Star Trek Premiere

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This is the Army Today.
Scotty, beam me up.
Troops in Kuwait get a surprise from the cast and crew of "Star Trek" when they visit Camp Arifjan to premiere the new movie.
Sergeant Scott Kuhn has the scoop.
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Over 500 service members in Kuwait were the first to see the new "Star Trek" movie recently.
[announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, "Star Trek." [cheering and applause]
Along with watching the world premiere of the movie--
--they also got the opportunity to meet the cast and crew of the film.
Director J.J. Abrams said that premiering the movie to troops was a no-brainer.
We went off to start this tour really to sell a movie, right?
And it struck us that there was an opportunity to not just go to the places that you typically go to when you do this--
--but to go do something that meant something to us.
This is a purely selfish thing.
We are so grateful for the work that you do and not just the work that you do but the work your families do.
Service members got the opportunity to interact with the cast as well as ask a few questions.
Hello? Is this Kat?
Yes. >>Hey Kat, what's up? How are you?
I am amazing. [laughter and applause]
One soldier's daughter even got a friendly call from Zachary Quinto, who plays Dr. Spock in the movie.
"Star Trek," which opens in the United States in May was well received by all in attendance.
Reporting from Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, I'm Army Sergeant Scott Kuhn.
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