Marlene & Rebecca - Part 71

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Finally what? 'Finally she stopped kissing me' or 'Finally she got out of the shower?'
Finally there's coffee! - Ah.
You should...
...never stop kissing me.
Do you have any idea how often I imagined this?
Both of us going to the dining room with my whole family present... are by my side, and...
...everyone is happy I finally found you.
We made up with Tristan, but billing and cooing at the breakfast table is still a no-go because we said we'd spare him.
Alas, I think Tristan has some appointment today, so: Perfect timing!
Well, I don't have time anyway. This afternoon the second round of the singing contest takes place
...and there's still so much left for me to do! - Uh-oh.
What uh-oh? - Your sporting your 'avoiding voice'.
Well, I'm a soprano.
You're uncomfortable eating breakfast with my family.
I... left Tristan at the altar. Strolling in there holding hands with you and helping myself at the buffet...
They've got to hate me.
For one thing my family gets bored without scandals. Secondly, hating you is impossible.
But I'll finish my coffee first. And get dressed.
Who'd have thought your family would take it this well?
You see? There's nothing to worry about.
I wouldn't mind doing this every morning.
Well, either they all had breakfast before us or they're on their way here.
Ah, just please not the lot of them at once.
Of course that's quite a price, Dad, but think about our reputation!
We'd have one of the best stallions of Europe again! - Yeah, we can discuss this on board, but don't get your hopes up.
Forestalling the loss of more branches should be our main priority.
Finally a face at this table I'm actually happy to see. Hey!
As the saying tells us: You're keeping it in the family.
I just dropped something off - I have to get going. So long!
You might as well eat up.
Tristan told me you and Marlene are a couple now?
Yeah. But please, don't get over-enthusiastic.
Why? That was already euphoric by his standards.
Errr. I'm happy for you. I just hope Marlene finally knows what she wants.
We've known that for a long time. We only held back for Tristan's sake.
Keeping that up would be good. - I think so, too.
At least until he rallied completely. - Hello, Tristan's an adult man!
I second that. Maybe let him watch now and then and everybody's satisfied!
Ansgar! The situation is delicate enough.
A delicate situation?
Well, that certainly fuels the delight.
Ah! There you are. - Hello!
Unfortunately I have to go shortly.
I took a delivery for you. From a notary.
Water? - Yes, please.
What is it?
A cancelation agreement!
As of today Tristan is no longer my manager... and I'm not bound to Lahnstein Entertainment anymore.
- Tut!
And your engagement at the musical?
Well, I was only the understudy anyway, but... it seems like that is over as well.
- Mhm.
Does he know... about Rebecca and you?
- Yeah!
Rebecca told him. Why?
That talk must have really cleared the air...
... if he stopped using his position to make your life hell.
Yes, Tristan really made a step towards us. A big step.
Dad, I don't know what it was either. As soon as all of them entered it was like a reflex: All I could think about was flight!
- Heh! Having the whole Lahnstein clan in front of me, I get that reflex too.
Whyever does Rebecca have to tell everyone?
I mean, what's next? A press release?
Most likely. Since both of you are in the public eye.
You're involved with a woman! People are gonna gossip about this.
But in a few days...
...they'll already gossip about something else.
But I'm not just involved with ANY woman.
I can already see the headline: 'Marlene von Lahnstein sleeps her way through comital beds.'
'Will she be done with all siblings soon?'
What am I supposed to say to this?
You contemplated the family and apparently picked the best.
Well, except for Hagen.
That's not funny.
You should rather laugh about it!
Because there's gonna be gossip one way ot the other.
The main point is that you're happy.
Did anybody actually listen to me when I presented my color scheme?
I was talking about clear, cold pastel shades.
But this has absolutely nothing to do with it!
It's not her fault.
Oh, yes. She didn't do her job.
I am the coward here and I'm sorry!
You don't need to be.
Unfortunately your reaction was suitable.
So they do have a problem with our relationship?
Dad fears Tristan won't cope in the long run.
- But he will!
He canceled my contract.
My engagement at 'Lily Rose', I... I'm not bound to Lahnstein Entertainment anymore.
I can take as many engagements as I like!
- Rebecca! About our meeting later...
Marlene, you're really everywhere today. Did you have to drop something off again?
- Yes. For some costume thing at the musical.
I'd really like to see this costume.
Bring the cuts for the new collection along later. - Of course.
That was a reflex - I'm sorry!
And here I thought I had a contagious disease. - Rebecca!
I'm sorry, I have to get back to work. It's fine.
WHY are you still looking for excuses to be close to Rebecca?
- We want to spare Tristan. And then you were gone so quickly...
You're gay!
Or bi or whatever, but... - Shhh... being a coward surprises me.
Scream it a little bit louder, why don't you! - I think YOU should scream it out;
Why are you hiding like a mole?
- Maybe I just need a little more time. - For what? For coming out?
Hey, you're an artist - homosexuality is bon ton there.
It's all just a big joke to you, isn't it?
The actual question is: What is it for YOU?
I observed you these past months:
As soon as Rebecca entered the room little pink hearts were swirling around your head.
I could barely stand it!
And now that you're together you lace up your skirt like a prissy convent schoolgirl?
What if the press wears us down? - Are you only ever happy if everyone cheers for you?
I like applause? - Now look at me.
Do you think I'd be happy even for one second if I cared what others thought of me?
You see?
That's why I don't give a damn.
Oh, Marlene... of all the people I know you deserve happiness the most.
And now get out of here
I have things to do!
I'm not a member of your club.
Pretty. Really pretty.
Erm, Luca, where are the flowers? - Countess Lahnstein, I prepared the menue...
I forgot the flowers.
That won't do.
A romantically laid table without flowers... that will never do!
That's half-hearted and I don't do half-hearted anymore.
I'm sure you will arrange for the flowers.
Stop! I'll take care of the flowers. Beautiful flowers for Rebecca!
- Good. Gladly.
Christian? Are you gonna stay a while? - Erm...
When Rebecca arrives, can you tell her I'll be there in a minute...
I just have to get something. The flowers are missing... - Yeah, the flowers, huh?
Well, to be honest I don't think Rebecca will miss flowers when you sit towards her.
Yes, but that's not the point. Flowers are just part of a perfect date.
Ah. Stark! I only ever start such an effort once I feel really guilty!
I FEEL very guilty.
I made Rebecca feel like she had a contagious disease.
Yeah. You really have an interesting way of expressing your emotions.
- I know.
And that's why I need all of this... dinner, flowers, romance, candles, the shole shebang.
And the flowers! - Oh, the flowers! I gotta dash.
The flowers.
Is she there yet? - Relax, were still among ourselves.
So? - I thought you wanted to make it up to her.
No, I think it'll suffice. - Why am I even asking you?
Ah, Luca. Could you take care of these? - Gladly.
Are you completely sure she's not here yet? You didn't miss her?
Maybe I should call her. Or... or better not?
- When did you want to meet up? - In five minutes.
Then I'd say you wait five minutes. - I'm gonna light the candles -
It's nicer when they're lit, isn't it? - And I'll go to the stud farm, yeah?
Do you manage without me? - Yeah, thanks and wish me luck.
Excuse me?
May I get an autograph? - Very gladly! For?
Tamaren. - Good thing you finally show up.
Marlene drives everyone insane.
Rebecca, actually I urgently have to go now.
Yeah, but if I interrupt Marlene's autograph session now, she'll hole up in the nearest molehill.
I think instead of hitting the road Marlene has something altogether different in mind.
Go to her.
In a minute. I don't want to embarrass her in front of her fan.
- And for Mom as well. - Yes.
Actually I should be mad at her, but...
I just can't.
Completely daft, the both of you.
Rebecca, as much as I love being your camouflage, I really have to go now.
No, they're just taking another photo. Please!
My God, that's enough. Go to her now.
The candles, the flowers, the roses... all of it is for you.
And if you don't believe me, ask Luca.
You really are daft chickens. Both of you!
Ha! There you are.
By the way, this is Rebecca, my girlfriend.
Would you like to take a photo of us together? - Yes.
Are you up for it?