Mega Mystery Band - Lisboa (3)

Uploaded by megamysteryband on 12.04.2011

Well well well - Touch me here, touch me here.
We are trying to find some inspiration for our next song.
No no no, I definitely don't like this, man, I don't like it at all, wait a sec.
How famous we are, we are going to go to the best best zone of Lisbon.
We are going to play our song, you know. - Let's go.
There's no manager, it's one fourty in the morning, our manager said he would be here with the limo.
I don't see any limo.
Then we try to find a taxi. I don't see any taxi.
There he is ! - Taxi ! Taxi !
Oh no no, not for us.
Man, this sucks ! - I don't get it !
This is how it goes man ! - We were going to enjoy the night, let's go home man.
Hi. - Hi.
Do you know MMB ? - No.
She's joking, she says she doesn't know MMB but she knows MMB.
MMB ! - Who knows MMB here ?
Our fans.
Come on, who knows MMB here ? - MMB !
You got to say to the camera, "I'm a big fan of MMB". - I'm a big fan of MMB.
MMB MMB ! I'm a big fan. - Thank you for your support, buddy.
Ok, take care, good luck for you. - Thank you, thank you.
It's difficult to be famous, very very difficult. Everybody is watching us,
everybody wants to talk with us, everybody wants autographs. It's really really hard.
Of course they are waiting for us, the big star of the club
they are waiting for us, just look how we get in.
It's MMB !
You don't know what you're loosing, you're loosing more than we are, you have no idea.
We are going to ask to play our song.
We're MMb, we got a...
We can't get in ? - Only performers and guests.
Good evening.
You're in a good mood ? On a Train, big music, On a Train, get it ?
What are we going to do now ?