What's Your Big Idea?—Woody Paige

Uploaded by UniversityTennessee on 18.01.2013

I'm Woody Paige and I was at the University of Tennessee from 1964 to '68
majoring in journalism. My idea will not change the world,
but I think our ideas all have to start small and they
grow into big, and then gigantic ideas. There's a woman who's had more
influence on the University of Tennessee than probably any woman
in the history of the university or the history of the state. More influence on women's
sports than any other coach or administrator than I know of in the history of
women's sports and that's Pat Summitt, my friend for the last 30,
35 years. And Pat's recently taken a different
role at the University of Tennessee after an unbelievable
career as the head coach of the Volunteers. And I think it's so appropriate,
that is in football with the Vince Lombardi Trophy
given to the Super Bowl champion, that in women's basketball, at the
Final Four the trophy be named the Summitt Trophy.
And that works in a couple of different ways. Pat should be honored
for all that she's done for women's basketball, women's sports, and women.
But also the word "summit" means peak. And when you
reach the pinnacle, as she has done personally, I think that all
the coaches in NCAA women's basketball and the players appreciate
what she's done. And it would be so much more meaningful than a
Final Four trophy.