110404 - Hyper Report

Uploaded by HyperReport on 04.04.2011

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for April 4th
of 2011.
Gold is currently trading at 1436.45 Silver is at 38.43
The Silver to Gold Ratio is 37.38 Oil is at 108.31
and the US Dollar is at 75.89
Government Workers Outnumber Construction, Farming Fishing, Forestry, Manufacturing,
Mining, and Utilities Combined.
There are 22.5 million people working for the government. while all of manufacturing
has only 11.5 million. This is almost the exact reversal of the situation
in 1960 when there were 15 million workers in manufacturing
and 8.8 million employed by the government. In short, the official U3 unemployment number
of 8.8% , the lowest in two years, is of no relevance.
Another Foodstamp Record
There are nearly 44.2 million people, or 14.5 percent of the US poplulation, on food stamps.
More Americans than ever are living on government subsistence; however, the monthly benefit
per household has gone from about $295 a month to $283.
This is not a big drop; however, when one considers inflation, it is devistating.
Subprime Bonds Are Back
Subprime and other residential mortgage bonds that helped trigger the financial crisis are
back in vogue with long-term investors. Their comeback underscores how investors,
or suckers, have regained the courage to take on more risk, with their clients savings.
In addition, these investors are re-entering the market and buying nonagency bonds that
are not backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. All that can be said is to continue stacking
physical gold and silver because these investments are going to fall again.
Bigger Corn Crop Isn’t Likely to Ease Food Inflation
Farmers intend to plant 92.2 million acres of corn this spring, 5 percent more than last
year; however, the supply is not enough to keep
up with demand. In short, the food inflation we are seeing
at the markets will continue.
Fed Is Likely to Raise Rates By End of the Year
Apparently taking the cue from the European Central Bank,
Richmond Federal Reserve President Jeffrey Lacker said that he would not be surprised
if the Fed raised interest rates before the end of the year.
As interest rates go up, the amount needed to service the debt will grow exponentially;
thus, a default or hyperinflation is in the cards.
American Ghost Towns Of The 21st Century
According to the 2010 Census, there are several counties, like Lake County, Michigan or Summit
County, Colorado, that have a population of over 10,000 with
the vacancy rates is above 55%. With less people, will come less tax dollars;
thus making it possible that these towns could just simply disappear.
Finally, Please prepare now for the beginning of the
economic and social unrest. Good Day