and horses
Raise a cry of victory To Lord Krishna
What are you looking at, memsahib?
These statues. Whose images are those?
This is the temple of Radha and Krishna. These are their idols.
Today is Krishna's birthday, so the idols are decorated.
lt's very beautiful.
Were they husband and wife?
Oh, no, memsahib.
Krishna was married to Rukmini and Radha to Anay.
But the deep love they had for each other set an ideal.
lt's like...
...a dewdrop on a lotus leaf.
Neither united nor separated.
They've been worshipped together for eons.
-Pujariji? -Oh, yes, Gauri.
Let's go.
If Krishna were to meet A lovelorn nymph in the grove
And then smile and talk Or even tease her
How can Radha be not jealous?
How can Radha be not jealous?
Her body and heart Are on fire
Even if Krishna were to meet A lovelorn nymph in the grove
It's only Radha's love That blooms in his heart
Then why is Radha jealous?
With no rhyme or reason
Why is Radha jealous?
The nymphs are but stars And Radha is the moon
Why is her faith then So half-hearted?
Faithless Krishna is forever Looking hither and thither
Then how can poor Radha Believe in herself?
Nymphs come and go But Radha is the queen of his heart
Dawn and dusk By the Jamuna's banks
It's only Radha That Krishna calls out to
If someone garlands Krishna With her entwined arms
How can Radha be not jealous?
Her body and heart Are on fire
How can Radha be not jealous?
If Radha is enshrined In Krishna's heart
Why doesn't he tell her so?
Love has its own language Its own expression
Let the eyes speak Such is Krishna's sweet wish
These eyes of yours O Krishna
They destroy the peace Of many a nymph's heart
She meets your eyes And is in love
Even if she be The fairest damsel
If love for Krishna ripens In a nymph's heart
Why is Radha jealous?
How can Radha be not jealous?
Gauri, you sing and dance beautifully.
Elizabeth, this is Lt. Edward Wesson. This is Lt. Richard North.
-How do you do? -Charmed.
Sir, there's a villager who'd like to speak with you.
Not now. Tomorrow.
He says he has some important information about the match.
Excuse me.
Long live our protector.
-What is it you want to tell me? -Bhuvan is training his team. But....
But what?
Spare my life, sahib!
But a white memsahib from here...
...teaches them the game.
White memsahib?
Yes, sahib. l saw her with my own eyes today.
She also came to attend the prayer at our temple today.
ls the white memsahib among them?
There she is.
-You're not making a mistake? -You can hang me if l'm mistaken.
l swear. She's the one.
So you too are in the team?
l'm not crazy like Bhuvan to challenge the might of the government.
Why are you telling me all this?
Only the slaughtered beast knows the agony of death.
l too am in agony.
Let's just say that my victory lies in Bhuvan's defeat.
What is your name? Your name?
Lakha, sahib.
...this is what you do:
You join Bhuvan's team.
-What are you saying, sahib? -You will join Bhuvan's team.
But you will work for me.
l understand, sahib.
Yes, Andrew?
What is it?
So you've been sightseeing.
How's the countryside?
lt's beautiful.
The mountains, the woods, the cattle.
And the villages?
-l didn't see any. -My foot, you didn't!
You were teaching them cricket! You thought l wouldn't know?
You had the audacity to go against your own brother?
Now you listen to me carefully.
You will not meet them again...
...because you will not leave the cantonment.
ls that understood?
Bloody farmers!
Why are you worried? Our game is improving day by day.
Goli, you throw the ball with a lot of passion.
Why do you just stand there after hitting the ball, Arjan?
You should run.
When l saw you all playing together today...
...l realized the wrong l'd done.
l regret it very much.
Can l play with you?
-You can't play. -Why?
Try and understand the game. lt's not like chopping wood.
lt needs special skills. Right?
Yes, absolutely.
Take Goli now.
He throws the ball like he swings the slingshot.
And Bhura here...
...he pounces on the ball the way he grabs his runaway hens.
Arjan has iron hands from all that hammering.
lf money doesn't slip through lsar Kaka's hands, how can a ball?
And we do need...
...a physician for cuts and bruises.
And what about Bagha's strength?
Tough as teak.
And Guran...
...passion runs like a fever through this loony.
Saturn is strong and Mars mighty.
And lsmail, as far as l remember...
...we've always been rivals in gilli-danda.
-And l? -Ah, Tipu!
Our Tipu is so bright.
Now tell me, Lakha, what can you do?
l can run very fast.
So, you can run--
Okay, then do one thing.
Let's see you sprint up the temple steps three times.
Real quick. Can you do it?
Okay, Lakha. Run.
Don't fall!
Even l can run faster than him!
Bhuvan, don't take him. There's malice in his heart.
No, Gauri. We need him.
Chopping all that wood has made his hands strong.
He'll hit the ball really hard.
Come on, run! Yes, run.
At least he's trying!
-l'll get you a pain-relief ointment. -Hurry! Run.
He's back.
Did you see that, Bhuvan?
What do you say?
You run a tad slow, pal. You have to be faster.
l'll improve. l'll run every day!
But take me into the team.
l can't bear the thought of the village being dishonoured.
-What do you say? -Give him a chance.
Okay, let's try him out.
Look, Lakha...
...cheating at games has been a childhood habit of yours.
-You're not-- -What are you saying, lsmail?
l'm sorry. Truly sorry, l swear.
Okay, Lakha, you're in.
But remember: lt's a huge responsibility.
For the whites, it's a game.
But for us...'s our life.
Yes, Bhuvan.
l am with you.
From now on, you will play with this ball.
Oh, wow!
Memsahib, your support has really lifted our spirits.
Thank you.
Goli gets to try it out first.
Forget the ball now. You must all eat first.
lt's to fill our bellies that we are playing. Wait a while.
Come on, all of you.
Bhura, get over there.
Oh, he's making me run!
Wow! That was some hit!
Give me the ball.
Who is Bhuvan?
l am Bhuvan.
And you are...?
l'm Deva. Deva Singh Sodhi.
l've come from Dhaulpur.
l hear you've vowed to fight the British.
Yes, but not with sticks and spears. With bat and ball.
Whether with sticks and spears or bat and ball...
...l want to be in every battle against the British.
Let me lend a helping hand in this fight, Bhuvan.
l have played this game before.
l was in the British army.
Until one day l couldn't bear it anymore...
...and l left after a final salute to those brutes.
l hate the British!
The memsahib is for us, not against.
What do you know about the game?
Two things, memsahib.
When l throw the ball, it is to shatter all three stumps.
And when l hit the ball, it is to smash it to pieces.
That's good.
...we saw your bowling. Now take the bat.
Goli, throw the ball.
Goli, put away the ball. No play until you all eat.
Okay, all of you come and eat.
Come, Deva.
l'm late. l must go.
-l'd like a word with you. -Yes, memsahib.
-Bye, Gauri. -Namaste.
Looming obstacle!
Bhuvan, it is difficult for me to get out of the cantonment.
l can't meet you every day now.
Anyway... now have the support of your people.
And that is not because of me...
...but because of you.
Because... are a good man.
And also a good friend.
You know...
...l've had no friends since l was a child.
Until l met you.
l don't know...
...if l should say it or not...
Don't say it. Don't say it.
Don't say it.
l'm falling in love with you.
Memsahib, l don't understand English.
l'm falling in love with you, Bhuvan.
-Where's Gauri? -She's gone.
What are you glaring at me for?
What the hell have l done now?
Hey, Gauri!
l've been looking all over for you and you're here.
-Why did you go off in a huff? -Because.
What do you mean? You could've at least told me.
How could l?
l could, if you could have spared some time.
You flutter around her like a pigeon.
You don't see anything else.
And today, you acted as if l didn't exist.
Try to understand. She had something important to tell me.
So why couldn't she say it right there?
Why the need to be alone with you?
You think l don't know which way the Ganges is flowing!
Oh, poor me I feel the pain
Of the scorpion's sting
You are jealous.
Jealous? Why should l be jealous? lt's beneath me.
You are jealous and l know who you are jealous of.
l never want to see you again.
And don't you even try to talk to me.
Hey, Gauri!
There's only one house in the village...
...with a neem tree in the yard.
There's also a big field beside it.
And a pair of oxen, two cows and three goats too.
And l know whose house that is, silly girl. lt's mine!
One more thing before you go:
Mother likes you too!
Oh, my pretty one
Listen to what I have to say
It's only you that I love
What is my life without you?
The kajal that darkens your eyes
Is a cloud of dreams
My heart is crazy Because of you
Oh, pretty one
Oh, my love
These words Come from my heart
It's only you that I love
It's only you That I call my beloved
Your steady hand Stills my fluttering veil
And there's turmoil in my heart A moment I shall never forget
Oh, my beloved
My heart, it speaks a thousand words I feel eternal bliss
The roses pout their scarlet mouths Like offering a kiss
No drop of rain, no glowing flame Has ever been so pure
If being in love can feel like this Then I'm in love for sure
What lay in my heart
What lay hidden in my heart Leapt to my lips today
An arrow resting Somewhere in my heart
Has found its bow today
My love For all our lives to come
May we remain In this abode of love
Our hands entwined May we never be parted
I shall walk beside you In your chosen path
True to your love
Oh, I'm in love
I am in love
Yes, I'm in love
Should someone ask
I shall tell them What's happened to me
My every limb is fragrant Because you touched me
Your fragrant body Your flaming beauty
You are the rose I see
How can this allure Not wake my desire?
Your beauty shines bright
In youth's searing light
Despite my warnings, you continue to meet them!
-How dare you! -l will not tolerate your nonsense!
Do what you like in London! Pack your bags...
...and leave for England by the next ship.
Let me make things clear to you.
Stop telling me what to do. l'm not leaving Champaner.
Get this straight. l'll go to the village as and when l wish.
Tell me, Eliza.
What's so special about them that makes you go against your brother?
There's nothing special about them.
You're the one who's unfair. That's why l decided to help them.
Do mark my words. They'll give you a tough fight.
Yardley. Line and length. Line and length.
How's that?
Good shot, Burton. Well played.
How was that?
That is out, sir. That's the end of the day's play.
l'm going to announce the batting order.
Smith and Burton will open, with Smith to face.
Followed by myself at number three.
Followed by Brooks...
-Who should be in the team? -lt should be Madhav.
What's going on?
Everyone wants to see you play.
-We haven't got our 1 1 th player. -l'll fix it right away. Take Bhima.
-Bhima! -No, Chief.
He may be his namesake, but he has a backache all the time.
-How about Kashi Nath? -Kashi Nath!
lf he runs, he'll split! Kashi this side and Nath on the other!
What shall we do?
We need a big man. Let's wait and see.
Deva, you bowl.
lsar Kaka, you bat.
All of you spread out.
-Bowl a little slow to lsar Kaka. -All right.
Hey, Kachra, throw the ball.
Stop gaping and throw it, will you?
What did you do?
l didn't do anything. You said throw.
Come here.
Come on.
l didn't do anything. You said throw.
Come here, all of you.
Eliza memsahib, watch Kachra closely.
Kachra, throw it again.
l did no wrong. He asked me to throw the ball.
Throw the ball.
Not with the left hand. With the right.
See how it spins!
Amazing. He's actually spinning the ball.
We have found our 1 1 th player. Come, Kachra.
lsar Kaka, you'll face him. Goli, give Kachra the ball.
Arjan, throw the ball.
What's the matter?
Why is everyone staring?
No, no. We will not play!
Why? What happened?
This damn untouchable!
Play with us? No way!
He cannot play with us!
That's right. We will not mingle with an untouchable.
This cannot be. lt's unthinkable.
-l am not playing. -We too won't play.
What are you doing? This is wrong.
You are polluting the whole system.
We'll fight the British. But mingle with a low-caste, never!
Kachra, scram! Get out of here!
Oh, my God! He touched him!
You brand people untouchable and pollute humanity.
You choke the air in our village with this caste division.
ls it right to shatter hearts in the name of skin colour?
Then why worship Ram, who ate a tribal's half-eaten berries?
The Lord himself was ferried by a low-caste boatman.
And yet you talk of untouchables!
And you, lsar Kaka? You're a physician.
You check an ailing patient's pulse and treat him.
Do your scriptures tell you to let untouchables die?
lf that is so, then that is the gravest crime on humanity.
After today, no one will regard a physician as God's other form!
You wanted a strong player, right?
Kachra is a cripple.
Your hands aren't deformed. lt's by God's grace you can say this.
But the man you call a cripple will be our greatest strength.
This lifeless hand will lead us to victory.
Let me remind you all of one thing.
This is not a game we are playing for fun and entertainment.
This is a battle we must win!
Our goal is freedom from lagaan and welfare for our village.
And for that l will remain unbowed!
Whether you support me or not, Kachra will play.
Bhuvan, my son.
Shame cannot enter eyes...
...that are fully open.
l agree with lsar Bhai.
You are right.
Kachra will play with us.
Over and over Say this, my friend
May victory be ours And defeat their lot
Over and over Say this, my friend
May victory be ours And defeat theirs
Let no one win against us
Let's walk on Let's walk on
All who challenge us Will perish
Let's walk on
Even if it is pitch dark
Let's walk on Let's walk on
Let no one lag behind
Let's walk on
Should one finger rise
It shall break
When five fingers join
They form a fist
Let our unity grow Come on, walk on
However seductive the lure
Walk on
Let no one win against us
Let's walk on Let's walk on
All who challenge us Will perish
Walk on
Let no one stop you Obstruct you
Break all barriers
What do you get from being Weak and powerless?
May we never suffer again
So great shall be our play The enemy will lose
We will now take The path of courage
We will shake up this earth
We will show everyone
Who is king Who is slave
We will show this world
What we are worth
Over and over Say this, my friend
May victory be ours And defeat theirs
No fear will enter our hearts
Let's walk on
Every shackle Will now break open
Let's walk on
Keep walking Don't ever falter
You are the journeyman Of the road
May you never be weary
He that rules you Is a tyrant
He that has destroyed us
His home is in the West
We will make sure He will not remain
We will shake up this earth We will show everyone
Who is king Who is slave
We shall show this world
What we are worth
What has to happen Will happen
Let's walk on
May no one bow his head
Let's walk on
And then the historic day dawned...
... when the first rays of the sun fell on the cricket field.
Morning, Captain Russell.
-Morning, Colonel Boyer. This way. -Thank you.
Morning, Miss Russell.
-Hope you're confident, captain. -Yes, sir.
Decent crowd.
Hail Almighty!
Long live Your Highness!
Smash these foreigners!
Beat them to a pulp!
Crush Captain Russell's arrogance!
Long live Your Highness!
-Things are beginning to hot up a bit. -Yes.
Both teams will bat only once.
The game will be played over three days.
Which team gets to bat first...
...will be decided by the toss of a coin.
For this, both the teams must enter the field.
To ensure fair play...
...senior officials invited neutral umpires from Kanpur.
-Will you call, Captain Russell? -Heads, sir.
Heads. Your call.
We will bat.
-Good luck, captain. -Thank you, sir.
Good luck, young man.
The team that scores the most runs...
...wins the game.
Opening the batting for the English team...
...are Lt. Smith and Lt. Burton.
-Middle stump please, umpire. -A little to leg.
That's it.
What are they doing?
Well done!
Come here, all of you!
Come here!
What are you doing?
All running at the same time!
You run after the ball only if it comes toward you. Got it?
Now go.
Well done, Bhura!
The ball crosses the boundary...
...and the English get four more runs.
No ball!
No ball!
What's he saying?
No ball!
Steady, Smith. Steady.
Deva crossed the line while bowling... the batsman was declared not out.
lnstead, he got an extra run.
Damn! He made me run.
That's over.
That brings us to the end of Deva's over.
Eight runs were made.
Now a new bowler will bowl.
A little forward. The ball will spin. Catch it.
Kachra, spin it.
Oh, shot, Burton.
-Why isn't the ball spinning? -l don't know.
Catch it, Lakha!
Kachra isn't spinning the ball at all today.
He has to be taken off.
-Deva, you rest a while too. -Okay.
-Bhuvan, you bowl. -Okay.
No, no, no!
The first English batsman is out!
Looking forward to this.
Bad luck, Smith.
Coming in to bat now...
...the English captain, Captain Russell!
Sharp fielding there!
Well done!
For the loss of one wicket, they have scored 66 runs.
-Shatter the sticks, Goli. -Of course.
Right arm from this side.
Right arm over the wicket.
Very good, Goli.
-Sir, did you see that? -Yes, l did.
Excellent, Goli.
This is ridiculous!
Sir, you cannot bowl like this. lt's improper.
What is it?
-He can't bowl like this. -Why not?
What's wrong, sahib?
-Have you ever seen such an action? -ls something the matter?
This man swings his arm more than once before releasing the ball.
He must bowl conventionally.
-Sir, that's unfair to the home team. -Unfair?
lt's only fair they ask this man to bowl properly.
There is no rule written about such an action. ls there?
There's nothing written about it that l can recall.
There is nothing written about this rule.
We'd better write some rules, captain, but only after this match.
Let's get on with the match.
Okay, he is permitted to bowl.
To kill a tiger or a cheetah, that is nothing!
Kill these tyrants! Thrash these whites! Defeat them!
Come on! Throw the ball! Break the stick!
For goodness' sake!
Look at his arm action. lt's ridiculous.
Dangerous too.
The next batsman is Lt. Brooks!
Two, please.
Thank you.
Just before he releases the ball, he makes a grunting noise.
Something like this:
-Listen for it. -Right, sir. Thank you.
Well done, Goli.
Good timing!
For the loss of two wickets, they have made 1 32 runs.
Captain Russell is on 38 and Lt. Brooks on 32.
Catch it, Bagha!
l don't think W.G. Grace could have made such confident strokes.
What are you doing, Lakha?
l missed it, Kaka.
How could you miss it, son? Where's your concentration?
We have to win. We must win. Please concentrate.
Go on, Bhuvan. Very good!
The end of the day's play, gentlemen.
The English team has scored 1 82 runs...
...for the loss of two wickets.
And with this, we come to the end of the first day's play.
Our game wasn't good today.
What happened to you, Lakha? You played so well during practise.
Practise is a different thing. We play among ourselves.
Why are you blaming only me?
You all went gaga over Kachra. Did you see his miracle today?
-l told you before-- -At least he tried. You didn't!
-What did he do with all that trying? -Shut up, Lakha!
That night Elizabeth saw a shadowy figure.
She tried to investigate.
My being in the team helped.
She was stunned to see Lakha there.
She went to the village at once and informed Bhuvan about Lakha.
What l did was very wrong.
Forgive me.
A snake like you should be crushed!
-Drag him out, Bhuvan! -We'll kill him!
Calm down, all of you!
l'll talk to him.
-Lakha, open the door! -No, Bhuvan.
l won't open the door. They'll kill me!
-l won't open it. -Nobody will do anything.
How long will you stay inside? They won't budge.
Open the door and let me in.
l made a mistake, Bhuvan.
Forgive me.
Why did you do it, Lakha?
l lost my mind, Bhuvan.
...l was in love with Gauri.
l wanted her to be mine at any cost.
But she loves you.
And l hated you for that! l hated you for that!
l wanted you to lose. To be disgraced...
...before Gauri and the whole village!
You risked the lives of everyone in the village.
You put their future at stake!
Do you know what you have done, Lakha?
Save me, Bhuvan. Save me.
Just one chance.
Give me a chance to repent. Just one chance.
l'll do whatever you say.
But give me just one more chance to repent.
l can give you one chance.
But you must prove your loyalty.
lf you cannot... will not find refuge even here.
The second day's play begins...
...with the score at 1 82.
Hail the Great Guru's warriors. Hail the Great Guru's victory.
The new batsman is Lt. Wesson.
Well batted, sir.
-Rather enjoyable knock. -Lovely to watch.
Oh, great shot, sir! Well played!
-Let's have more of those. -Congratulations, Wesson.
And that's lunch, gentlemen.
-271 for 3 is an extremely good score. -We'll be looking at at least 600.
Something to please the crowd.
Bhuvan, if they continue to bat like this....
You'll have to do something.
Yes, memsahib.
We've tried all our bowlers.
l don't know what to do.
What did you do?
Come here. Come on!
What's this? He's bowling again!
-l don't understand. -Crazy chap.
Well done!
Goodness gracious! The ball turned almost three feet!
Catch it, Bhura!
Gentlemen, he's on a hat trick.
He's done it, by George!
From 295 for 3, they are now 295 for 6!
Hail Almighty! Break the enemy's back!
Good shot, Harrison!
So you step out and hit, do you? Try coming out now!
Go home! Go back home with your tail between your legs!
May the mighty hands of Fate ruin you! Vultures!
Catch it, Bagha!
-Catch it, Bagha. -Catch it, Bagha.
You caught it!
The score is 320 with only two batsmen left!
-Arjan! -Arjan, don't drop it!
Come on, Deva.
With the last batsman out, the English innings are over.
The Champaner team will have to make...
...323 runs to win.
They collapsed like a house of cards.
-That's a huge mountain to climb. -Absolutely.
-Come on, brothers! -Get rid of lagaan!
-Come on, brothers! -Get rid of lagaan!
That was simply great!
Kachra's magic worked. The whites just crumbled.
l felt Bhuvan was making a big mistake by bringing you on.
But he bowled well.
The foolish whites only looked in front.
And the ball whizzed past their butts and knocked the bails off!
All this joking is fine. But think how... will make these 323 runs.
lt'll be done, Chief.
Listen, all of you.
lsmail, Lakha, Bagha, Deva and Arjan.
The six of us are responsible for making those 323 runs.
The others are weak in batting.
The six of us must bat cautiously and calmly.
Deva, you and l will open the batting.
We will hang in there till the end of play today.
Okay, brother.
Careful, Bhuvan.
Steady, Bhuvan, steady.
What are you doing?
Get ahold of yourself.
The people of the village get four more runs with this!
All right, Ram Singh. All right.
-Come on, brothers! -Let's get rid of lagaan!
-How could this happen? -Don't forget the crease.
Very bad luck.
Who's next? Arjan!
Teach those arrogant whites a lesson!
-Just stay there until dusk. -Careful.
Well done, Arjan. But be careful.
You won't have a morsel to eat.
Nor a piece of cloth to wear.
They are trying to needle you, Arjan. Stay calm.
You won't have a morsel to eat nor a piece of cloth to wear.
Careful, Arjan!
Triple lagaan. We will take triple lagaan from you.
They are trying to provoke you. Stay calm.
You damn slaves will remain crushed under our boots!
Careful, Arjan. Stay calm.
Catch it. Catch it!
Knock his bloody head off.
-Good sport, Yardley. -That was a nasty one.
He's got some strength in those arms!
Bagha, please be careful. Don't get carried away.
Oh, well bowled!
Go, my son.
And again, Yardley.
Careful, lsmail.
-Good, Yardley. -Very good bowl.
What happened?
That must have hurt.
Take him away. Don't worry.
Careful, lsmail.
-ls he badly hurt? -Yes.
Thank God!
-That was close. -lt certainly was, Your Highness.
End of day's play.
Great bowling, Yardley. Well bowled. We've got them on the run.
We've lost five of our best batsmen.
What will we do now?
O Saviour
O Pure of Essence Our Dearly Beloved
O Saviour
O Pure of Essence
We have no one but You
Ease our troubles O Lord
We have no one but You
You alone are Our sole support
You alone are our Protector
We have no one but You
We have no one but You
You have filled the moon With light
The sun shines Only because of You
Your splendour Lights the sky with stars
O Lord
If not you
Who will preserve this life?
O Saviour O Pure of Essence
We have no one but You
If you would hear us
O Lord We make this plea
Grant the suffering courage May hardship never defeat them
To the weak Give Your protection
So they may live in peace
To devotion
Give strength
You are the Lord of the universe
Listen to this plea
When the path is dark
Give us the boon of light
O Saviour
O Pure of Essence
We have no one but You
Ease our troubles O Lord
We have no one but You
Bhuvan has reached his 50!
That must be the first 50 in the history of lndian village cricket.
Come on, run!
And with this, lsar Kaka completes 1 0 runs!
-Very good! -Well done.
One more!
l lost, Bhuvan.
l couldn't run.
Couldn't run.
lt was my fault.
l couldn't run.
''Tormentors of the weak! Beware!
The sighs of the oppressed turn iron to ashes.''
Keep the flag flying, Guran!
He's coming from the jungle.
-Stand back! -Make way, make way!
Watch yourself.
-What on earth is he doing? -This way, sir.
What an extraordinary stance. As if he's riding a horse.
Hari Om!
Well struck, sir!
Umpire, he can't do that. lt's not cricket.
-...hit the ball just once. -Okay.
Hail Almighty!
That's called kicking the horse.
-Run! -Break the enemy's back.
Here he comes, Bhuvan. Hit him hard!
Throw to the bowler's end!
Come on, white man!
Rot in hell!
One more, Guran!
l'll make you whine for your ma!
So what does your ma say now?
Hail Almighty! Come on, white man!
Why are you shouting?
Yes! Good ball.
Damn you!
Goli, my son, hang in there.
Only Bhura and Kachra are after you.
-Father, hang in there. -Hit hard!
Do us proud!
Don't scare him, idiots! Hang in there!
Steady, Goli!
Come on, Willis. He's nervous.
-Out the first ball. -Bhura...wait. l'll go.
-ln this condition? -Yes.
-Oh, my goodness. -lnteresting.
They're giving you your hat trick, Willis.
But how will you run, lsmail?
The umpires have decided to let...
...another player run for lsmail!
When l call, run. Stay behind the line, understand?
Good. Now go stand there. But inside the line.
Thank God you're back, lsmail.
We have to make the rest of the runs.
There's no one left.
Don't worry, Bhuvan. By Allah's grace, victory will be ours.
We must not lose heart, that's all.
Look towards me, Tipu.
Run, Tipu!
Stop! Stay behind the line.
Run, Tipu, run!
Well done.
-Was it two or three? -Three.
The last hour of play is left.
Twenty overs will be bowled during this time.
lsmail has hit a six!
Well played!
With this six, Bhuvan completes a century!
This country has a great future in this game.
And that's lsmail's grand 50!
How many more runs to win?
We have to make 30 runs in 1 8 balls.
-Thirty in 1 8? -Yes.
How's that, umpire?
Well done, Willis!
Oh, what a shame.
-Good cricket, sir. -Well done.
Run along. Your mother's waiting.
Don't worry, Tipu. Don't worry.
You played very well. Well done.
Father, why is Tipu coming back?
They now have to make 28 runs... 1 6 balls.
Stay put at one end, Bhura.
Don't lose your wicket. l'll make the runs.
He's petrified, Willis. Get him on strike. Three more to go.
Willis, hold up! Smith, third-man!
Flynn, square boundary.
Come on, Willis. Keep it tight, man!
-Stop! Go back! -What are you doing?! Get him!
That was great!
Willis, keep it tight, man!
-The ball is old, sir. -Just do it!
This is the last ball of the over! We must take a run.
Only one run, not two!
Gentlemen, step up, step up! Stop the single.
l want this man on strike! Step up!
Good shot. That's an over.
He's given us four runs.
You have to bat now.
Steady. Don't let your wicket fall.
Because of Captain Russell's cunning...
...Bhuvan couldn't take just the single. Bhura must bat now.
Champaner now needs...
...1 2 runs from 1 2 balls.
Smith, keep him on strike.
Concentrate, gentlemen. Concentrate!
Saving one.
One more to go.
Save us, Bhuvan, my brother. lt's all in your hands now.
You did the right thing.
Go, Kachra. You have to give Bhuvan support now.
-Just stay put. -Don't be afraid.
Say a prayer and go.
All right. We remember this chap, don't we?
Welcome back.
Oh, dear.
The last man in and he's severely disabled.
This is the last batsman.
They need to make 1 2 runs from 1 1 balls.
-Short leg. Stay in close. -Right, sir.
Come on, Smith.
And again.
Come on, Smith! He's a sitting duck.
Careful, Kachra!
Come on, Smith!
You aren't hurt, are you?
Good delivery!
Come on, Kachra. Don't be afraid!
Take him, Smith!
Just touch and run!
Just once.
Well done, Kachra! Stay there.
This is the last ball. We must take one run.
-Be ready. -Okay.
Gentlemen, close in. Move in. Save the one. Keep it this end.
-Run! -Run, Kachra!
Made it.
Well done! Well done, Kachra.
Six more balls...
...and 1 0 runs to make for a victory.
Gentlemen, l want everybody to keep on their toes. Be alert.
Save the twos and the boundaries.
Let them have the single. Let the cripple take the strike.
Yardley, l'm depending on you.
Don't give away anything. Just get him.
Well done. That won't do us any harm.
Are you all right?
Keep it up.
Careful, Bhuvan!
Run! Take two!
Stop! Go back.
We must take a single!
Touch and run!
Gentlemen, close in, close in!
All you men in the field, come on!
Kachra, touch and run!
Good bowling, Yardley.
We must take a run off this ball. Only two more balls are left.
We have to take a run!
Go on, Yardley.
Dig one in. Dig one in, Yardley. Come on.
Run, Kachra!
We have to take one run! Just touch and run!
Everybody close in! Stop the single! Close in!
Why can't you just strike the ball?
Just one more ball to go.
Kachra, this is the last ball of the game.
And we need five runs to win.
You'll have to hit the ball over the boundary.
Or else, triple lagaan.
Our lives are in your hands, Kachra.
Do something!
Do something.
Come on, Yardley. Just once more.
Hit it, Kachra.
-Hit it! -Hit it, Kachra!
-Hit it, Kachra! -Lift it, Kachra!
Triple lagaan!
No ball.
No ball!
-What? -No ball.
No ball? What do you mean, no ball?
-His foot was over the line. -Yardley?
-Are you certain? -l am not discussing it.
l suggest we get on with the game.
Very well.
We have one more ball. Back to your positions!
Because of the no ball, we have one more ball to face!
No more mistakes this time.
Gentlemen, back to the boundary.
Everybody, back to the boundaries. Back! Back!
If you lose, you pay...
... triple lagaan.
Do you accept?
And Bhuvan accepted this impossible bet!
What have you done?
I told you we could face a calamity, didn't I?
You talk just like your father.
He was just as spirited. Always spoke the truth.
I have faith...
... in you and in your courage.
Catch it, sir!
Catch it, sir!
Please don't catch it!
We have won!
He's done it!
Completely unbelievable!
Unable to bear this humiliation, the British government...
... decided to shut down the Champaner cantonment.
By the power vested in me by Queen Victoria...
...I hereby declare, after much deliberation...
... the cantonment at Champaner be dissolved.
And the officers and troops...
...shall re-establish themselves...
... in the princely state of Rajghat, with immediate effect.
Signed, Colonel J. R. Boyer Commanding Officer, Central Provinces
l did not believe l'd live to see this day.
May you be happy, my daughter. May you live long.
Memsahib, we will never forget...
...what you've done for us.
l won't either.
Not just Champaner, but all the villages in the province...
... did not have to pay lagaan for three years.
Captain Russell paid for his capricious behaviour.
Besides having to pay triple lagaan, he was transferred...
... to the Central African desert.
Elizabeth returned to England with Bhuvan in her heart.
She did not marry and remained Bhuvan's Radha all her life.
Bhuvan and Gauri had a splendid wedding.
Rajah Puran Singh himself blessed them...
... enhancing Champaner's status even more.
Even after this historic victory...