SHINee "Sherlock"

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This week’s Music Monday is the Rapunzel edition with SHINee’s “Sherlock”
I’m a Dorito!
I’m so Curious YEAHHH!
[something something something]
Ok, let’s start by praising this song to high heaven.
What a freaking awesome song.
SHINee is finally back, and - holy crap - they’re back with a bang.
I know some of you think that we’re anti SM,
Because we love Big Bang and 2NE1.
But, it’s not like we’re not capable of liking other bands!
Honestly, really, next to Big Bang, SHINee’s our favorite group.
Apart from Hello Hello, they haven’t disappointed us,
and we think they are the best dancers our there,
but beware, we think that Infinite’s in second place for dancing
We were really excited about SHINee’s comeback
But then...we saw...the teaser photos.
It took SHINee to a place that, that I just didn’t want to see them in.
Then I went to the store and bought their album
and it was really...awkward.
[sounds of supermarket]
They’re music CDs. It’s kpop music! It’s Kpop music!
What...I’m...I’m not keeping both of them!
I’m giving them away. It’s for Kpop Music Mondays.
It’s not both for me!
It’’s a kpop music CD.
Can you just pay the money and get out of here.
thanks for your invisible money.
God! That was gross!
It’s like one extreme to the next with SHINee,
On one side, we’ve got SHINee being really shy cutie boy,
and now we’ve got half-naked porn posing SHINee
I’d like to put this out there: there is absolutely no going back to cutie boy after this.
Back to the song. This song does not disappoint.
I mean, how could it.
It sounds like it’s straight out of the late 80s,
channeling the energy of Michael Jackson and Paula Abdul.
Back before she used to judge American Idol.
While Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby was all like, shake your ass dirty electro,
SHINee’s Sherlock has that foot-stomping, marching band demanding,
shout on the top of your lungs vibe to it.
Two totally different kinds of songs,
but both have made March a freaking amazing month for Kpop.
Man. We love the song, we love their dance, and we love SHINee.
So, yes, remember this, when we spend the rest of this video ripping apart this music video
Turn away ye Shawols faint of heart:
This song is fantastic, but the video is extremely silly.
So we’re to assume that SHINee are a group of detectives,
which - let’s just say - we greatly appreciate,
because the video is then related to the song for once.
Detectives, Sherlock: makes sense.
Unlike The Boys not having any Boys.
We liked the old fashion look and fashion of this video
but we though it was kindof weird that the director went through
this giant effort of making the video seem part of an older time period,
with top hats, typewriters, old fashion telephone,
but then they decide to toss in a random laptop, the iWatson.
I see what you did there, SM
But, then, if they’re from the past, then how did they get that laptop?
Unless they’re really from the present
and the only thing they can afford is a laptop
and everything else is just old fashioned handmedowns
Really: you’ve got a laptop: what do you need a typewriter for?
I don’t know about you, but that detective agency looks a bit too low budget.
Not somebody that I’d hire.
So basic premise:
the jewelry from a statue in a Museum is missing,
and SHINee, super detective crime force, are going to find it.
Now, turns out that Jessica from SNSD is actually a ghost
that died in her prime while wearing haute coutre clothing and full makeup,
and she’s haunting the museum with the goal
of helping SHINee find the missing jewerly.
Look at her, being kind enough to get Jonghyun to focus and stop staring at his cuticles.
Give me your eyes...and go this way. Let’s go solve a crime!
Also, don’t tell me I’m the only one here
who would have a bit of a stronger reaction to seeing a freaking ghost in a haunted museum.
If I saw someone look at me, and then disappear,
I wouldn’t stand there with my mouth dangling open.
Did I just hear a woman scream?
MM-mm no! Momma didn’t raise no fool.
I seen too many horror movies to know
that the stupid white people who go investigating after ghosts
are the ones that wind up getting themselves killed.
Remember boys and girls: you see a ghost: you run.
End of story.
Maybe SHINee didn’t see those movies.
Because then they decide to take pictures of the ghost
rather than, well, saying something to their friends who could potentially get murdered.
And don’t you know, when you see ghosts, you don’t separate from each other
You hold hands, you tie strings: NEVER SEPARATE
You separate, you die!
I don’t care if she’s a hottie, alright.
Don’t pull out your camera and take pictures of no damn ghosts.
Anyhow, by the end of it, you see all of SHINee standing around looking at a painting
which matches the vast amount of clues that the ghost dropped for them.
Now, we gotta ask this....
why did it take them so long to find the painting.
I mean, it’s No A221-07,
and the ghost left a card that matches that number exactly.
Does a detective crime force really need that much more evidence?
Really? That’s kind of like...the biggest possible clue.
Oh! I get it!
That ghost lady was right. I definitely did need to trip my cuticles
Oooh! It’s the pretty ghost lady again!
Hi Ghost lady. What are you doing? Oh! Ooooh!
No lady you dropped your papers no!
I’ll get it for you. Ah...
!!! I got it!
Oooh! Ghost lady was right!
The museum cafe definitely serves the best macchiatos!
Oh hi ghost lady again!
Do you know where I can find some pastel pants?
I’m kinda running low.
Oooh ooh! My map!
I get it...whoa! you know where I can find the jewelry...again?
And yet, as they stand in front of the picture,
still all confused, it’s finally the dog that drags them into the room,
otherwise they probably would have stood there for another half hour
with their mouths still hanging open.
And then when they find the jewelry in the room,
they walk out all pumped up,
as if they actually contributed anything whatsoever to the solving of this case.
It seemed more like a themed mystery birthday party then an actual crime case.
After they solve the crime, it’s time for pictures, cake and loot bags!
Ooh! It’s hair extensions! YAY!!! Here taemin, take mine,
I love hair extensions!
Ooh! Here’s some more. Take them as well.
Oooh! One more. I’m gonna give this one to GD.
Side note: is it just me, or is this the worst burglary ever?
I’m not familiar with grand theft larceny,
but my basic understanding is that you’re trying to remove the jewelry
out of the place that you’re robbing it from?
What we have here is someone taking the jewelry and moving it into another room
A room behind a door that doesn’t even seem to have a lock on it
You literally just push it open.
On top of that: it wasn’t even, like, hidden.
It’s sitting underneath a museum glass display case.
Honey: that’s not called a crime. That’s called redecorating.
Regardless, SHINee was still proud of themselves
for solving a crime that didn’t really exist,
and took credit for it in a pretty important newspaper:
The New York News, which wrote about them all in English.
Let’s see what the new york news has to say about it:
Shinee jewelry found 3:00 am yesterday Louis had found them in the museum is a jewel.
I’m not making this up
I think I’ve read enough. Let’s move directly to the English.
As for the English of the song, I give SHINee’s song a 5 out of 5.
But as for the English in this video, we give this a
AHHHHHH out of 5
Ok: we have a really important question to ask here.
OK. So, we don’t know why SM entertainment
didn’t publish SHINee’s newspaper article in Korean,
since they’re Korean, and the song is in Korean.
You decided to publish it in English instead, but, for who?
Perhaps it’s for your English speaking international audience,
which might I add, you have a gigantic following.
So then, since SM entertainment is all about promoting the Hallyu wave internationally,
did you really think English speakers and readers
wouldn’t read the newspaper when they saw it was in English?
So WHY WHY WHY would you be so unprofessional about it?
Do you know how hard it is to get my non kpop friends to appreciate a kpop video,
and then this article pops up at the end and they just break into laughter,
pause the screen, point at the article, laugh their asses off
and completely forget about how awesome SHINee is? I
Seriously: I know Korean teachers
even a bunch of high school students
that could have written a better English article for you.
spend the 20 bucks to get your English spellchecked.
Hell: send me an email and I’ll do it for you for free.
You’ve got the ability to easily stop using ridiculous English:
just do it already!
So, the detective part of the video was pretty silly,
but the dancing was just phenomenal.
I was waiting for them to cut away from the detective scenes
to get back to the dance scenes.
I’ve mentioned many times, but I think that in the entire Kpop community,
SHINee is the top when it comes to dancing.
but after watching this video and also the dance practice video
I was all like AAAHHHHHHHH
I don’t even know where to start. So many things to talk about!
The hammer to the skull!
The bunny dino!
The russian peacock strut!
Sorry wondergirls, we loved your swan walk,
but it’s out, and SHINee’s Russian Peacock strut is in.
Soy un Dorito!
[awesome rendition of SHINee’s “Sherlock”]
Quick note, though: this dance is definitely made for a 5 member group or less
that spinning out of line they do at the beginning
is really really cool looking
but only because Taemin has to do like, four spins.
Give this dance to like, Super Junior or EXO
And the 12th member would be totally screwed and vomiting all over the ground.
Two weeks ago we asked you one of the most epic Showdown questions EVER:
what escape video did you prefer:
Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” or TVXQ’s “Mirotic,”
and it was soooooo close but in the end,
TVXQ pulled out ahead, and won by 700.
Now, I am pretty sad that Big Bang had to lose,
But Mirotic is one of my favorite videos
with the laser field, trapped in a bathtub of water
come on! It’s awesome!
For this week’s rapunzel edition,
we ask you whose long hair you preferred:
Taemin’s, or G Dragon’s.
Both quite interesting, both...quite disturbing.
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