SYTYCD Season 8 - Week 5, Top 12, Jesse Tyler Ferguson

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JESSE TYLER FERGUSON: I mean, there was four, I was like
that's my favorite one.
No, that one is.
And I loved what I've christened as the moth dance.
I thought it was beautiful.
I loved the hungry vulture dance.
There were several.
I thought the first number that Jess did was fantastic.
Yeah, I wouldn't be able to pick.
SASHA MALLORY: Yeah, our choreographers definitely
stuck with us.
They believed in us all the way.
We're so happy to have gotten those amazing choreographers.
It was just such an experience to do
something totally different.
I've never done Paso Doble, have you?
SASHA MALLORY: I've never done Paso Doble.
And it was just so much to do that.
And then going from that to something that's very--
ALEXANDER: Different.
It was Aretha Franklin.
RICKY JAIME: We had Broadway, a very smooth Broadway.
I mean, Mary even said it--
this Cha Cha was the fastest Cha Cha ever.
RYAN RAMIREZ: It was so fast!
RICKY JAIME: It was so fast!
And I mean, it was just two polar opposites.
I think we nailed it, as a partnership, as well.
I think the Broadway had its good moments, and the Cha cha
for us was fire.
So I was really happy with how we performed.
RYAN RAMIREZ: Yeah, we had the two total extremes, which was
fun, but also both were way out of our comfort zones.
We learned a lot this week, a lot.
We had a lot of bumps in the road.
But it ended up good, so--
MELANIE MOORE: So the dress rehearsal didn't go badly, it
just wasn't as smooth.
It didn't feel right.
It wasn't at the level that we wanted it to be at.
I think we were really nervous.
It was the first time that the judges would see it.
It was the first time that some
people were in the audience.
The dress rehearsal's always really stressful, because it's
the first time I was in that dress.
It's the first time that I swing off the side of the
stage, or really do a lot of tricks.
So the dress rehearsal was a really big test run for us.
Afterwards, we sort of let the nerves go.
We talked about it.
We went over the stuff that we missed, and tried to get it as
best we could, and then we just stopped stressing.
We said that if we had it, we had it and if we didn't, we're
going to fake it.
We're going to have fun.
MITCHELL KELLY: We just have that strong partnership to
say, OK, we got this.
Let's get to the next one.
The first one, I really felt good about it.
But the judges' eye--
they're really being intense this week.

They can look at the little things and they can really
criticize on it, but it was really good.
CAITLYNN LAWSON: And we definitely did our best and
really tried to portray the emotion in the first one.
And then, even though we didn't get that great
feedback, we felt really good about it.
But then we went backstage, and we were like, we're going
to make them give us good feedback.
So it just made us push that much harder for the next one.
JORDAN CASANOVA: Being a vulture was really cool.
I've never been a bird before, one.
Two, especially a vulture.
Three, it was fun to attack Tadd, because usually
I'm like oh, Tadd.
But I get to be like hiss, which was cool.
No offense or anything, dude.

It was awesome and working with Travis is fantastic and
the costumes were fantastic.
The music was unreal and it was kind of like a fairy tale,
except without a happy ending-- well, for him.
Not for me.
TADD GADDUANG: For me, yeah.
I mean, I've never been a stranded wanderer in a desert,
but I hope I never am.
Not have I had a vulture come after me.
JORDAN CASANOVA: Nor has he ever done
contemporary in his life.
TADD GADDUANG: So this gave me the opportunity to do so.
ALEXANDER FOST: I've been doing this for
what, four weeks now?
She's helped me out a lot, but we've been a team for a while.
I do feel like Tyce gave me the chance to let go.
And it was kind of hard.
I think it was really hard because I'm so
used to being content.
And I totally see what they're saying.
I think it was amazing.
I think it really opened up my eyes a lot.
It really opened my eyes on thinking that not everything
has to be so placed, and to just go more with the feeling.
And feeding off of her and us being
together, it was amazing.
I was really--
I was so happy.
SASHA MALLORY: It was so much
JESS LEPROTTO: When Chris Scott told me that he was
going to put some b-boy moves in there, I was just like,
you've got to be kidding me.
I don't know what to do with myself.
I don't know the Nike kick or a helicopter.
But he taught me all these different things.
OK, I guess I can do it.
I just really had the stamina.
It was just to have the confidence to do it.
Once we did that, and once we got the story and everything
was set to go, it was fun.
CAITLYNN LAWSON:For that last dance, it's a little out of my
comfort zone as a person, but it's really fun to be that
character, and to get up on stage and just be someone that
you're not.
And to just be--
basically as Travis would tell me, just as sexy as possible.
JESSE TYLER FERGUSON: I'm just trying to
get on stage in general.
I mean, I've been doing so much TV that I just want to
get on stage.
And if that means having to--
I'm not really a great dancer.
Let's just be honest.
When I'm asked if I move well, my answers is, I move, well--
So I don't do think anyone needs to see me dancing.
I'll stick to the acting parts.