Quick effects for portrait - Photoshop Tutorial

Uploaded by merimehek on 19.11.2012

Hi everybody how are you doing so, taday i am going to show you how to add this effects to you portraits
This is before and this is after the image gonna look like
First, i am going to remove this backgroung using pen tool
Its gonna take a while so i am gonna skip the whole process
Now i am going to select make selection and set the feather to 2 it depends on your image size...
Now the background is removed i am going to add this image as a background
I am gonna use gaussain blur to blur this background a little bit well not a little bit...
Now i am gonna add gradient map for shadows and highlights
So, for blending the background and the model together i am going to add a texture that i am made to add little bit more effect on image
It relly depends on you what setting you might like.
So, this is the final product if you like my video please like comment and subscribe to my channel..