Make Up Tips for an Alicia Keys Look : Finish Applying Makeup for an Alicia Keys Look

Uploaded by expertvillage on 05.03.2008

This is our finished Alicia Keys kind of fearless rock star glam look with bold colors, a lot
of glitter and glitz, and it looks fabulous on Erin. She's kind of funky as it is with
her pink hair. She loves a lot of bold makeup. This is night time look most definitely. This
is not a day time look. You'll see Alicia Keys wearing a lot of these golds, greens,
and everything like that in concerts and for special appearances, walking the red carpet,
in her music videos. This is a pretty true to something that she would wear. You could
even do more glitter and do it up even more. It just depends on your personal preference.
You could put glitter across your whole eye lid if you wanted to depending on how dramatic
you wanted to go. This is as dramatic as I went for this for her. Again, you can really
do whatever you want. You can use any bright color. I just chose greens. You can see the
rest of my celebrity series or the rest of my work on my website, That's You can email me also questions of comments, or you can also go to
and see all of my other how tos. I have a whole other celebrity series and high fashion
series and plenty of other how tos. Stay tuned for more to come. Thank you for watching.