30 seconds to mars interviewed by alena gerber (english subtitles)

Uploaded by xMissDropDead on 21.01.2011

Hello and welcome to a a super, super great episode of 'usgang tv'.
First of all: easter is finally over- I hope you found a lot of eggs.
Second: Today I'll have, as we announced before, an interview with Jared Leto!
There's nothing more to say. Jared Leto is in that episode, so everything is fine.
Still, there are some trends&styles of 'some Asian country'.
Now I'm nervous. bye. bye... Jared....
(made just a summery)
- Why are you laughing like that? (+ guy describing her outfit or something)
(greeting again like 'Asian' people + guy describing what country he's talking about)
- Alena: "You got some gray hair...." - Guy: "The audience didn't hear that..."
- Alena: of course not. carry on" (guy keeps describing the idea of fashion from that country)
(talking about the first outfit)
- guy: "i don't believe it. she's wearing flats... i took forever..." - alena: "one! i aggreed to ONE flat shoe...
...I wouldn't wear both. Not only for 'fashion-reasons'...
...but, it was so small over here and- it scrached my tattoo"
I can't- and don't want to- say that much.
Because my words are still gone, lithified and frozen if I thi... think about JARED LETO.
Now I've got some good and bad news for you... and for me:
Good news is that, right behind that door, 30stm is waiting- which means: jared leto, shannon leto...
and that third guy, who - I think - is their bassist but whose name i forgot.... soooorry.
So, now the bad news: Bad news is, that they are just not willing to give an interview....
New good news is: I can still go in. New bad news is: you still have to stay out
"I'll take this mic with me, you'll hear everything live. and the video... I guess I'll just keep that with me.
(first interview part)
I never believed in love-at-first-sight, but... now I felt it.
I never thought blind-dates are a good thing either- but it worked perfectly fine for me
But I can't, and I don't want.. bla... I can't say more about that
(second part of interview)
I'm sitting here with 30stm, a band from the US... my favourite band, by the way
This is Jared, Shannon annnd .....
Alright... ehm... We are not just looking at porn-magazines...
...and talking about the 'night-movie', no- we are also talking about music. Here we go..."