Life with a Ball - Freestyle Football and the Red Bull Street Style Qualifiers in Argentina

Uploaded by redbull on 31.07.2012

The passion for football here is very, very strong.
Football brings people together.
Look, the passion has no explanation, one has it inside, and I'm telling you the truth. For me there is no explanation, win or lose I still have it inside.
It's like falling in love with the ball, with this sport. The ball is my life. I think there is my mom, my girlfriend, and the ball.
I'm proud, and it gives me goose bumps the things he does with the ball. It's like a gift that he has.
I have to take the opportunity to do what I like, which is this freestyle football, so I train all the time.
Some kids, if they don’t do anything, they derail. Football is something that contains them.
I had an accident on the train, I can't play much anymore. Teaching football for me is like playing. This shows that people who have an addiction can accomplish things, let them see how I'm today, right?
I think that the love of a freestyler for the ball can be compared to a couple's relationship, right? That's the only way to become really good in this sport.
You have to love the ball, to fall in love with every ball you choose.
I pushed him towards this football passion that we have in the family for many years.
He always tells me that he wont rest until he is world champion, Right? Well, that’s what motives him the most, and incites him to keep doing better every day.
This passion of the freestyler of always having the ball I share with my father and my mother, they are the ones who always stood by me.
It’s a passion that is incorporated in him, you understand?
They told me, keep going forward, we support you. We give you all our love so that you can keep doing what you like. Because they saw that I was happy doing this.
Young people find this in football, a passion to become someone, to achieve something.
The train does not just pass one time, it passes a few times, if you want you have to get on it.
The ball attracts me like an animal, it pulls me. I sometimes get out of work, and I tell Dario, I will run after the ball for a while and it’s all forgotten.
It’s a friendship that is brought by the ball, it brings you together, it brings you together many times.
One forgets everything, and you feel it change.