shakira video biografico parte 2 sub english

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shakira at the age of 19 has the world at her feet
she has sold more than 30 millions record
famous in america, europe and asia
sometimes we think it's a lie, she's not our daughter
shakira the artist, is a sensuality explosion but she is totally diferent
She is a very conservative person very shy of her body
that's what she likes, for she was born
her talent, energy and desition to make succeed
are a really iman to this woman with 5 feet and 100 pounds
the new goddes of the music
That first applause turned into my addiction
i couldn't let the stages
her dad remebers the first moments of her talent
whe she has to say a pray,
she creates the pray and then she sings it
that in the age of 3
she wears and arabic outfit,
sings an arabic song
and the after, she dance arabic
shakira has the arabic music in her blood
The lebanese heritance of her father is evident
we suggest her to get in the college's chorus
shaky has a voice tone stronger
that's why he said she untones
and we say she sing like a cheep
and look her with that voice where she is now...
so shakira said to us "of course, i'm going to success
and you're going to be in the college still" so we are the college star singers
shakira was born febraury 2, 1977
in a traditional barranquilla family,
dedicate to jewel's selling
her parents want a name full of meaning
in indian means "goddes of light" and in arabic "thankful" or "full of grace"
and i feel more identified with that meaning more than other
because i have to say thank you.. to them
she's the only daughter in the marriage between william mebarak and nidia ripoll
has more brothers by his father
i'm eighth, the last one, with more strengh
he let the best at last place
don't say that
you're very infatuated
yes yes but i also have discipline
since was a girl she shows a special quality to get the goal she propose
since i was 10 years, i decided what i want to do
for the rest of my life is music
and start knocking doors to get the professional level
shakira at 10 years, composed
and you don't believe, 19 songs composed by her lyrics and music
the artistic talent in shakira was habitual in her family
but in her there's an ingredient makes more atractive
an overwhelming personality
she surprise us with argues like a mature person
when she was 12, gives tv interviews
she has the IQ above normal
this is something said not for me, but the psychologist
so when i was 5, starting first year school
and it was an special case, because i was too little
nd the need a psychologist test to proove i'm ready to get it that class
we see 2 psychologist, and both got the same result
i have a mind very advanced
she open the ways,
she know where she is going
we only support her
nury rodriguez have a new talents academy
and helps her to make better the performance in stage
knowing many kids who dream with fame shakira surprise her