The Employment Law Group®'s David Scher on IRS and Tax Fraud Whistleblowers

Uploaded by TELGLawfirm on 12.06.2012

Hello, my name is David Scher and I am an attorney with the Employment Law Group. Today,
I want to talk about the new IRS Whistleblower Protection Laws. It used to be that if you
were aware that your company was committing IRS tax fraud, you could report that information
and that information may or may not remain confidential and you would see nothing as
a result of doing so, putting yourself at grave and significant risk for your own career,
but the laws have changed. The IRS has new, very strong protections for people who go
and disclose tax fraud. In fact, not only will you remain strictly confidential, but
you can obtain a reward from the IRS, if the IRS goes and collects a judgment against a
corporation who is committing tax fraud because you reported it. There is something you could
do if you work in a company and you have reported tax fraud, and they have taken no action,
or even if you have never said anything at all. You could contact a lawyer and a lawyer
can file a Whistleblower claim on your behalf. Not only can you then protect yourself and
remain confidential , but you can possibly obtain a reward. If you know of tax fraud
going on in your company, contact The Employment Law Group and we can help you. Our website
is . Thank you and have a fabulous day!