Bob Greene on Walking

Uploaded by OmronPedometers on 24.08.2011

>> Greene: I’m Bob Greene, Oprah’s personal trainer and author of Twenty Years Younger,
and I’m here with Omron today to share how you can look and feel younger
by doing one of the oldest and most effective
exercises to help you stay in shape: walking.
>> Greene: I recommend walking at least ten thousand steps a day,
equivalent to about five miles. If you were to start using a pedometer today,
you'd see you are probably getting about four to five thousand steps during
your normal daily routine. The key to starting your exercise routine is finding
a partner to help you get active and stay motivated, which is why Omron
pedometers make perfect exercise partners.
>> Greene: Studies show that pedometer users get two thousand extra steps each day,
equal to about one mile.
>> Greene: Omron has a full line of accurate, easy to use pedometers which cater
to anyone's needs. Be sure to check them out at or follow Omron Fitness on Facebook and Twitter.