Super Bowl Ads Best And Worst, Superbowl Power Outage, Alicia Keys' Anthem

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Hey guys, so first thing - a huge congratulations to the Ravens and everyone who had money on
them! (cell phone rings) Hey...yeah, no. I'll have the money for you tomorrow. I'm right
in the middle of -- no, tomorrow. OK. That won't be necessary.
Today we're bringing you our favorite ads from the Super Bowl, finding out what caused
that mysterious 34-minute delay and timing Alicia Key's anthem, just because. Here's
your Brief! First up, we're celebrating the one time of
the year where you actually want to watch ads by breaking our favorite and not-so-favorite
commercials from this year's Super Bowl. Who manipulated us the best? Well, for starters,
we loved the Audi Prom spot featuring a lonely misfit kid finding his confidence by kissing
the girl of his dreams, taking his medicine like a man and riding off into the night with
a sexy silver Audi. Makes you wish you could go back to your own prom doesn't it? We also
really liked seeing Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen and Better Call Saul poke fun at the NFL's
strict trademark rules for Samsung. That ad's been out all week though - the real surprise
winner has got to be Dodge's "God Made a Farmer" ad which resurrected the voice of broadcaster
Paul Harvey for a poignant narration set to images that celebrate the selfless life of
the farmer. When will they get their due! No onto what we didn't like. We love Amy Poehler
but watching her ask annoying questions for a chain of stores that are closing left and
right didn't do it for us. Psy finally sold-out for pistachios - interesting choice - but
now I officially never need to hear that song again. And one of the strangest ads came in
the form of Beck's Sapphire ad, which featured a very sickly looking black fish singing No
Diggity to a black bottle of Beck's Sapphire. This was even weirder than Bud's new Black
Crown ads. That's our critical take on this year's ads so now it's your turn. Hit us in
the comments or on Facebook to tell us which ads you loved or hated the most...Next up,
what caused the mysterious 34-minute power outage at last night's game? Time to play
detective. Well, certainly the 49ers seemed to benefit from the additional time to get
their composure back, but without the happy doesn't feel right. Could it have
been Beyonce's high-powered half-time show? Nah, she seems to put out more electricity
than she consumes. We've got it! The power outage was the work of advertisers looking
for an excuse to come up with tweets about the issue that just happen to include a plug
for themselves. Walgreens made sure to tweet about how they sold lights and candles and
Mercedes claimed they were sending LEDs to the Superdome. Very clever advertisers! In
the end we may never know whether a diabolical scheme brought down the lights in New Orleans
or if some poor schmuck tripped over a cable.
See how easy it is... And finally, we prove that sports nerds will measure anything. Alicia
Keys made headlines this morning for a well-received performance of the Star Spangled Banner, but
it was the running time of her interpretation that got a bunch of number crunchers all giddy
with excitement. Apparently, Keys broke a record for the delivering the longest anthem
in Super Bowl history. We can't show you any video of it because of the NFL's iron-fisted
copyright team so here's another look at that Samsung ad.
Anyways, stretching out the anthem to record-breaking length is cool we guess, you know, as long
as it still sounds good. Let's just say we wouldn't invite Axl Rose to try it.
That's it for our special Super Bowl roundup Brief. Go ahead and like today's episode,
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