Kpop Music Mondays - Xia Junsu "Uncommitted"

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This week's Music Monday will have you wondering
"Who the heck would actually break up with Junsu?" in
Junsu's 'Uncommited'
Ok, this was a pretty damn good song.
It's a ballad but it'd not those like long drawn out ballads that we can't seem to get into.
It's still pop-y and it's also really pretty.
Start to finish, the song is consistantly solid. And we're totally digging it.
Even if our inner ballad haters feel ashamed for admitting that out loud.
"Hmm, this song isn't actually that bad"
[Inner ballad hater] "You've betrayed your rock side"
I'm not betraying my rock side! I just think that...this song sounds pretty good, for a ballad!
"Don't be scared, I understand."
"That you're a horrible, stinking, traitor!!!" I'm sorry!
"How could you do this to us?! How could you, you've got your vision to uphold!"
"US?! Liking ballads?! Ugh! The betrayal!"
"Ugh, don't get me started with the K-Pop business"
We're used to the average K-Pop video consisting of BIZARRE settings, and weird props, and crazy clothing
but this seems just... like a North American music video.
It's even filmed outside of Korea; It's in English; and Junsu looks styilish and mature,
AND, it matches the feeling of the song.
IF I didn't know who Junsu was, I wouldn't have labelled this song as K-Pop.
We do know who you are
So why'd we include this song in our K-Pop charts and review it here for KMM?
When it doesn't really SEEM K-Poppish? Well, there are a couple of reasons.
Reason Number 1
We WANT to talk about songs by K-Pop artists and K-Pop bands if the song's in English.
AND we feel like it's gonna be played in Korea.
We reviewed Girl's Generation 'The Boys' and it WAS played in Korea
and we included Wonder Girls' 'Like Money' on the K-Pop charts and although Wonder Girls didn't get a review
it was actually very popular in Korea.
We don't talk about Japanese songs by K-Pop artists because we just don't hear them being played in Korea
because they're marketed, towards, Japan.
Reason Number 2
We just wanna.
We really wanna support JYJ and they're solo projects because it PISSES us off that they're banned from so many shows in Korea.
And also because we feel bad for them for having to deal with their BATSH** crazy stalkers.
Seriously, those people aren't fans. They're lunatics.
SO, we'd like to support JYJ whenever we can
And, all we did here really was just put Junsu on the K-Pop chart ballot.
It was up to you to vote him to the top.
And so, we're here to HONOR your votes by doing our honest best to ruin the song and video for you.
Because we, at EatYourKimchi, care.
For starters; Holy frozen farts
Stop with all the lens flares. They're SO distracting.
And they're everywhere on everything, when there's no reason for them to be there.
What is this scene even OF? I don't know because it's all just like white and sparkly.
Look! Here is a spoon. This is what it looks like on Music Mondays.
See that?
And this is what it looks like in Junsu's video.
[Power of Editing!]
Half the video was cropped out in black and the other half was washed out with a grey filter on everything.
Junsu, next video you have; Let us edit it for you. We can do 100x better than what you have here.
Now, as a whole, this video was fine, but there were a few things that struck us as funny.
Like, right at the beginning when the director includes a flashback to show the happy couple being happy together.
Sooo, they link hands and twirl around the room?
Simon- Oh my god I'm so in love with you! Martina- You're the best!
Simon- Yes! We're so in love with each other! Both- [laughter (because they're so in love)]
Simon- Circle!!! / Martina- I feel nauseous... Simon- Oh god...what were we... [Throws up]
Sorry. I found this part pretty hilarious.
How about some cut scenes of them cooking together and laughing or snuggling up on a couch and watching a show.
But hey! Maybe we're wrong and lots of loving couples lovingly swing around in circles lovingly in their loving homes together!
[They don't]
Also, the club scene was full of little wins. In fact, we're pretty sure we discovered the real-life "Eyy Girl" dude at the club.
Right here at the 1min 40sec mark, he, indeed, looks like he wants to buy you a drink.
While this guy here is either trying to casually pick-pocket Junsu's wallet.
OR, he's doing his best impersonation of a tea pot.
Ah yes! We LOVE watching club scenes.
Another thing, when he's dancing with that girl, around the 2min 23sec mark,
Look at her. All touching Junsu. And look at Junsu, all touching....Junsu...
[Club Scene] Oh Junsu! / Oooh Junsu.
Seriously this is nice (inaudible :( )
Now based on what we got from the plot and the lyrics of the video.
you can see that Junsu is genuinely upset about his girfriend leaving him,
because she knows Junsu's had difficulty remaining monogymous in his past relationships
And so in the video he's trying to play it off by going back to his playboy ways and hookin' up with another girl at a club.
Junsu, I'm sure you're quite charming, and indeed have the potential to be quite the playa.
But the last thing a girl wants to hear is you complaining about your ex-girlfriend.
Especially while you're all, sexily pinned up against a wall and look like you're trying to make the sex with her.
But I guess because we're talking about Junsu here this girl is willing to put up with it for however long
cuz that scene does seem to go on for, a really long time...
[Club Scene 2] Can you believe it? She said I wasn't commited.
-Ooh poor baby! I'd never think that about you. -Of course not
-And she's telling me I can never change the recipe of my lasagna cuz it's so good! / -[mumbling agreeingly]
[Mouths words] Can I get another one?
-She...used (to) love while I' her hair. Like thiiiis. -[Mumbles along]
-You understand... / -Totally -The loving of the carresses of the Junsus
-Let me tell you more about my ex-girlfriend. -[sarcastically] Yes, please do.
As for the English of the song, I'm not gonna give this a rating out of 5, and here's why.
This song is, entirely in English. And that's awesome in our opinion/
We're happy that Junsu is putting in an honest effort to attempt to sing English songs.
Sure, his pronunciation isn't absolutely PERFECT. But I'm not gonna criticize him for that
because THIS is an English song and not really a K-Pop song and he's HONESTLY improved a lot since 'Ayyy Girl'
You remember those glorious days?
We usually dock marks for the English in K-Pop songs when it's thrown in there randomly.
Not written by idols because they're trying to express their thoughts and emotions, but because their music label thinks that
throwing in random English phrases is cool. Regardless of if the band can actually pronounce it properly or not.
So, if someone's giving an honest effort to express themselves in English, we're not gonna make fun of them for that.
BUT! [text included :D ]
then we're gonna crack some jokes.
Last week we asked you which spy video you preferred.
Super Junior in 'Spy', or Wonder Girls in '2 Different Tears'
And Wonder Girls lost. They nearly got trippled(?) by Super Junior, but I think some of you are BIASED!!
You're not really voting honestly!!!
That's ok. Congratulations Super Junior.
Don't take it in the butt.
For this week's Bad Editing edition, we ask you which overly lens flare-y video did you prefer?
Junsu in 'Uncommited' or Jay Park in 'Star' Both of them a hot mess of lens flares.
Leave your votes in the comments or in our Facebook poll and we'll announce the winners next week.
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I'm pretty sure G-Dragon is gonna spank everybody this week but Kara, you got a big fight ahead of ya.
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Take it away Sexy Spudgy!
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