FIMO Döner: Polymer turkish sandwich - Tutorial [HD/deutsch] (EN-Sub)

Uploaded by DAoCFrEak on 09.01.2013

Actually totally disgusting but I also admit I especially like as a teenager once
eaten kebab. When I found out that the meat comes not from the Döneranimal, I
put my request immediately after this lunch. With polymer clay you can
produce a super nice kebab.
Fimo colors best in soft, just everything it is in a kebab and matching tools.
If I had a kebab snack-bar, I was distributing these Fimo kebab either as a
business card or as a collective motive to my customers. Anyone who has bought a
kebab gets a polymer kebab. Did he then collected five or eight, and gives me, he
gets a free kebab.
I especially like it when the kebab man has cut down on a lot of meat on a
skewer, and this is located below in the meat tray. The next Hungry gets these
treats mostly to the fresh meat on his bread. Since so suspicious if the seller
your kebab briefly in the microwave.
My kebab looks very appetizing or do not?