NS Yoon-G Interview [Eng Sub]

Uploaded by KoreaBillboard on 23.12.2012

Hello, I am NS Yoon-G. This is my first ever interview with Billboard Korea.
I am currently promoting my digital single featuring Park Jae Beom, “If You Love Me.”
Please love my track a lot as the sweet song fits well with the current weather.
I’m grateful that Park Jae Bum agreed without hesitation to feature, practice, work, and perform together.
I have also been revamping the performances with DALMATIAN’s Simon.
Because I am a solo artist and always work by myself, it was quite an exciting performance working with two confidence, charming males. Did I look pretty?
We made an offer first to work together because I’m a regular fan of Jae Beom.
There was imaginative synergy and overflowing energy so I learned a lot about performances.
We even joked around a lot. There have been two episodes where he joked around during the ending pose and I busted out laughing.
Simon’s ambience is different to that of Jae Beom. He’s very masculine.
Therefore, it had a similar vibes to that of a a boyfriend. For that reason, I felt a huge sense of reliability.
I’ve been VJ-ing in English for this program since the beginning of last year so I’ve been able to meet a lot of my international fans.
In addition, the international fans really liked the concept, costume, and choreography for “Reason to Become a Witch,”which was released earlier this year.
The fact that so many people left me messages via social media was amazing.
I felt more power reading these messages from not only Asia but also Europe.
I’ve been active for nearly 3 years. Regardless, I still have a long way to go, but NS Yoon-G’s colors have become more acknowledged in 2012.
I will show you different sides as I consider this year is the beginning, so please love the transformative NS Yoon-G.
My friends and family are all in the U.S. so Christmas and the end of the year make me even lonelier.
However, on Christmas, I can swim and sun tan at the place I live.
The snow fall in Korea is even more romantic and pretty.
I am a bit lonely because I don’t have a boyfriend. Nevertheless I’m going to see my family in January so I would like to have a cozy dinner with them.
I’m planning on holding on a performance in Vietnam as soon as we ring into 2013.
I looked at the casting list and it turns out the Adam Lambert that I like is attending.
What do I do? I am thinking about what I’m going to say to him. I feel so honored to perform onstage with him.
Together, we will put on a great performance and open people’s eyes to Korea.
This is NS Yoon-G. Thank you for watching. I will try my best to show you a new side. All the bet for the new year, everyone!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!