2012 GSU Spring Commencement (Full HD Version)

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Welcome to the 97th Commencement at Georgia State University. Please welcome the class of 2012. [music]
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Georgia State faculty procession.
Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the platform party
Ladies and gentlemen please remain standing for the national anthem performed today by
Maria Valdes of the Georgia State University School of Music
You may be seated.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the President of Georgia State University,
Mark Becker.
Good afternoon
and welcome to our 97th
Georgia State University Commencement ceremony.
We are pleased you are here as we celebrate
one of our largest graduating classes in
Georgia State history.

It's indeed a pleasure to have so many parents, relatives, and friends
in attendance today and there
are a lot of you here.
Graduates, a university commencement ceremony
is one of the most
meaningful events in which anyone
can participate. I expect that
all of you are feeling exhilarated and proud.
And in fact, the entire Georgia State University family
is equally proud of you.
At this time, it's my
pleasure to introduce
a number of the members of the platform party, the people behind me.
Will the following please stand.
The officers of the university.
Thank you.
The university's deans.
Mr. David Ewert representing the Emeriti Faculty.
Mr. William Balzer, chair of the Georgia State University Foundation Board.
Mr. Brad Ferrer, President of the Georgia State University
Alumni Association Board.
and Miss Taylor Briggs,
Executive Vice President of the
Student Government Association
and our Mace bearer.
In order to graduate great students
we depend on an outstanding faculty.
With us today are faculty members representing the faculty body
at Georgia State University as well as
Emeriti faculty. Will all faculty members and Emeriti
please stand and receive out recognition. [applause]
Thank you for your support of these amazing students.
Well a number of our graduates today
have served out nation in the armed forces or soon will.
Will all of our student veterans please stand
that we may thank you for your service to our nation.
Thank you.
At this time it is my distinct privilege to introduce your commencement speaker.
Vicki B. Escarra is President and CEO of Feeding America. The nation's leading
hunger relief charity which provides food to Americans in need
through a network of more than two hundred food banks.
Since her appointment in 2006, she has lead the organization
through the most significant period of advancement in it's three decade history
to build Feeding America into a 1.2 billion dollar organization.
Under Ms. Escarra's leadership the organization has experienced a sweeping transformation,
expanding the number of people served
from twenty-five million to
thirty-seven million
and the pounds of food and grocery products distributed from two billion to
3 billion annually. She has overseen the establishment
of the networks first collaborative fund raising network
that campaigned for a hunger free America,
which in two years has achieved forty-five percent of it's five year goal
of five hundred million dollars.
Because of Essara's efforts,
Feeding America has garnered
unprecedented attention from the media,
celebrities, and members of congress to become
what the publication advertising age has referred to as and I quote, "The go to cause for marketers."
Prior to joining Feeding America, Escarra was right here, she lead a lengthy and distinguished
career with Delta Airlines, I assume you've heard of Delta Airlines.
At Delta, she ascended through several leadership positions, ultimately becoming the airline's Chief Marketing
Officer. She also served the city of Atlanta as chair of the board of directors and executive committee
for the Atlanta convention and visitors bureau
and in partnership with Mayor Shirley Franklin
on the Brand Atlanta campaign. She currently serves
on President Obama's council on Faith-based
and Neighborhood partnerships,
the Chicago Network, the committee of two-hundred, and the Roosevelt University board of regents.
Listen up graduates, she received a bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Georgia State University.
She completed the Columbia University Executive Management program and the Harvard University
Executive Leadership program
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, one of your own,
your commencement speaker, a proud GSU Alum,
Vicki Escarra