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Danilo Porto, after years of promises of teaching
life to a character, reveals a confuse story.
A confuse and cold story,
with bad structure and without conflict.
A fruitless effort.
A disappointment...
A disappointment...
A misfortune...
You need to really push the stool!
Go away, now!
Take your script! Take this script!
Take this script and go away!
Danilo Porto, after years of promises of teaching
life to a character, reveals a confuse story.
You need to really push the stool!
Take this script!
It's a friend of mine, Joana. It's ok.
Ok, doctor Márcia. Goodnight!
How are you feeling?
I'm going to give you some meds, ok?
Here it is. Try to get some rest.
I'll come back tomorrow, ok?
Tomorrow morning, I'll be here.
Good morning!
What a beautiful day!
So, are you feeling better?
Did you put me in your clinic?
Well, here I can take care of you.
I am exhausted!
Danilo, for how long have we known each other?
Fifteen years, maybe?
I don't know if I'll manage to get out of this.
I've seen you do it before.
Do you want talk?
So, let's go grab some coffee.
Stop it, Danilo! Come on! Come see the clinic.
Hi, Nelson!
Good morning!
Not everyone stays here.
Some of them attend the therapeutic classes
and then at the end of the day, they go home.
They don't receive just psychiatric treatment, you know?
It's a place for social reintegration.
- Good morning! - Good morning!
Here, they learn a bit about themselves.
They make wonderful things over at the art classes.
Look at how beautiful they are! They've made all of this!
Tonhâo! Tonhâo!
Principal Márcia, look at the bull I've made in art class!
Heloisa got jealous! She is not all that good with her hands.
She is not good with anything! I've tasted her food!
Her cooking is worse than my mother's.
The crab took the little one on his back, and entered the jungle.
I think they went to do naughty things there...
One time, my mom made scrambled eggs, without the egg.
I think I am going to give my bull to Heloisa...
Did you like it?
I loved it!
Edmilson, this is Danilo, a theater director.
Pleasure to meet you, Danilo. My name is Edmilson.
One time, I went to the theater, it was that play with that actress
from the soap opera. It was boring!
I've slept through the whole thing although I have trouble sleeping!
Sometimes, my mom gives me chamomile tea to sleep,
but it doesn't usually work.
Chamomile tea is good for you!
It's good! You should drink a lot of chamomile tea.
It doesn't really work all that well...
Tonhâo! Tonhâo!
Look at the bull that I made in art class.
Heloisa was jealous...
Eat something, Danilo.
- Shall we go, Márcia? - In a second. I'm going!
Hold on! Are you going to leave me all alone?
They are not going to jump you! Relax, Danilo.
You are not going to jump them either, right?!
It's over! It's over! The cake is finished!
Good morning! What is your name?
Did you forget, honey?!
It's Vânia.
And the cake, is there any left?
Isn't there any more cake?
I bought it for you.
Did you like it?
I liked it.
Do you want to talk about it?
I want to forget!
Forgetting does not make it go away.
But if you don't want to talk about it, it's fine.
I need to go.
I don't want to!
I don't want to go...
I don't want to go today! I don't want to!
Please take me home just for today!
I'll be quiet... I don't want to...
I don't want to go today!
Come on, Estela. I have another doll.
Hey! Yo! Come back, nutty!
Danilo, what is it that bothers you?
Lack of justice.
Lack of justice is what bothers me.
Yeah, right.
I've dedicated years of my life on this project! Many, many years.
And I lost it all, that I had put it in.
Come on! Motta Coqueiro was responsible for the end
of death penalty in Brazil, and nobody knows it!
I was crushed like a bug!
And what are you going to do about it?
I don't know!
I don't know...
It's funny, you know Danilo...
You think it is funny?!
I'm sorry! Bad choice of word! It is interesting
that you feel that they did you wrong, like your character,
and as Motta Coqueiro.
But I think that at this moment, you have bigger issues to solve.
What other issues?
Danilo, your wife left you, you are buried with debts,
your play didn't turn out well...
Come on all, last time.
Hold it! Hold it! Hold it! Hold it!
You can't even kick the stool! You can't even kick the stool!
This way, it is impossible! Impossible!
Kick it!
Get down! Get down!
You! Get on top of this.
Let's roll.
You guys are playing around! Playing around!
This looks like school theater!
When one of you find someone that can kick a stool
we will do the last scene of the play.
Because without it, we won't have a hanged man!
Would you like to participate?
No! I'm Márcia's friend.
Did you know that this book caused several suicides in Europe?
Thanks for letting me know.
You must be thinking: "who is this crazy man,
that showed up out of no where talking about death?"
That did cross my mind.
Nice to meet you. My name is Danilo.
I'm Márcia's friend.
I think he chose to suffer.
Sorry... Werther.
He was never going to give up on Charlotte.
"We have nothing, when we are in debt with ourselves."
You know it by heart?!
I've tried to turn it into a play.
Do you work with theater?
I try...
I direct, and at times I write.
What are you doing here? Researching?
No. I am... I'm resting.
I'm trying to regroup some thoughts in my head.
Things get complicated sometimes, you know?!
Is he your boyfriend?
They guy that was with you yesterday?
I'm going to go. Márcia is expecting me.
I'm sorry for the remark.
That play wouldn't turn out too well either way.
It was cold... It didn't reach out to people.
It's nice that you are starting to see this. Real nice!
People are still torn about Motta Coqueiro.
Some people fear it, others are ashamed about it.
My mom was one that was against it.
She used to say that it brought bad luck.
So did my parents.
You are such a talented man...
Forget this, Danilo.
I can't!
Didn't bring anything to read today?
Felipe came for his meds.
Your boyfriend?
Would you like to know?
And the theater?
Oh, the theater...
Well, I'm still digesting my last big failure.
It was a play about Motta Coqueiro's life.
It was you that directed that play?!
Wasn't it he the guy that was hung
because he ordered the murder of a whole family?
It was something like that.
I really didn't want to talk about Motta Coqueiro right now.
Oh! I wanted so bad to know more about this story!
Well, I really don't feel like talking about it. I'm sorry.
Please, tell me!
Motta Coqueiro...
In real life, Motta Coqueiro was married to a farmer
known as Úrsula das Virgens.
What a name?!
They were both extremely greedy.
They used to take over unproductive land,
and used to settle people there to work on it.
The problem was that those lands had owners. Powerful ones too!
Motta Coqueiro and Úrsula made a lot of money,
and a lot of enemies.
There was a massacre on their farms, wasn't there?
Yes, but two years before the massacre,
Motta Coqueiro brought someone to work
on one of those unproductive lands
a planter called Benedito.
Benedito had a beautiful daughter.
Although Motta Coqueiro was dearly in love with his wife,
he was no ángel!
Go on...
Where was I?
So, Motta Coqueiro had an affair with Benedito's daughter
and she got pregnant.
And so he ordered the murder of the whole family?
Hold on! What is up with "he order to kill the whole family"?!
Well, then Benedito started to blackmail Motta Coqueiro
threatening to tell everything to Úrsula,
if he didn't register the farm on Benedito's name.
Did he tell her?
Well, there are some history tellers that say
that Úrsula was the mentor of the massacre.
Like it was the revenge of a betrayed woman,
you know?
I know...
Around that time, it wasn't all that common for rich men
to be condemned with the death penalty.
But did he know it was her that ordered the killing?
I think so.
And he didn't say anything?
I got the stuff.
Felipe, this is Danilo.
What's up, bro? Chilling?
Let's bounce.
I loved the story!
That's good.
Are you coming tomorrow?
It depends on Felipe.
Let's go nutty! Come on, nutty! Bounce!
Danilo Porto! It's been a while man!
- How are you, Iván? - Good.
I read the critics about your play...
A bit harsh, huh?!
Yeah, you know...
But tell me, what are you doing up here?
Don't tell me you came to work here?!
I was waiting for you at my office, so that we could talk...
about the theater project?
I didn't know that Iván worked here.
Danilo has everything
to do a great job with us, Márcia.
It was exactly about that, that we were going to talk about.
Well, I am going head back.
Aggressive, huh?! Aggressive!
That's a good idea!
What is it?
You teaching theater here. Great idea!
Don't start, Márcia. Don't even start, ok?!
I've just said to ditch Iván's questions.
The aggressive.
Come on, Danilo. Let's talk about it.
Ok, dad. Mom has already told me.
Of course...
I know... I know!
Dad, I know it!
Dad, I can't really talk right now.
I'm working.
I did fix it, dad!
Can we talk later? I will drop by.
Love, daddy! Hugs!
I love you too. Bye!
Father's way, you know?!
No, I don't know.
Have you thought that it might be a relation within the stories?
What stories?
Your father was also a victim of injustice, right?
My father was not condemned.
He died as a scapegoat.
You all think everything has to deal with father, and mothers.
I think that pursuing this story
is a way of staying confined in the past.
The transplant of multiple parts, like the kidneys,
it's facilitated by the fact that the donors can be alive.
Could you lend me a smoke?
No, no.
A theater class right here, it's going to be awesome!
I was waiting for you.
"Elective Affinities", excellent!
You know what gets me about Goethe?
How well he knows the female soul.
I'm leaving.
I can't just be sitting here. I need to get my life back.
But I think I will keep on visiting the clinic.
Márcia has invited me to open a theater class here.
How wonderful!
I thought about starting with improvise games,
body language, and things like that.
Why don't you work with a script?
I don't think they will be able to do it.
Go ahead.
May I?
Call me.
You've missed, Manoel!
Holy cow!
- Mr. Severino? - Yes?
Do you have my key?
Oh! Your key!
Thank you.
On the way.
"Another one the way.
I am a poor man, with no land, with 6 children,
and another one on the way.
My agreement with Mr. Motta Coqueiro, it's a pact with God."
Did I wake you?
I'm sorry!
How mysterious, huh?!
- Are you curious? - Very!
This is a very special place for me. Very special.
I hide out here sometimes.
There is a bit about my story in here.
The Mistake Comedy, "Tartufo".
And Motta Coqueiro...
Motta Coqueiro?
I've rewritten the play.
I'd like for you to read.
Danilo, I don't know anything about theater.
Ok. I will read it. I promise!
Wow! How beautiful!
What do you think?
Sorry... I was out of it.
Do I look like Úrsula?
I doubt that she was this beautiful!
He is just a friend.
I'm not wearing panties...
Excuse me?
Come in.
Late! You are late!
We've already started!
Grab a chair. Open up a space for him.
It wasn't fair, obnoxiously unfair, the contempt
of the dramatic talents here at the clinic.
To open this theater class, it's an act of justice!
Your name is...
What about you?
Your name is...
His name is Tonhâo. He doesn't speak.
At least I haven't seen it. He just keeps that stuffed owl face.
Always quiet. He doesn't speak...
My name is Edmilson. I root for "Flamengo", teacher!
"Flamengo"! "Flamengo"!
Teacher, I root for "Cruzeiro"!
I root for "Fluminense", teacher! My soccer team is "Fluminense".
I'm going to the bathroom!
There's no problem!
I'm going to the bathroom!
Tonhâo, Edmilson, and you are?
Forgive me, Claudionor.
No, I am sorry teacher. It's just that...
it makes me real happy to be here.
I used to attend the art classes, but all that paint,
all that clay...
Theater is not like that! Theater is an art more...
I like that. I dig it!
My name is Nelson. I love theater...
I don't know if I like it... I do not know...
The doctor told me that this class could help me
improve my social skills, on dealing with other people.
Your name?
You are Felipe.
My name is Danilo Porto, I am a theater director.
I am Aline, and I've been a patient here for 3 years.
This is the first time that I join one of this therapeutic classes.
Loved it!
Come here.
No more games!
What game?
Why didn't you tell me that you were one of the patients?
Because you didn't ask me.
We can't cross this line.
Danilo, it happened. It happened...
I can't get involved with a patient,
who is going to be my student.
I'm trying to overcome a crisis.
Are you afraid?
We can't do it!
Are you afraid that it might rub off on you?
That's it.
See you next class, teacher.
Right! One, two...
Right! To the right, Claudionor. Right!
Without fighting, Nelson.
Let's go. One, two, right...
He is left-handed.
Claudionor, come over here!
Keep the rhythm! Come back, Claudionor!
Be careful not to run into your friends!
Faster! Faster! Come on!
Let's do the bus exercise.
We need a driver. Who is going to be the driver?
Who is going to sit? Who is going to be standing? Come on!
The bus is going to turn on the left!
This drill goes like this, I am going to call up someone,
and this person will come over here on the chair.
Looking at the mirror, the person will respond to my command.
That's right, happy!
This is the first time I've seen his smile.
Slowing down! Take it easy.
Come on, Nelson!
What happen, Nelson? What is the problem?
Let me handle it. Let me handle it.
Keep on walking guys! Keep on, don't stop!
- Do you want me to quit the drum? - Quit the drum.
So, I will stop with the drum.
The bus stopped. Who is getting off?
I'm getting off.
Aline got off... The driver did too!
There is no driver! There is no driver!
I'm the driver!
For the love of God! Hurray!
Very good, Godofredo!
Can I go, Danilo? Can I?
Not now, Edmilson. Be patient.
Anger, Aline!
I can do it much better! She doesn't know how to do it!
Let's move on. Next one!
Tell me, Danilo. How are your students?
To say the least, right?!
The funny thing is that some of them look normal.
They are being treated: therapy, medication.
It all helps a lot.
Felipe and Aline are two that look normal.
They just look normal!
Aline for example, she is beautiful,
but on the inside things are much different.
Is that right?
She acts up and doesn't feel guilt for what she does
Not even the slightest guilty. It's absurd!
On her last crisis, she caught her ex-boyfriend with another girl
and she just cut the girl with a knife.
She was committed for sometime and then left
on the condition of continuing with her treatment, and she is.
You could never tell, huh?!
Danilo, your students might seem very interesting.
They might even seem normal.
But you cannot forget that they are patients
with very delicate issues.
To hell with adaptation, rules, guidelines... doctor Márcia...
I'm done with these meds!
This is outrageous! I can't live without my meds!
I rewrote the play about Motta Coqueiro.
I thought about rehearsing it with them.
With the patients?
I think that it might be good.
It could even result in some good feedback for the clinic.
Danilo, it's a heavy plot... people die!
I could leave the massacre out.
And who are you going to choose for the hung man?
Oh, I haven't thought about that yet.
Is that so?!
I could get someone from the outside.
No way!
Danilo, it's a violent story. It could affect them.
Don't you get that?
I could be Motta Coqueiro.
A sketch, a lab, it's one thing, but a whole script?!
You know, watching you from up close, I can't remember
why we broke up.
Because you chose another girl with bikinis.
I didn't choose nobody with bikinis over you.
What a dog! You are such a dog!
You will do just about anything to convince me of it.
It will turn out well. I am sure of it
Ok! So, you think that remaking the play with the patients
is going to solve your problem?
I do think so!
Fine! But I am going to watch you closely, ok?!
And please try to find a way that it will not set them off.
I will!
No way!
- Just a kiss! - You fool!
One kiss...
"To stand the darts and throws..."
"of the ever adverse load..."
That's right!
"or to be prepared against an ocean of misfortunes and end it"
That's right!
"while trying to resist.
"To die, to sleep
nothing more...
maybe to dream."
Good job, Edmilson!
Good job, man! Excellent job, man!
Thank you, Nelson! Thank you!
Great rehearsal guys! Really good!
I am going to memorize everything!
Do it! Memorize it all, Vânia!
Did you see, Márcia?
They knew it all! They are ruling it!
I did. But you cannot forget that they are on meds, Danilo,
they are molded.
I won't forget that they are molded
to society's rules. Don't worry!
That's not what I've said. The meds stabilizes their mood.
And it doesn't slow them down?!
It's the side effects.
But they can't be without their meds.
Do you get that?! They cannot!
Ok, doctor Márcia.
Bye, Danilo.
Bye, Vânia!
Bye, Danilo.
Did you like it?
Can we talk?
No, not really.
Aline, I'm a bit tired.
I need to take a shower, and relax a bit.
Are you avoiding me?
No! Of course not! I just have a headache.
Danilo? Hold up! Hold up!
Danilo, how are you liking to give classes to nut jobs, nutty?
I bet that it is a real disorder.
I wouldn't stay in a room with them for nothing!
I'm going to hit the restroom, guys!
It's not how we expect it to be. It's interesting, they do learn.
How did you end up there, man?
I don't know if you remember Márcia,
a friend of mine. Doctor Márcia.
Short girl with glasses?
No! I don't know if you recall it, she is a...
Are you feeling better?
Yes, I am feeling better.
Danilo, introduce her to us.
This is Aline, she is one of my students at the clinic.
Hello, Aline. Pleasure to meet you, Fernando.
The pleasure is mine.
- Marcos. - Nice to meet you.
- Glaucia. - How are you?
- Marta. - Sit down, have a drink with us.
No, thank you. Medical orders... I can't mix up.
But it was a pleasure to meet all of you.
Get well.
What a cute nutty, huh?!
What are you going to have?
Nothing. I've seen what I came here for. Let's go.
Oh, Danilo. The nutty is leaving.
It might be a crisis.
Well, I brought you some scripts.
I want you to read and memorize the character
that each one of you is going to play on the plot.
Come on, guys!
Come on! Let's get this room ready, ok?!
Giris, bring the chairs down here.
Tonhâo and Godofredo, go get the structure.
The curtains - Edmilson and Otávio.
Give this to Nelson, please.
Did you get it?
Come on! Get up!
Be careful!
And Edmilson.
Take this off, now!
- No, I won't take it off! - Take it off!
Nelson, yours is here Nelson. This is Otávio's.
But mine doesn't have medals!
Don't worry about that! Look at this one, it's gorgeous!
Stop! Both of you, stop!
His is much nicer than mine!
Mine doesn't have medals!
Edmilson, Edmilson! Come over here! Yours is here!
I wouldn't let it go like that!
- Here is yours, Edmilson. - Where is mine?
Edmilson, Fidélis, Carolina,
Try to memorize as much as you can, ok?
For next class, ok?
"I'm just taking you as a settler, Benedito
because of this darn lack of slaves."
"I'm a poor man with no land, with 6 children to raise
and another one on the way."
Comma! Comma! You need to breathe, Edmilson!
I forgot the comma, Danilo! Without it you can't understand!?
No, I can't understand!
Could I try it again? Please!
Ok. I am going to give you the cue, ok?
"I'm just taking you as a settler, Benedito
because of this darn lack of slaves."
"I am a poor man,
with no land...
and 6 children to raise...
Serious face, with evil looking eyes! Quick!
and another one on the way."
"My agreement with you, Mr. Motta Coqueiro,
it's a pact with God."
That's it!
He had a bad guy expressión!
Guys! Guys!
Please, the play is not over! Please!
"If in two years you do not meet with the improvements
that we agreed on, I will be forced to kick you out...
Vânia? Vânia!
This is not the time for make up!
Come on! You should have already been behind Edmilson.
Please, let's all pay attention to the cues!
I'm sorry.
"lf... the improvements that we agreed on, I will be forced
to kick you out of Bananal's farm."
Who is there behind you?
It's Vânia.
It's Francisca.
It's Vânia!
Edmilson, stay with me. Focus, please!
"It's Francisca. Francisca is my oldest daughter.
She is as shy as a Christmas' turkey!
Chica, come on over to the front where our boss can see you."
"But she is an adorable girl!"
Thank you, Mr. Coqueiro.
"No formalities! Call me Motta."
"Ok, Motta."
Wasn't it a French kiss? It was written!
No, Vânia. It's not a French kiss! Good job!
He kissed her! He kissed her!
Now, you can applaud! Great job all!
It was a great rehearsal, Edmilson! Great job! Don't forget to pause!
Guys, please pay attention!
Tomorrow, we'll do the scene with Juliâo, Úrsula and Motta, ok?
Let's be prepared! You are doing a great job!
Excellent! Good job!
I'm glad you liked it! I'm going to go change.
"I've came to offer my sincere wishes of happiness for both.
May you, Motta, have an everlasting relationship.
"My wish is for you, my cousin, to have a great trip
back to your farm."
"Motta, that is not how you should treat our visits."
I've just came to offer you my friendship, and one advice."
"So, do it!"
"Dear cousins, you didn't only unit your farms,
as you have also occupied other areas."
"And what exactly do you have to deal with that?"
"Some of those areas already had owners. Important people."
"I just settle people in abandoned areas."
"Cousin Motta, here is my advice"
Stand up, on "Primo Motta", stand up, then say it!"
"Here is..."
"Cousin Motta, here is my advice"
Turn to the other side, to the public.
Watch carefully..."
"Watch your steps carefully
Because if some day you end up tripping and falling,
you won't find a single soul to help you get up."
"Are you threatening my husband?"
"I'm not threatening anyone!"
"Juliâo, get out of my house!"
André, no! André, through the aisle. There you go!
We wrap it up here, looking at each other.
Very good!
Excellent, André!
Excellent job, Juliâo! Very good!
Aline, I need to talk to you.
Danilo, do I have to wear a wig? The judge, does he?
We haven't thought about that yet, Godofredo.
Aline, I wanted to...
I'm sorry.
No worries! Come in.
I wanted to talk to you.
I brought you a text...
About us?
You don't give up, do you?
Never! I always go until the end.
I would like for you to read this at the end of the show.
"After the hanging of Manoel da Motta Coqueiro..."
It's an important text.
What about our end?
Our end...
Let's take it easy. Don't tease me.
What's going on, Danilo?
Don't you know it? Passión!
Put your clothes on, and leave.
No! I am going to stay.
Leave, right now!
I am sorry...
There are no excuses.
It wasn't my fault!
You allowed it, Danilo. You are not a child. You've allowed it!
I didn't know she was a patient, in the beginning!
This is very serious. What you've done is very serious!
I've should had notice on that day by the waterfall...
Those questions at the waterfall... At the waterfall!
No! You might not believe it, but I didn't want
any of this to have happened!
It's unethical! It's unethical!
She played me!
You've created a big problem for her...
You've created a big problem for the other patients, and me!
I am sorry, but you cannot continue teaching here.
What about the play?
They've memorized the script... we have a rehearsal tomorrow!
What do you want? Do you want to ruin everything?
You've ruined everything!
Tomorrow, I want you to come up with a great excuse
to say goodbye to them.
You are making a mistake!
Shut up!
I work very hard to make lifes of people like her
a bit better.
And that, you are not going to ruin! You won't!
I'm going to leave town for a while.
It's a complicated family issue.
So, I hope you can understand.
Danilo, please! You can't leave us!
I'm not going to leave you, Claudionor...
Doctor Márcia is going to get someone else to work here.
Bad... bad...
It's ok! Sit down for a second, and we will talk.
I must go.
I've already contacted another teacher.
We are going to meet this weekend,
and on Monday he's going to come by to meet you guys, ok?
I wish you all a great weekend.
Felipe, close the door.
Márcia, can we talk?
No, let's forget it. Go away!
Everything is a lie!
Danilo doesn't have any issue!
Doctor Márcia came up with this whole story.
I heard them talking yesterday.
She said that she didn't like our rehearsals,
that nobody here, nobody, was capable of acting...
That's not true! We did it!
We all memorized our characters!
So, she pretended?
She was pretending to like it?
She lied.
That's not fair! It's obnoxiously unfair for her to do that
with us, and for him to go along.
Teacher, Danilo. Teacher, Danilo!
Open the door, teacher! Open up! Open up!
Hello, teacher Danilo! How are you?
We came over to invite you to come to your farewell party
that we are having tomorrow in the afternoon.
Everybody from the theater class is organizing it.
We are going to have sodas, juice, and...
Hold on, Edmilson!
We would really like for you to come.
We really, really do want you to come, ok?
A party?
I'm not really up for parties, Edmilson.
Oh, teacher! But we did everything with so much love!
Are you just going to leave us out like that, teacher?
Drop by, Danilo. Look, here is the address.
Alright! Alrighty then! Edmilson, let's roll!
Bye, teacher! My stepfather is giving me a new pair of sandals
for the party...
Let's go, Edmilson!
Hold on! Why the hurry?!
Listen, we are going to wait for you, Danilo!
Please don't bail on us!
Now, you are all in a hurry, but to come, you were slugguishing
The house is huge! And it is full of wood!
No, thank you very much. I don't want any.
Is there any alcohol, grandma?
No! Only juice.
This house is all of wood, if it gets termites in here...
Look who is here!
It's so nice of you to show up, Danilo. I'm so glad!
Thank you, Claudionor.
Look, my aunt gave me! It's furry!
- It's nice, Nelson. - Thank you!
Beautiful! Beautiful!
It's a pleasure!
Teacher Danilo, look at my new sandals.
It was a gift from my stepfather.
I missed you! So did she!
I missed you too!
Give me a kiss.
Let me say hi to everybody, ok Tonhâo?
Did you like my outfit, Danilo?
Teacher, there is a chair for you over here
I came by bus with Nelson.
Grandma! Grandma! Come here! This is Danilo.
He was my theater teacher.
Oh, ok. Are you also a patient?
No, grandma! He is my theater teacher.
Oh... what would you like to drink?
Nothing, thank you.
Ok, then.
- Is it your house? - Yes.
Where are your parents?
I was waiting on you! I want to show you something!
Come in, Danilo.
This party is all on you, isn't it?
It's a party for you.
Hey, hold on!
A gift... for you.
It's been here for years.
Wow! This is so rare!
Watch out for termites, this house is made out of wood.
- What about the bread? - I don't like bread!
Watch it!
Relax, grandma!
We are just talking.
Where is the bar key, grandma?
I don't know.
I loved it! Can we go back?
Give me the key!
Hold on! Calm down, Tonhâo! Calm down!
Thanks, Otávio! Guys, let's drink up!
Give me the liqueur! Give me the liqueur!
I can't! I'm breastfeeding.
Just a sip won't do you harm.
No! I want real liqueur!
Give it to me, Tonhâo!
Oh, my God! My son-in-law is going to kill me!
All hell is going to break loose!
Didn't I tell you that there were termites in here?!
Mrs. Yolanda, where is the restroom?
I'm feeling some pleasure on my genitalia.
Oh, my God! It's there.
- Can you do it? - Yes, I can.
- I want to see it. - Ok!
Are you scared?
I am not afraid of anything. I just don't feel like it.
Because I don't want it. Give me the key!
Because I'm crazy
I want to go downstairs.
One moment! Where is the key?
One moment!
Hot dog and some juice, from Mrs. Yolanda.
I don't want it! Excuse me.
But I brought it for you!
Thank you.
What the hell is this?!
Motta Coqueiro!
Motta Coqueiro!
Motta Coqueiro!
Motta Coqueiro! Come out of there, so that we can talk!
It's Carolina.
Benedito wants to talk to you, Sir.
Where are we, Estela?
Sir, it's better that you know that he has drunken a few...
Motta Coqueiro!
I've came to tell you that I'm not leaving Bananal farm.
What's going on, Edmilson?
Don't you try to fool me with the talk of how it has been
two years and you haven't seen any changes.
If I didn't raise it for me, what would my children eat?
Is everybody here?
I'm tired of hearing that to you there are no advantages
of keeping me as a settler.
Well, do know that all the advantage that you could have
taken, you have done it.
Chica! Chica! Come over here, Chica!
Come here, Chica!
For the services executed by my daughter to you,
I deserve to have the land that I am occupying
What have you done to her?
Are you threatening me, Motta Coqueiro?
First, you knock up my daughter, and now you threaten my life?
That's enough, Edmilson. Enough!
You are starting to cross the limits.
I'm going to punch you so bad, that I will cave your nose!
You are crossing the line, Edmilson!
You are starting to hurt me. Stop it!
With no nose, you are going to look like a dried coconut.
I've already said that I'm not Motta Coqueiro!
I've already said that I'm not Motta Coqueiro!
Could someone please help me?!
I'm going to kill you!
You are hurting me! That's about enough, Edmilson!
Felipe! Felipe! Felipe!
I am going to kill you, Motta Coqueiro!
Let him go! Let him go!
Are you out of your mind? Are you crazy?
You should speak with Mrs. Úrsula.
Mrs. Úrsula is a mother, Mrs. Úrsula is a woman.
She is going to understand the situation of my dear Chica.
Shut up!
What do I do with him?
Get them away from me!
But don't hurt them. Neither him, nor Vânia.
I heard it all, Motta.
What the hell is this?
You were the one that brought everyone over here, weren't you?
Manoel da Motta Coqueiro don't change de subject!
Did you see what he did to me?
Is the girl carrying your child or not?
Did you see what he did to me?
Excuse me, Mr. Coqueiro, Mrs. Úrsula,
lunch is being served.
If I were you, I would start looking for a new lover.
Why did you bring me over here?
There is no need to serve me, I don't want it!
Are you aware of what you are doing to them?
No, you aren't!
What did you put in my drink?
Aline... Aline.
Could you stop messing around?
Motta, your issues with Benedito are making you so nervous.
I am not nervous! Can you stop?
Let's end this. Enough! It's over!
It's over! Over! Over! Enough with this game, ok Estela?
Quit it!
Your food is getting cold.
Bring your lord's food to him.
I don't want it!
I really don't want it, Tonhâo! I do not want it.
Alright then, I will leave!
Tonhâo! Estela!
Mrs. Úrsula!
Mrs. Úrsula!
Mrs. Úrsula!
- What took you so long? - It took a while to gather them.
Mrs. Úrsula!
Mrs. Úrsula, you know that I hear a lot, don't you?
And I've heard...
What have you heard, Domingos?
I've heard that... Nevermind, Mrs. Úrsula.
People are talking about a quarrel among the lord and Benedito.
Let's bounce! Come on, hurry!
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's bounce! Let's go!
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Benedito, it's Fidélis.
Coqueiro wants to set a deal with you.
I came to get you, so that you could talk to him.
Businesses should be handled at sunlight!
He wants to talk to you today!
Don't open it! Don't open it!
He is leaving to Rio de Janeiro, early tomorrow morning.
Open the door!
Edmilson! Edmilson!
Let's get this over with!
Let's do it!
Get her!
The bitch is running away! Get her!
Get that bitch! Get her! Get her!
Die! Die! Die!
Where is everybody?
Estela! Estela!
Gather everyone, Aline!
Let's end this. Let's be serious! It's serious!
They've killed them both!
Are you listening to me? They've killed Edmilson and Vânia.
Say something!
They killed Edmilson and Vânia. Aren't you hearing?
If you are speaking about Benedito and Francisca,
I did what it had to be done.
Or are you going to tell me that you would like to have a baby
by that slut and lose our lands to that drunk man?
She is not a slut! She is Vânia! Vâ-nia!
He is not Benedito, he's Edmilson. They've died, beaten to death!
Don't you get it?
They had it coming.
You are losing your mind! Where is everybody?
André! Otávio! Heloisa!
Everyone. It's over!
Aline, stop!
Who is Aline?
Who is Aline? Who is Aline?
Who is Aline?
Who is she?
Why don't you tell me?! Who is Aline?
I was so afraid...
I was so afraid of losing you...
so, so afraid!
Are you taking your meds?
I don't need medication. I am as strong as a horse!
I don't need drugs!
So, let's bounce.
So, let's go! It's over! Come on!
Come on, gather everyone! Come on!
Where will we go?
Call Otávio, Estela... call everyone up! Let's bounce!
It's safe here.
It is safe here, at our home, on our farm.
Do you know what is going to happen with me after massacre?
No... how would I know?
I don't have a crystal ball, Motta.
They're going to want to catch me! I cannot stay here!
Motta, stay here! Motta!
Motta come back! Come back!
Motta Coqueiro!
Motta Coqueiro!
Motta Coqueiro!
Motta Coqueiro!
Motta Coqueiro!
Motta Coqueiro!
I caught you, Motta Coqueiro.
My name is Danilo, man! I am Danilo!
It's useless to try to use a fake name.
The whole town wants your neck!
Tell them to get off from me, Otávio!
Son of a bitch! Come here! You are going to face trial.
What trial?
You are going to face trial, Motta Coqueiro.
And you know exactly what happens to killers.
Nelson! Nelson!
Let's bounce!
Mr. Luiz Tinoco, as you declares the defendant?
The prosecutor Paulino has the stand.
We are gathered here to judge a hideous crime
The massacre of a family!
Your Honor, juries, please look
at the victim's clothes.
Blood! A lot of blood!
Slave, clean this up!
The police report revealed, as the killers
two slaves, and two employees of Manoel da Motta Coqueiro.
And as the mentor of the crime, he himself, Mr. Coqueiro.
I call the first witness to the stand,
the slave Balbina.
Object! That's unconstitutional.
Well done, Mr. Tinoco.
The defender has pointed out that according to the law,
slaves cannot testify against their owners.
Your Honor, the defendant's turned her over to his stepson.
She doesn't live on his farm anymore.
Denied! Go on.
On the 12th, early morning,
I heard Coqueiro calling up four men.
That's a lie!
He wanted to know if they had done the job.
That's a lie! How would she see anything,
if she didn't live on Motta Coqueiro's farm,
but on Carrapato's?
I was visiting my niece,
Did you hear Mr. Coqueiro say why he ordered the killing?
No, sir. But everybody knew that Benedito thought he had the right
to keep the Bananal's farm, because Mr. Coqueiro...
because he had knocked up his oldest daughter.
No further questions, your Honor.
Would the defender like to question the witness?
Carolina, do you confirm what your aunt has said about
what she had heard the defendant asking the 4 men about the job?
Everything happened like she said.
No further questions, and I call the slave Fernandes to the stand.
Do you belong to Juliâo Baptista Coqueiro,
Motta Coqueiro's cousin.
My lord prefers to be called by his new legal name,
which is...
Juliâo Baptista Pereira de Almeida.
What do you know about the massacre of Benedito's family?
I heard that...
Testimony of "I've heard" is not a proof!
Juliâo wanted retaliate Motta Coqueiro!
He wants to manipulate this court!
Silence, defendant!
Do you have ways of proving what you have just said?
The only proof I can give you is my word.
The word of Juliâo Baptista Pereira's slave
is good enough for this court.
The defender may call his witnesses.
No witnesses?
But to this court it does not seem fair to allow the jury
to decide without hearing the defendant's plea.
After the recess, we will hear what Manoel da Motta Coqueiro
has to say.
I loved the story!
They cannot be without medication, do you get that?
Am I crazy? Nuts?
To insist on this story is to be tied to the past.
Do I look like Úrsula?
But did he know that she was the mentor, and didn't say anything?
Couldn't it be a connection within the stories?
I loved the story!
Danilo, your students might seem interesting,
they can even look normal, but you can't forget
that they're patients with very delicate issues.
You are scared.
To insist on this story is to be tied to the past.
Your father was also a victim of lack of justice, wasn't him?
Did you know that it was her that ordered the murder?
Love, my love... my love, please forgive me!
I didn't mean for any of this to happen!
Jealousy! I was jealous! I wanted revenge...
I didn't know they would go all out until the end!
But I didn't tell them to kill. I didn't! I swear!
I'm not going to leave you alone on this!
I'm going to do everything to get you out of this mess.
I've spoken with everyone. It's just a matter of time!
They are going to hang me!
Listen! Listen to me. Pay attention!
You cannot argue with them! Are you listening?
You cannot argue with them!
What do I do?
I have it all under control. Trust me!
Trust me! I have to go. Just trust me!
What do I do?
State your name.
Danilo Maciel Porto.
Bastard! Evil!
That's a lie!
Order! Order! Order in courthouse!
If your client steps out of line one more time, he'll be punished.
Don't try to hide! You can't run from the truth!
Assume who you are.
Manoel da Motta Coqueiro.
Do you know those that have accused you?
I thought I knew.
The prosecutor may ask the defendant a final question.
Mr. Motta Coqueiro, we are really astound.
Your lawyer weren't able to provide not even one witness!
No friends, no neighbors,
not even your slaves came to testify on your behalf!
To what do you attribute this fact?
To injustice.
Lack of justice my ass! Killer!
The prosecutor may go.
Does the defender has any last questions to ask the defendant?
The mentor?
Mr. Coqueiro, who do you believe has ordered the massacre?
I must remind you that the mentor might be condemned with death,
whomever she may be.
Trust me.
Mr. Coqueiro, this is your last chance.
I don't know who ordered the killing of Benedito's family.
But I am innocent!
I would like for the jury to state the guilty
or innocence of Manoel da Motta Coqueiro.
He's not innocent!
Guilty! He is guilty!
He is guilty!
The defendant may go.
No honorable death for you, Mr. Motta Coqueiro.
It hasn't been that long that the Emperor has proclaimed a law
prohibiting the torture of the condemned prior to his death.
Fortunately, we haven't been deprived of capital penalty.
Death to the beast of Macabu! Death!
Beast of Macabu!
Manoel da Motta Coqueiro, the Emperor Pedro II has denied
the clemency wish from your defender.
May the sentence be executed, and may you die a natural death.
Do you have anything to say?
I am innocent!
"After the hanging of Manoel da Motta Coqueiro,
evidences that the farmer
was a victim of conspiracy were found.
Repenting for not conceding clemency to a condemned man
without proofs, the Emperor Pedro II started to accept
the clemency requests that he did receive.
That's how the process to extinguish
death penalty