Uploaded by meowqu on 09.12.2008

Hello, I do not have a brain!
I cannot think. It's a Miracle that I am even alive.
Inside my head there is only rocks.
I cannot figure out simple things. Am I bothering you? I'm too stupid to know!
People are always mean to me, because I just stand in the middle of the street and stare off into the distace!
Sometimes I drool on other people.
I do not have finger nails! My Sweat is bloody.
When I go to the bathroon I always miss the toilet, and it gets everywhere.
If you look into my ear, you can see out the other side!
I shed my skin (like a snake) then I eat it.
I was hatched from an egg!
Do I have to go poop right now?? Since I don't have a brain, I don't know...
You need to keep me warm. I might start crying at any second!
Where is my hat?!
Jee wiz, you are so special to me! Will you be my valentine?
I have a seceret crush on you.
Bur! I pull other peoples hair for no reason!
Goo goo ga ga!
I bird poop on peoples cars!
I have to have a leash when I go out on walks.
My ear itches.
People tell me that I am a waste of time, because I don't remember anything for more than 1 1/2 seconds.
I leave a trail of slime where ever I go, just like a slug.
Poop is moldy.
I stepped on a nail, but I'm too stupid to do anything about it!