Make Up Tips for a Beyonce Look : Adding Blush Makeup for a Beyonce Look

Uploaded by expertvillage on 05.03.2008

Now that the foundation is on and her skin looks perfect, we're going to do some blush.
This is a look we're not going to go for the bronzer or anything too dramatic for the cheeks.
It's not about the cheeks at all. We're just going to do a really neutral blush just to
give her some cheekbones and to bring a little color to the face. We want to keep the skin
pretty porcelain. Eventually, we’re going to add a little bit of a shimmer to glam it
up a little bit. I'm using a really neutral blush. It's kind of a like a natural brown.
It just kind of gives the look that she's just a little sun kissed or she has a little
flush to her cheeks. I'm just putting it directly on the cheekbones just very lightly and just
kind of buffing it right into the natural cheekbone, and then kind of dusting it a little
bit all over the face just to give a little bit of color. You're basically just going
right to the cheekbones. Start out really soft and just keep adding more as you need
to. Use a nice big fluffy brush. You don't want a harsh line. You want it to look just
very smooth. Again, like I said, this is not about the cheeks, so don't be too focused
on getting a bright color for the cheeks or looking tan. You really want the skin to just
look perfect and have a little natural color to the cheekbones. There we go. Now we're
ready to start with the eyes.