Food Rescue Ep 2: A Healthy Start (Part 2 of 2) | HealthiNation

Uploaded by HealthiNation on 16.02.2012

So Mike we kind of asked Tiffany just to go sit down because clearly as an 8 month pregnant
woman she needs her rest so you and Mike are going to go one on one with me right now.
sounds good. So Mikey what are you eating, do you like it?
Okay Mikey so let me tell you why Carrots are so important to eat because not only do
they possibly support eye health....
They orange!
They are orange, but it can also help hair growth, nail growth and your immune system
so a bag of carrots in a house with little ones is a brilliant idea to have all the time
I want to see those guys in your fridge okay? Now when it comes to milk quick tip for Mikey
again and you might even learn about this in other ways but buying non fat dry milk,
non fat powdered milk if you add it to skim milk you get super milk full of rich proteins
so if Mikey likes to drink milk make him some powdered milk, add it to skim milk and it
is creamy and rich he will love it, you can even add it to soy milk, chocolate soy milk
because kids love chocolate soy milk, that is a great trick and I love seeing you eat
your carrots! If they can have fun with their food, it's part of the game that's how
you get them to eat foods they might not necessarily love so let's let Mikey run around a little
bit and I'll show you the rest of the stuff while he is running around. So Mike, again
I don't want to give you too many things to do but another great habit is thinking
about possibly brown bagging lunch from the house some time, not all the time, maybe 2
days a week some great brown bag ideas are have Tiffany or yourself cut up a big salad
and throw beans on top. This could be great in some kind of plastic container, grab some
baked whole grain crackers and at least you have a semblance of a healthy meal once or
twice a week so you are doing a balance between fast food and healthy good. Another great
grab is chunk lite tuna and I specifically would like to see it in the house because
with Tiffany being pregnant mercury levels are important to consider and chunk lite has
a lot less mercury than regular white tuna and tuna contains Omega 3 fatty acids, Omega
3's seem to lower inflammatory disease and we know inflammatory disease the corner stone
of a lot of illnesses, diabetes, cancers all seem to go back to the inflammatory disease
process so you want to be eating Omega 3's but if you are eating them from fish when
you are pregnant low mercury choices, so you've got some great ideas and I love nuts in the
house, unprocessed, just the bland nuts, no salt or processing, for you as a quick snack
for your son he can choose some small nuts if you watch carefully so he doesn't choke
and they are a good pick me up for Tiffany, that plus an apple and she's good to go.
I saw that cake in the fridge, I don't mind you having a cake some of the time but why
not think about topping some great fresh fruit desserts with a bit of fat free whip topping.
Check the label, zero trans fat is what I want to see so can you see yourself having
a gorgeous array of fresh fruit and some fat free whipped topping?
Okay I see a smile on your face so I feel I am making headway I want to hear you are
eating breakfast. Okay thank you for having us and thank Tiffany as well it was such a
delight to meet your family all right take care good luck with the baby!