痞子英雄 Black & White ep.14 pt.5/5 (English Sub)

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we are
brother and sister who have been separated for many years.
The forensic scientist found new evidence.
What's it?
Where is it?
Hsi-Ying found an unknown chemical at the scene.
I think...
before she is discharged from the hospital,
I will keep the thing by myself.
Tsai-Tien Chen,
Hero Wu and you no long work at Serious Crime Squad.
Even though it is necessary to overthrow the explosion case,
it should be done by me!
After she comes back,
I will talk to her some time.
I recommend you now...
to give me the evidence.
Director Chen!
Let me handle it.
Tsai-Tien Chen,
you show me that evidence.
I will ask the forensic scientist what's going on.
if you want to overthrow the case,
you should let Serious Crime do it.
Stop it.
Tsai-Tien Chen works so hard, never give up on big crimes.
He's worth of applause, isn't he?
We are people's nanny. We should always try to find the truth. (*nanny: the way the Taiwanese value the police.)
Now, you are talking about different squads.
Don't you think you are too narrow-minded!?
All right, Tsai-Tien Chen,
overthrowing a case is such a big thing. It won't count even though I say OK.
You write a report to me first.
After I read it, I will submit it to Fire Department and Attorney General.
You report the whole case to me directly.
Yes, Chief.
That's it.
The laughing horse... (*"Ma" means horse in Mandarin.)
What's up?
Have a party here?
Show you guys an experiment.
What experiment?
Is it related to what you wanna explain to us?
Come here...
Let me see what this is.
This is...
Is that acetone?
Officer Chen,
are you sure you wanna sit that close to these stuff?
We have some time.
Any questions for me?
Let's get started with your identification.
The army dumped me.
Three years ago,
my three teammates and I entered the mountains in North Korea for backup support.
On the way back home,
the enemy found us.
We were attacked so badly.
While we were fighting with the enemy,
I ran into a very special group of people.
Later on, during the fighting,
I thought I were dead.
After I woke up,
I realized that I couldn't go back home anymore.
I had a new ID,
a new boss,
and a new mission.
What mission?
Every kind of missions.
Steal a new chemical weapon,
destroy an armed troop,
or remove some very important people in the world.
In order to accomplish each mission,
everyone needs to receive a brain surgery.
After the surgery,
we don't have any sympathy or doubt while facing our target.
Even though our target is...
a little kid.
You are part of Sarkozy!?
You are really clever.
No wonder you are Dr. Chieh Lo's favorite student in his New York lab.
I think your troop likes to build a relationship with people.
How did you know the name of my professor?
So, now, you don't belong to Sarkozy?
I escaped.
Because the surgery on me failed,
it affected my work competency.
Our boss didn't like me.
I was also struggling.
So, I decided to escape.
they have been here.
They also found me here.
They must keep chasing after me and try to kill me.
So, the bank robbery was really done by them?
It could be.
are you sure you are not in a movie now?
How come it sounds like a movie?
It's too rediculous.
There are those killing machines!?
It's about time.
Hold your questions for now.
Let me show you something first.
What's that?
This is the experiment I would like to show you guys.
It may make some noises.
Step back a bit.
What was that? What did you just make?
So amazing.
This is the chemical I couldn't analyze out.
Gas leakage is just a deception for the restaurant explosion.
In fact,
it's caused by this.
guest starring: Cola Ling/Chia-Chi Lin; Hero's mom/Cheng-Fang Bao; Ann's mom/Yi-Ching Lu; Director Huang/Kuang-Yao Fan; Attorney Hung/Tzu-Chiang Chao; Hacker/Tai-An Haung.
starring: Da-Te Chien/Liang-Tso Liu; Hulk/Chung-Chiang Wu; Ann/Chao-Min Chang; Da Yen/Wei-Hsun Na; T Chieh/Ai-Hsin Shu; Ann's brother/Kai-Jung Liu; Chin Che/Kuo-Chung Kang; Hsiao Lu/Fei Yang; secretary of Council president/Ying-Hsuan Kao; Wen-Chi Ling/You-Fang Chen; A-Tang/Hsiao-An Chou; Attorney General [Yang Wu]/Chien-Wei Huang; MND Minister/Chuan-Cheng Tao; A-Te/Tamio;
officer/Kai-Wen Chou; officer/Han Chang; officer: Chia-You Lin; officer/Kuan-Cheng Che; Lab personnel/Wei-Wen Huang; Lab personnel/Chen-Tse Lai; S. District police woman/Yi-Chien Lin; S. District police woman/Chen Tang; director of Vice Squad/Jui-Sheng Chiu; uniform police/Po-Chiang Hsu; uniform police/Chun-Hsien Lin; Da Yen people/Hsiang-Chen Wu; Da Yen people/Ting-Chun Huang; Da Yen people/Po-Jen Chen; Da Yen people/Ming-Lun Wu;
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(next Black & White) The evidence the police have is very devastating to us.
They found heroin, which is worth more than 0.2 billion dollars, in the president's office.
Not to mention those they found in the cargo container.
The government is trying to trouble San Lien gang at this moment.
I don't think they just want to clear out all the gangsters.
It seems like the court doesn't know us anymore.
The evidence is so complete and perfect, at which I am also so surprised.
I believe someone has been planning everything since the beginning.
So, the core person is...
I have done my best with the thing.
But those two cops from Southern District keep doing the investigation.
What can I do!?
Obviously, the whole thing isn't just due to our interior security.
Someone is setting my dad up.
And this person is one of our people.
Currently, we have some problems in the connection to the court.
I hope you can work with us.
To be our inside man in the police department.