League of Legends - Champion Guides - Jungling Amumu

Uploaded by gordosann on 06.08.2010

Hey everyone this is gordo san with a guide on how to play jungle amumu.
Jungle amumu can be very effective if done well, since you can have two champions solo a lane instead of just one. And if you jungle well enough you can still keep up in exp.
The runes that I use are Flat hp quints, hp per level seals, cooldown glyphs, and magic penatration marks.
For masteries I go 9-0-21, dont forget to get awareness to keep up in exp.
The summoner spell i use are ghost and smite. I feel that ghost is more effective that flash because it acts like early game boots, and can allow amumu to keep up with his enemy for despair and tantrum.
I start off jungling with cloth armor and 5 hp potions, and puttting my first level into despair.
Right away i smite the golem and use a pot so i dont take too much damage, you should be able finish golem and grab the blue buff.
After that everything else should be easy, using pots whenever you need to, finish off the wolves, ghosts and golems and then go back for a ruby crystal.
You should then finish jungling getting a lizard buff and putting a level in bandage toss, and then start ganking if there are weak enemies if not then keep jungling.
Here i see bot is very weak so i stop jungling to gank. notice i am not level 6 yet, but still manage to get them both with garen.
Dont forget, just because you jungle doesent mean you have to stay there. You can cover another players lane, or co-ordinate more ganks.
If there is a free lane do not be afraid to farm it. Amumu pushes very well with tantrum and despair.
Here there is a huge mob and i clear is easily using tantrum. Remember, each time you are hit the cooldown for tantrum decreases.
By now you should have farmed well enough to get some decent items. The first item i recommend would be heart of gold, and then sorcerers shoes. After that depending on the match up, get sunfires or magic resist like banshees or force of nature.
Amumu is most powerful during team fights. Try to attack when your enemies are clustered together to do maximum damage with despair and tanturm.
Here i use bandage toss to grab onto twisted fate, one of the squishiest on their team. As soon as the rest of the team tries to help i get them all grouped up for my ult and easy kill.
We did not get all of them but we manage to get the tower push in and get 2 inhibitors.
Do dragon as much as you can, if you can control dragon, the game should be an easy victory. Sometimes you may even get lucky. Twisted fate tries to ambush me while doing dragon, but my team shows up right away which gives us an easy champion kill with dragon.
This concludes my guide on jungle amumu. Remember to use smite whenever it is up, try to have blue buff all the time and do dragon as much as possible. Be sure to check out my other videos as well. Goodluck and have fun!