Ralph Lauren's Rugby Poets Club Presents- Chariot by Joshua Bennett (Captioned)

Uploaded by TheStriversRow on 07.04.2011

Most days
New York City makes it very difficult to fall in love
The chaos of all those car horns and crowded streets turns the morning into a battlefield
and makes me forget what it feels like to be held
but the night we met
the skyline smiled for us
the moon wept for joy and showered our bodies with light as we glided through the streets,
every step perfectly choreographed to the rhythm of our restless hearts
I know that it's hard.
that we both dreamed of being the sort of famous they make t-shirts about
before the world swallowed our childhoods whole and convinced us that we could never be stars
only the dust they leave in their wake when they fall from the sky
But if I had one wish
to ask for when this life of mine finally supernovas into memory, I would ask
that everyone on earth could see the world the way it was that night
when every train in the subway was a chariot to our favorite spot downtown
and the sky was a shimmering blanket to keep us warm
when the wind got a little too bold for your liking
so maybe this isn't so bad
maybe all this chaos
is really a symphony that the city composed just for us
an ode to the lighthouses glimmering in your eyes
a timeless anthem
we just can't stop
dancing to.