2012 Biennial: Luther Price

Uploaded by WhitneyFocus on 29.02.2012

(Sound of film projector)
Hello, I'm Luther Price.
For the past decade,
what I've been working on
pretty much as a constant thing
is found footage,
creating these original,
hand-made, 16 mm films
that are one of a kind pieces
that are projection-ready.
I also enjoy found footage,
the manipulation of the footage,
whether it be painting it, burying it...
This could have been underground
for three months,
but I left it four months,
so now it's unprojectable.
This is another piece of film
that was buried
and it just went a little bit too far.
Now you can just
put a dumpling in there instead.
So I work with slides too, of course,
as little collage pieces.
Do you know what these are?
Clown sprinkles.
These are clown sprinkles.
Remember clown sprinkles?
MAN: What, for ice cream?
PRICE: Yeah.
These are the sprinkles you get
for ice cream.
I found that this belt itself
is just so gorgeous.
(Sound of film projector)
And that is the belt which has this, like
really nice, beautiful orange,
you know and the stars.