What Is Success?, How Do You Define Success?

Uploaded by MrWilliamsumner on 28.11.2012

What is success? Success is defined both in the public opinion and in your “model of
the world”, your views on life, what you believe to be important, and what you think
to be important. A lot of people have success based on money or position or title. Do they
have the right marriage? Do they look right, act right, feel right? There are a lot of
different standards and measurements for success. What is most important about success in THE
INEVITABLE YOU® system is not only do you get to design it, you will hear repeated often
this notion that mental software, neural pattern software, defines reality. That software is
generally set around the age of 5. I was 5 in 1961 so I have “Windows ’61” software
that defines success and I can write Windows 2012 that defines success. If I am this giant
of a man and a legend of a person and I want to be this superstar, this rockstar, that
software is often written far into the future, it could be 2015, 2020, 2025. Success in each
one of those patterns can be and often is very different. At the end of the day if your
success is defined outside-in (meaning what your parents think or what you think the world
thinks about success), or if it’s inside-out (meaning what you think, what you believe),
and is that success defined by money or happiness or love, or like 90% of people what success
is really defined as is the amount of things they don’t have or don’t want. You don’t
want pain, you don’t want a condition, you don’t want failure, you don’t want disappointment.
A lot of times people define success that way, at the end of the day it’s your choice,
it’s THE INEVITABLE YOU® system, it’s the inevitable YOU, not the inevitable me
or anybody else. You have power, you have destiny, you came here to achieve something.
All 4 year olds understand this, when you ask a 4 year old the definition of success,
when you put it in their terms and language, they always know what it means. It’s always
about something they want, not about what someone else thinks or never about avoiding
something they don’t want. You have that in your DNA, you have that in your emotional,
intellectual, and spiritual DNA. You have the ability to say this is my success, this
is what I want. It’s in your potentiality, it’s in that matrix of greatness and of
incredible talent and drive and desire. It’s what makes humans amazing, what makes the
first responders on 9/11 amazing, it’s what makes a grandmother lift a car of a child.
When you really have a want and a desire and it is huge and the “why” is big, then
you’ll figure out the “hows” and how to get it, you will define success.