Bertrand De Broc rend hommage aux bons amis Vendée Globe 2012 2013

Uploaded by lepotiron on 28.11.2012

Yeah, that's it, here you are aboard "Votre Nom autour du Monde with EDM projet"
the boat with 5000 supporters
a great time, the start from Les Sables d'Olonne
which 15 days earlier ...
had been delayed by some technical issues
but it as been forgotten quickly, and now I'm trying to come back in the game as you can say
I'm trying to come back with the competitors, but unfortunately there is ...
good friends who are gone
Sam, Jeremy and others, Marco ...
Kito, and now ....
we find ourselves
in front of our boat, and in a week we are going the start the big part of the race
the roaring 40's
and we'll all be happy to go there
all happy to do it, and I think that a month later, we'll all be happy to be out there
see you soon