Sathish Chandrasekaran B.E, MBA ( Bar ) [ Multi-Award Winning Tamil Short Film ]

Uploaded by DirectorSathish on 03.02.2012

some days ago, my son asked me a question !
dad, did you study well ?
if not, why did you end up being a film director after studying so much ??
my parents were not educated
but they gave me the best possible education
got me everything I asked for
Inspite of going through loads of problems they provided me everything life could offer materially
My parents started saving for my education when I was still in my diapers
I graduated from School, it made my Dad was so happy
Beacuse by then, I was the most educated in my family
Tell me junior You have scored 100/100 in biology,
what course are you going to opt for in High School ?
Dude, which group are you going to opt for ?
Since morning you are asking me the same question !
What about you dude ?
if you ask me this question again, I swear you'll regret it
You are so good in story writing, Why don't you give it a try ?
HEY !! My son is educated,
he could take better decisions then us, you just keep your mouth shut !
can't you even watch the ball ?
I know what I'm doing, buzz off!
Computer Science group Dad
Very Good !
That was one of the dumbest things I did,
Thinking that my friends are expert decision makers
My maturity was at peak after I completed my High School
" One of India's greatest scientist Abdul Kalam is an ENGINEER from Madras Institue of Technology "
Dad, I am going to study Electronics and become an Enginner !
Very Good !
As a first year Engineering Student, I was the epitome of responsibility
Dude ! Dude !! Classes have been cancelled, lets go out
Then lets go to the library
Stop disturbing man, I Want to Study!
But One year of Engineering had taken its toll on me
Dudes ! Shall we bunk afternoon classes ?
Lets toss a coin
Superb Idea
If its a tail ?
We will go for a movie
What if its a head !!
We will go for a movie now !!!
Then with each passing semester, I started hating engineering even more
♫ Life is wavering, My pleasure is fleeing ♫
♫ Both deserts and meadows torment my soul. ♫
Dude !
Dude !!
Dude !!!
Thousand words of a teacher does not hurt ....
" You will never graduate "
" Mark my words "
" You are fit for nothing "
But the silence of a friend in the examination hall brings tears to eyes......
After 4 years of hardship
when we are about to get our degree, they will ask for a project
Even after completion of the project, they still taunt us with a procedure called VIVA
You have studied engineering
You must know all operations
I have studied electronics for 4 years, Whatever question in electronics, am ready
Then, Let me ask you a question in maths
At that moment, I was sure
I hate engineering
I graduated with an Engineering Degree along with an offer letter from a software company
This made my Dad very proud
I just got the offer letter alone, the appoinment letter never came
So I thought I was wasting time and did the next dumbest thing
" Welcome Sir, This is Sathish Chandrasekaran, How may I help You ? "
" Welcome Sir, This is Sathish Chandrasekaran, How may I help You ? "
My appointment order did come but only after 2 years
A job in a Software concern ! I thought that my life was settled atlast
but fate intervened !
I learnt one thing as a software engineer
The Art of getting a person to work
As though this wasn't enough, the next big headache started !!!
What is your son doing ?
He's working in a Multi-National Company !
Monthly Rs.40,000 salary !
Next month, He's even going to America !
Are you looking for a bride ?
I also have two daughters !
Why don't you get married now ?
Mom ! Am going to study MBA.
Very Good
One semester of MBA, thats all I needed to realize that I and MBA are poles apart !
My Mom started publishing all the stories I wrote in a magazine
It was only then I realized what I was good at
Later, I resigned my software job and joined as an assitant director
Engineering, Call Center, Software, MBA were not meant for ME
Without realizing this, I started hating them
Just imagine what will happen if I narrate this story to my son
My son sees me as a role model
Most kids want to be like their Dad
They observe what we do
Mom, Coffee !
How we speak
Mom, Bournvita !
and the like
Sir, act well, I need more blood to come out
hey pour some more blood on him
This is the most important scene in the movie Sir
I want more from You, more Sir, this is not enough, more emotions Sir, more
Sometimes, My son even wants to be a filmmaker
Act well dude, Act well, act like an asthma patient
Huh ! If I ever get hold of his Dad !!
If I had narrated this entire tale to my son, two things could happen
Firstly, He might also start nurturing an hatred towards Engineering and MBA
Or else, something like this might also happen
What happened to your result ?
Principal's son failed Dad
Okay, What about You ?
Doctor's son also failed Dad !
So what, tell me your result..
Am I a scientist's son, I also failed
Do you want to know what I told my son ?
I didn't LIE to him !
At the sametime, I don't think its necessary to tell the whole truth now
I may be allergic to studies but I don't want to crush my son's love for learning because of my personal experiences !!!
♫ Is Life rejoicing in love? Are my desires satisfied ? ♫
♫ Love, affection & fragrance speak everyday ♫
♫ Golden nymphs sprinkle colours on the sky every day. ♫
♫ So what're you looking for ? Joy is abound, And somebody is delighted. ♫
♫ Life is rejoicing in love ! My desires are satisfied ! ♫
♫ Love, affection & fragrance speak every day. ♫