Detailing Your Designs: AutoCAD Architecture 2013

Uploaded by Autodesk on 27.03.2012

One of the highest valued features for an AutoCAD user who has migrated to AutoCAD Architecture,
has to be its ability to draw construction details faster and easier.
With this amazing toolkit of 2D detail blocks, known as the “Detail Component Manager”,
creating details is less tedious, thanks to the automated functionality that AutoCAD Architecture
provides .
The Details Catalog is organized into very familiar divisions for easy access to the
various categories of building materials. Additionally, many of the most commonly used
detail components have been integrated into tool palettes to make them even more readily
Furthermore, making modifications is just as easy. Using the Properties palette existing
detail components can even be replaced by new ones on the fly – reducing the need
to erase and redraw.
For other components that are not on the tool palettes, a keyword search can be done in
the vast database. Simply type in the name of the component that you need, and AutoCAD
Architecture will do the rest.
But the flexibility doesn't stop there! Since the detail components are basic AutoCAD entities
such as blocks and linework, you can take advantage of additional editing functionality
known as AEC Modify Tools.
With them it is easy to merge, obscure, or subtract line work to create detail components
of any shape imaginable.