Muay Thai Minute - Watcharachai Kaewsamrit

Uploaded by nopstar on 11.01.2012


Hello I'm Watcharachai Kaewsamrit
oday I'm going to teach you how to move, evade and kick
and defensive teeps in a very Thai style
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart
bend your legs and balance your weigh between both legs
make sure you are balanced
when they teep your leg pull your leg back
they'll miss which will open up an opportunity for you to kick them
you can punch them, or whatever if you make them miss the attack
you legs have to be wide and you have to be balanced
as soon as they've missed... that is your opportunity
you can follow up with a kick, for example
if they go for a kick, you can pull... if you pull they've missed which will create an opening for you
you can kick ....
when they've missed or off balanced themselves
they will be open for any of your attacks, punches elbows etc
this is muay thai