Butterfly Twist Tutorial - Italiano [ How to do a B-Twist ]

Uploaded by FWFstunt on 18.01.2012

Hi guys, i’m Klaudio, representing flying without fear stunt team, and this is the butterfly twist tutorial!
I'll show you immediately what it is about.
The prerequisite is the butterfly kick, here you will find the link to the tutorial in Italian. I’ll show you also how it looks.
As for all tricks, the takeoff, is the fundamental part, and in the butterfly twist consists in a small leap we need to do in this way;
We must push the left leg and landing with both legs simultaneously to take advantage of the elastic force of the muscles;
Once here, you have to go down with your torso, so that almost touch the ground with your head and start twisting, not here...
...because here bad things happen, but when you look behind! We start twisting when we look behind, over here!
Once gone down with the torso, we need to push our left leg, push, and lift the right leg up at the same time, push and lift up!
The part of the arms is crucial as they are the ones that allows us to twist...
...the arms must be close to the body and the momentum of the left one is followed by the momentum of right !
Continue to twist until you see the ground, at this point, open the left leg and land!
This part is very difficult because you have to understand the right time to open the left leg;
Explosive takeoff
Head nearly touching the ground
Left leg pushes
Right leg lift up
Arms close to body
Look at the ground
Open the left leg
That's it, well send us your video response, I'll see you at the next tutorial, yo!