Around The World in 90 minutes 1-5

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forty six point six million jews
only six are able to assist the world
from perspective
the crew members of the international space station
all right let me ask
once every ninety minutes
how much will change a lot of times and that's right
how far will the coincidence
how many trees will be down
how many something
how many times will not strike here
and how much rain
how many people will die
and just how many more people
facing down from
we will form of the unfolding story of the human rights problem
francisco by how much can change
I just want
it's a minute
concentrate nineteen sixty one you read the diary not it
crammed into a tiny metal sphere traveling at twenty eight thousand kilometers he was
the first President to get a problem
in nineteen twenty one
does this
it's something
it is
the first thing he would do it is about our planet
it took us two hundred thousand years to find out
and these women polls our perspective on the world things for it
we salute and restore the independence ninety six the only thing we discovered was Iran
they're yeah
stacy have to take a stand
and to see the world with fresh ideas
suddenly all too familiar things around the state on a new meaning
the new significance
so what we see is we went on a trip around the world today
ABC news atlanta
we study on janet greenwich mister London stocks
this is a historic also marathon Britain
the size of travel and explore is part of human nature
for centuries explores set up from every incentive strange new world
McCain says synonymous with double travel the break into deciding where the world's
starting line should be great want to know
not only is greenwich mean time the time of on which poll of the times as it faces
but this nine of the ruling is a victory is there a big reason only to you
the place from where all the physical items as long as you to carve up the world of fashion
police in nigeria l'six we will be following the slides of the issue westward to explore
some of the extraordinary places denial of them
every one of these lines takes their lead from here
this is the place that humankind has designated go
these days the the cutting edge of exasperation said thinking shares
ford leasing consensual
and I do not
this rocket is heading towards the international space station
welcome to the people released city of kandahar
did did not have a little bit about the seven hundred miles per hour
roughly every six months the replacement crew the same time
the internet
like a giant to cross don't had something to do but twenty eight thousand it is now
when our
things have moved on sexually assaulted eighty days to circumnavigate the globe
these days the crew aboard the space station said the wants every hour
obviously the first thing that I have to get used to his weakness
on the house wants to know what's in it
it seems agreement
but the crew of the space station on really flying
or that following style
only constantly told cnn's this finance reform
the attacks
so it's also so
a massive torn itself into and fix it
the same thing will happen to any liquid that for this phenomena
this is how the US was for
four point six billion years ago alternate with liquid
nothing more than a giant lot of multan drops falling endlessly around the sun
I'm missing it by hundred fifty million dollars as
well Frank says he says schools and hospitals
but the insiders film is called is the status of this time
this is someone out west Virginia around the world news tonight
this is the best place to get a citizen or as weekly country
the you
I think he's changing all the time
but in humans have to be hard to see more on the stand
it's part of the mid-atlantic region
ten thousand kilometers I'm sure you've described
running the center of the ocean
most of the strangest embassy
taking place
one of only a few places on the planet
we think the simpson home lou
the making
he's one of the fastest changing places on earth
in the last two thousand years of
the end of the last to reach the SSC is
isn't that interesting
and because the land
the siege and take it away financing think that all the time
did he have to constantly create you know
it wouldn't be anywhere for us to live
yes would be a perfect state company for for another fifteen
falling industry around the sun
so this whole thing
as nato allies possible
and once again a part of a massive system
they've spent the last two hundred eighty million years making the world's newest edition
the atlantic
it may be growing steadily that it is very definitely still growing
and this time it takes for the space station to all but the fact that the atlantic fleet
of whites
feingold we've milked three minutes
which is about the same rate of usual fingernails grow
there is nothing unusual about the natural world changing
what is different now is that it's changing at a phenomenal rate
and the reason for this is us
the next stop on a west Virginia demonstrate exactly that
he sees the amazon rain forest in brazil
the rainforest if the sixty five million years
but the most dramatic changes have taken place in the last fifty years
just as soon as humans to send these things
we started throwing 'em down
it seems that stays with some of this is to was invented
since then useless around the world
clearing the forests
it's something we've become extremely good
the amazon is being treated in this machinery
but only because humans in a secret session to chopping down trees
the north in Europe hearing about allow far as to make way for from about five hundred
we don't have to give them a talk with everything has changed
this the the destruction along with it
of the hundreds of the species in the amazon
I may about fifty to fifty have any commercial value
the rest is simply the to make way for him
yes even the most countries you reach a point where they still something that reason
it's not something we can
the point that is known as the far east transition
in Europe and north America at this point was reached in the nineteenth century now
forrest that are expanding
one day this may happen in brazil
thank you
and at the moment the time the space station positive ahead
the amazon will be point two square kilometers smaller
two hundred and seventy four votes each is
for those of us who are farmers a little bit about this
it's easy to see what's happened to the amazon but in other places it's hard to say
change said the men were countless course that
remember I stand in recess the west
thousands of kilometers
this is one of the estimates unforgiving landscapes
and the distances out of office
trying to work out exactly what's happening out here or is easier said than done
so scientists interest rates to get a better idea of what's gone wrong
between two thousand three and two thousand seven the satellite was sent a little bit
of a green and ironing out
polly's million of these immigrants later this revealed the thickness of the un's this
speed it's amazing
and what is demanded that jimmy smits
the results were around him
in the time it takes for the space station complete final version of that
fifty four million cubic meters of ice melt away
that's enough to feel when the stadium fourteen times as that
the fact that the world's eyes seats and melting for the cost is no disputed
the evidence suggests that this is down to the way we have a
pointing this out is fast becoming one of the best ways to stop crime
the problem is complexity
they're just so many variables so much to take into account
in fact for all of us sitting around in space
there are big shoes to have you with us
take our next call in terms of the biggest binding shareholder
father two hundred sixty nine seeing had to make America a better in venezuela
please kilometer nine Taiwan is Taiwan
forms of the election
unlike mean all back and forth and I was at a time
the point is this
it is filled with something at the same time the defense shown
the front coming down from the end of his mandate
the same gas lines enough among teenagers
to create the that the conditions mind
but this is just one of several theories
no one can categorically say what is happening
why the case
I think strikes around times a second
nicholson one space station old age the US will be strong the homes of millions