YouTube花見2012年パーティー情報! YouTube Hanami 2012 Info & Recommended Books

Uploaded by Hikosaemon on 28.03.2012

Hey everyone, so today
I've got some news
And a book review I want to do for you
So check it out...
New iPad...
Right, anyway, for starters today
April 7, Yoyogi Park the annual hanami party
We skipped it last year
But from this year, Tokyo Cooney is back organizing
and so we will have a new YouTube Hanami
This is the biggest and most important Japan related YouTube gathering there is
It's for people on YouTube, starting out on YouTube, or just watching YouTube
If you want to meet video makers
People come from all over Japan and abroad to join this event
All the info is in the links below
The focal point is Tokyo Cooney, international man of mystery
We hope to track him down at this event
So in that spirit, we are announcing the 2012 campaign to find Koony
We just made that name up...
But it is a worthy goal - join the hanami to help us find Tokyo Cooney
Next up, if you know me, you probably also know of Busan Kevin
A YouTuber from Kobe (hence the name, "Busan"....?)
He's had a very different working background to me
But in Korea and Japan, he has really been an English teacher in nearly every environment that exists for that
So for people wanting to come to Japan, or anywhere in Asia and teach
He's put all his experience and advice together into a book
First being released as an E-Book
I haven't read it yet but plan to
But in the meantime, what I can say is
There aren't many people with the level of experience and knowledge that Kevin has in this area
And I know he's also pretty good at writing
So I'm pretty sure the book will be good
So if you are interested in teaching in Asia, check the book, and I will report on it when I do
For now, check the links down there
And finally
So recently I read and reviewed this book
Book moved me to tears in parts, pissed me off...
Well, this book is now available in printed form
I read it in E-Book format but enjoyed it so I went and got a paper copy
And went along to the book release party where the author did a reading
So here are some clips of hanging out with Baye as he reads his book
This really is a great book
I give it my recommendation
This isn't really so much about Japan
It is more of an internal exploration by the author
Where he takes his experiences in Japan today, and Brooklyn in the 1970s
Living in rough neighborhoods as a young black man at that time
And through those experiences
He he dealt with the stereotypes and prejudices he was raised with, that we all have to some extent
He is a black guy but openly admits to growing up holding certain prejudices himself
And his book is about how he comes to terms with those prejudices he has
So it's really about how he dealt with that in those settings
So he's not complaining about Japan being racist so much
As how he explores his own prejudices while living in the environment of Japan
And how he learned to recognize and deal with those
It's a fascinating and compelling read
In any case, it is written really well
I recommend it, it moved me
And taught me a lot of new things
So I recommend this book
It was really good
So, other than that, we are working out some technical issues with 2.5 Oyajis
But we are getting back into the swing of that
And I want to make more vids, and a wider range of styles of vids
So hang around and stay tuned!