Refrigerator Repair- Replacing the Icemaker Helix End Cap (Whirlpool Part # D7749401)

Uploaded by partselect on 07.02.2012

Steve: Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect, today we are going to show you how to change the
Ice Maker Helix End Cap on your refrigerator, it’s a really easy job, all we are going
to need is a ¼ inch nut driver, a putty knife, and a flat blade screw driver, let me show
you how we do it.
Now to do this repair, we are going to start by opening the freezer door, so we are going
to lift the bin out of the way here, and reach in and turn the ice maker off, then we are
going to lift up on the ice bin itself, slide it forward and pull it right out of the track,
then we’ll put this on a suitable work surface to do the repair.
Now once we have the bin on a suitable work surface, now first of all empty any of the
remaining ice out of it, then we are going to turn it upside down, then we are going
to start by removing the two ¼ inch hex edge screws, from the bottom side, we need to disengage
this end clip, we’ll use are putty knife there to pry it up far enough to disengage
it from the bin itself, now you can turn it over, and we’ll loft the top side off there’s
a lip across the front of it, then we can remove the cover.
Now along the bottom we had these two screws that hold the angle brackets in place, we
need to remove both those, and that will allow us to remove the auger assembly from the bin,
simply lift up on it to disengage the tabs at the top, and pull it forward, and now we
have access to the rear cap.
And once we have that auger assembly pulled out of the bin, the easiest method we found
to remove the end cap, is to insert a flat blade screw driver into the opened opposite
end of the auger hook, and we are just going to pry outward, and twist at the same time,
and that should pop out.
To install our new one, we’ll line up that square opening, with the end of the auger,
insert it on an angle like this, and we are just going to rotate it into place, and now
we are ready to reinstall the auger assembly into the bin. Now we’ll take the auger assembly,
we’ll slide that into the opening, and we’ll lift the front up enough that we can hook
the tabs into some cut outs on the front of the bin that helps us align it now holding
that in place, we’ll stand it on end, and we are ready to reinstall the little angle
brackets. Now when you insert the screw in the pre-drilled hole, in the bin, we wont
tighten that screw, completely yet until we line up the L-bracket, we do the same thing
with the opposite side, before we tighten these up we’ll need to make sure the adjustment
of those L-brackets aligns up with the two holes in the bottom of the face cupboard.
And make sure that the tabs are still lined up across the top, and tighten the screws.
Next we’ll turn it upright, and take the face cover, make sure that hook across the
top edge is fully engaged across the front, and we’ll flip it upside down, and we’ll
make sure that goes out over the top of those angle brackets, and with our putty knife,
we’ll just work that left side into place, and we are ready to reinstall the two screws
that’s to secure it, check the operation of the auger to make sure it still turns freely.
And now we are ready to reinstall it in the refrigerator, now to reinstall the ice bin,
we’ll open the freezer door align it in the track, slide it all the way back until
it locks in place, we’ll reach in and turn the ice maker back on, slide the front tray
in, and our repair is complete. I told you it was an easy job. Thanks for watching, and
good luck with your repair.