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I will never forget the pride that my dad took
in crops that he grew on our farm.
He always said the work we do is important.
That we feed Mississippi and the country.
We can help people put healthy,
safe and affordable food on their table
and that is a reason to be proud.
Americans spend only about 10%
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In some countries, it is 50%.
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Well hello, I'm Chef Rob Stinson
and this is Fit to Eat, a new series
about eating healthy and living better.
Deer hunting is one of Mississippi's biggest hobbies
and deer meat is healthy and lean.
One three-ounce serving of deer meat
contains only 2.7 grams of fat and 26 grams of protein.
With me today is my friend Dennis Trochesset
and we will be making his deer chili.
Let me tell you, he is the expert.
As always, you can find all of
our recipes with the nutritional
information on our website:.
This one especially is a
little bit out of my element so
I had to call in reinforcements.
That's me.
I think what's really cool
about this is everybody I know has got
deer meat in their refrigerator.
Somebody in the family is
a hunter or they are friends of a hunter.
Or they get given it as a gift.
Exactly, like myself.
At that point, what do you do with it?
Here is going to be a great
healthy version of what we can
do with it.
I want to show people out there.
Take a look at this incredible
tenderloin of deer.
That is a beautiful piece
of lean meat.
You were talking three ounces
with the amount of protein that it has.
That' s a three ounce portion right there.
It has one-third the saturated fat
that beef does.
So you are eating much
healthier by eating venison.
Isn't that great.
We've got a lot of work on
this dish because there are tons
of ingredients.
Plus we are also going to show
you a heart healthy version
of coleslaw to go along with this.
And then we're going to do some
seared sweet potato chips.
Sweet potato chips?
Curry-crusted sweet potato chips.
So it should be a good complement,
I hope, to your chili.
Where do we start?
First thing we want to do is
get our skillet nice and hot
because we are going to try
to brown this deer meat.
Remember, it is very lean,
has very little fat to add
to the recipe.
So we want to get as much flavor
by searing the outside of it as we can.
Over there, we have about
24 ounces of deer meat
which was beautiful tenderloin.
We cubed it up and made sure they
were all about the same size pieces.
You want everything to
cook about the same speed so it
has even doneness all the way throughout.
We will just spread these
apart in the pan so there is a
lot of room.
It's beautiful.
As you can tell, venison is a
different color.
It has a different texture than beef.
It is a lot finer of a texture.
I look at that rich,
kind of ruby color and gosh
it has a great look already.
It is full of flavor,
it really is.
It's funny, venison is a lot
like our other cultured meats.
The flavor tends to vary
depending on the diet of the
venison itself.
And this is good Mississippi
grown venison.
One of the things,
and we are going to be talking a
lot about that as we go through
these ingredients,
remember your farmers markets
out there where you can get a
great pesticide- free product.
All of this is homegrown.
So support your local merchant.
Eat healthier.
It's a great win-win.
Win-win all the way.
Everybody benefits from it
and its healthy guys.
It's much better for you.
Myself, I could stand to lose a
good 20 pounds, and this is a
good way for me to have one of
my favorite comfort foods
and do it the right way,
which is healthy without sacrificing.
The other thing about this is
there are so many ingredients
going into this, nobody out there
is going to remember them all.
So remember our website:
All of this will be online so
that you can take it and walk
through this recipe at home
as if you were the pro.
That is half the fun.
Dennis and I have done dozens
of dinner parties together.
Love those dinner parties.
One of the fun things in
cooking something like
this is it's in everyone who is
from here's comfort zone.
But most people would never
think to use it for chili.
Not at all, and that's a shame.
You just don't.
You don't see it often.
I think this has some great
uniqueness to it.
I know Dennis is dying to put
some coarse pepper over there.
You know I love my pepper and
my seasonings, and that's also
a great way to attain a lot
of flavor out of what you're
cooking and still be healthy
is by using ingenious ways
to season it.
Most spices are relatively healthy.
They really are.
I've been talking about
making up your own seasoning mix
and if you go to the website,
you can find a recipe for that there.
But one of the nice things when
you go to the store,
make sure what you're buying is
a garlic powder, not a garlic salt.
It makes all the difference
in the world.
Right now, that meat is looking wonderful.
We are going to kind of trick
everybody today.
We're going to have everything
seared off in this pan,
then add it into the large stock pot.
Just as a time constraint.
That way, they can see what
we're doing as we do it,
it works out well.
You could do this in one pot at home.
You don't have to do the two
stages like we are doing.
We thought it would be a lot more
fun for you to be able to see
each one of these because
once the pan is done and he pops
it in there, everything keeps
going into the same pan to sear
it all and get all of that
flavor from that wonderful deer meat.
And the deer meat is getting
pretty close.
I have a little bit of red left to it.
Once it is seared on all of
the sides, I will go ahead
and transfer it to the pot and
we will start on our veggies,
our aromatics.
That's really where we are
going to build a lot of character
of the flavor of the chili.
And it's all healthy stuff.
Speaking of healthy,
chili peppers are really
healthy for you in many ways.
They help with diabetic
neuropathy, they help with
circulation in your limbs,
they're good for headaches.
If you have a horrible
headache, grab a jalapeno.
Try this at home.
It may light you up a little bit,
but it will relieve a lot of
the tension in your head.
That is a neat little tidbit.
A couple of little tricks for sure.
I want to flip it.
Let's have a little fun with this.
What, no flames?
We are being careful, here.
Let's go ahead and move on with that.
Going to turn that pan on
and move it over.
We've got a nice coating here.
Still had a little oil in
the pan we don't have to add
any more, which is good.
Keeps it nice and healthy.
Diced yellow onions.
That's about two cups.
A lot of the flavor will come
from these yellow onions.
So we had a pound and a half
of the deer meat,
about two cups of onion and we
are going to add to that another
cup of garlic.
And remember, all of these
aromatics at different levels
of flavor and intensity all
through your sauce.
Just a hair more.
And realize in this entire
recipe, there's only two ounces of oil.
That is a decrease in fat.
And we are using olive oil which
is the best to cook with,
the healthiest for you.
So remember, that is a big
focus in this dish is that we
are using leaner meats,
less fat and all healthy,
homegrown products.
That way you can have the comfort
foods that you love guilt free.
We're going to see how well
Dennis can flip a skillet.
I talked about it while we're
on the show-- he's a pro.
I wouldn't go that far.
I can't get him.
A little bit of mileage.
And look at the colors.
They are starting to
build themselves.
And you know what is nice
when you smell these aromatics cooking?
The reason why they call them
aromatics is that wonderful
smell and that savory aroma
that fills the room.
Isn't that incredible?
Oh man, I'm getting excited
just thinking about it!
Let's go ahead and throw a
little bit of our spice in there.
A little of our seasoning?
A little bit of what?
Looks like a little coriander?
A little coriander.
Coriander is basically the
seed of the cilantro plant.
If you get them whole and you
toast them yourself in a
skillet at home, put them in a
coffee grinder like Rob did,
I'm sure, and toss them in,
it's an incredible
balance of flavor.
And I love cilantro.
Myself included.
And it's part of the Tex-Mex.
Anyone who's ever made their
own chili mix from scratch
knows coriander and cumin.
I like to rehydrate chili
peppers which we already
rehydrated some of your chili
peppers over there.
I see them over there.
It's a good way to build the
flavor without building the fat.
That's what we are trying to achieve.
That's what it is all about.
Talk to me about these smoked
chili peppers.
I have some smoked anchoes
in there, I have some poblanoes,
waheeloes, and pasilloes.
These you can find in any
normal supermarket
around your house.
Just find the dried peppers
and look for them.
They are all different levels
of intensity and flavor and heat.
I tried to find the ones that
were more neutral or more
palatable so you don't have too
spicy of the chili.
I tell you what, he's going over
a lot of details.
Don't forget our website:
That's where you will find this recipe.
And in the recipe online,
I believe it has serrano peppers
and jalapeno peppers.
We have some of those chopped up
over there.
Just happened to, imagine that.
And look at the color that is
going into this dish.
Whenever you think about
healthy food, the more color, the better.
There is no doubt.
I really believe that people feel
if they have suffered in
trying to eat healthy,
and they don't have something
that looks good, they are not
getting what they really want.
And this dish, let me tell you,
you could take this dish and
let it simmer and cook for 2
to 3 hours and it only gets
better with time.
That beef is basically done right now.
These veggies will go into it.
It's going to be done in no time
at all to where you could
actually eat it in a 25
to 30 minute time frame or take
your time and cook it,
let it simmer while you've got
guests over at your house and
you got a great product no
matter when you take it off the heat.
Think about it this way, too,
if you have a busy day at work
ahead of you,
you can start up by browning your
meat and then adding all the
ingredients at the same time on
top of your slow cooker,
come home, your house will smell great.
You will have chili waiting
for you and everything will be done.
I was never that fond of deer meat
until I tried your chili.
This is incredible.
You have to build the
flavors from the ground up.
You start with great,
local, wild- farmed.
Let's go ahead and throw that
in the pot and will start
adding a little bit more of this
on the side.
That sounds like a plan.
Since we have all of these
flavors built up and caramelized
the bottom of the pan,
I'm going to put it back on the
heat and you can hand be that
beef stock and we will deglaze the pan.
You got it.
Deglazing is just a fancy
term for getting the flavor off
the bottom.
That's all it takes.
We are going to throw a little
crushed red pepper so you've
got a lot of spice in there.
It is slowly getting done.
Do you know where the word
chili comes from?
You know everyone hears
chili this, chili that.
It started back in the Columbian
expedition in the 1890's and
it began as a block, a brick.
The trail hands would take it
out and it started with
dried chili peppers and
dried suet, which was dried beef.
They hammered it into a brick.
That way when they were out on
the range and they're moving
cattle, they take the brick
and stick it in a pot of water
and let it boil.
Like a preservative almost.
It was a preservative.
It was a way to preserve the
flavor and the meat.
Then after about three hours of
boiling, you would have a pot of chili.
That's incredible.
Really crazy.
Lyndon B. Johnson is one of the first
gentlemen who was responsible
for making it famous.
He had a heart condition a while back.
I think he was serving on the
Senate committee.
His wife and the doctor prompted
him to stop using the suet,
which was the dried beef.
So he preferred using venison
and then he added our next
ingredient which is the tomatoes
and onions which added an
incredible flavor difference.
Go ahead and pop those in.
Beautiful tomatoes.
Marvelous colors.
Now we have a little bit of paste.
I will give you a spoon and let you.
Would you like to put that in
the stock here?
Yes, let's do that.
There we go.
We will mix that in.
I added a little of clove in there.
I snuck that in while you weren't watching.
I saw it was in your recipe.
That's all right.
The smell is wonderful.
Isn't that incredible?
It just kind of dawned on me.
Look at that.
This will make a wonderful paste
right here.
Look at that color.
It is starting to turn that
rich ruby red.
We are going to have a little
bit more fun and add into this
the pinto beans.
One of my favorite things
in the world to eat are beans.
They are so healthy for you.
Protein, complex carbohydrates,
they are full of soluble fiber
and non-soluble fibers.
And that helps reduce LDL cholesterol,
that's the bad cholesterol.
So those pinto beans are fantastic.
All beans are fantastic,
but these pintos are extremely
good and delicious for you.
I tell you what, that is
a beautiful variety of food
that has gone into there.
Beautiful, lean deer meet that
is from Mississippi.
Every other ingredient,
you can easily get.
All of this stuff is readily available.
And I really do like to go to
the farmers markets where
you can get them preservative free,
pesticide free.
It's a better product.
It's less expensive.
And you are supporting your
local economy, guys.
They've got them all over the state, now.
You just got to do a little research.
Go online, check it out,
find out where they are and
then go support them because
they need your support.
You'll be amazed at the
difference between the
flavor of your fresh farm
raised vegetables,
seasonings, spices compared
to the ones you'll find that
your local supermarket.
What do you have over there?
We are going to have a little fun.
Now it is my turn to throw one in.
Work on it!
I like it!
This is a great recipe and it is
a beautiful, healthy version of coleslaw.
Get out.
Traditionally, coleslaws are
made with mayonnaise,
sour cream, lemon juice
and this and that.
We all know that mayonnaise,
even though it is one of my
personal favorites,
isn't necessarily good for you.
So we are trying to be a little healthier.
We are going to get you away from that.
When I show you what's in this,
you will think I'm kidding you.
But it is so delicious,
I think you'll enjoy it.
We have shredded red cabbage and
we will start off with the red
cabbage and throw it in the bowl.
Nice color.
Isn't that great?
That's one of the things about coleslaw.
You want to have a variety.
Green cabbage.
Not only does it have a color
difference, but it is a texture
difference also when it is prepared.
And don't forget,
we are throwing a lot of
ingredients at you.
Go to our website:
And you can get these great recipes.
Now, beautiful crisp fresh
shredded carrots.
Another different color,
flavor and texture.
Got those at the farmers market
and that's why they are so
beautiful and fresh.
We are going to take a pinch--
this looks like sugar.
This is actually sucralose.
It is a sugar substitute and
we're going to put a little pinch, not much.
And I'll tell you why we don't need much.
Because coleslaw always has a
sweetness, right?
Right, it has.
This won't need much because we
are going to use a fat-free Greek yogurt.
It has a hint of sweetness,
and it is a little thicker.
So that's how you substitute
the mayonnaise and sour cream
is the Greek yogurt.
Right here is horseradish.
Good creamed fresh natural horseradish.
You see that brown color.
We are going to start tossing
this altogether.
Sounds like that is going to have
some flavor.
Healthy with flavor?
It's so good and now, look.
We are not talking about
much yogurt at all.
Just enough to give a little
creamy nature to that dish.
We are going to stir it up a little bit.
How are you coming with that
chili over there?
Looking great.
Remember guys, the longer it
sits, the better it gets.
The flavors start to slowly
marry together.
I have a slow simmer going on.
But the nice part is I still
see each individual color
and texture inside the chili
to where we are not
I'm getting such a great aroma.
I love that.
Look at that.
Great way to have a comfort
food classic without the guilt.
I tell you what.
Look at this.
That is some coleslaw.
I will have to try that.
Coleslaw is like the chili.
It gets better over time.
So the longer this sits and it
blends in that yogurt with the
cabbage, it will actually take
that cabbage and soften it a little bit.
But you really need to mix it
well and that's what we are
doing right now.
This is one of my absolute
favorite versions of
something that I love that I
really didn't eat when I
started to eat healthy.
You know what else is nice
with this chili?
If you omit the beans and you
make it a chili con carne,
which is chili with beef,
or chili with venison,
you can take it the next day
when it is left over.
You can put it on an omelet.
You can take and make homemade
tamales and put it in a tamale.
My wife's favorite:
a chili cheese omelet.
Oh my goodness, that is heaven!
I brought a treat.
Knowing you are making a healthy
version and I've got this sitting in front.
We are going to bring it over so
we can get into it.
That doesn't look too healthy, but.
That is fat-free shredded cheese.
We've got fat-free sour cream
and fresh chopped green onion.
So you don't have to sacrifice.
I'm going to tell you,
when you see your chili going
in the bowl, you are going to say
wow, that looks exactly the same
as someone who's eating a product
that's got a lot of fat.
But it is guilt free.
Totally guilt free.
Totally healthy.
That coleslaw has great color.
Isn't that awesome?
I can't wait for you to try this.
Do you know how I really like coleslaw?
On a barbecued pulled pork sandwich.
Oh goodness, that crunch!
I love my food, folks.
That's the beautiful thing
about being here in Mississippi.
We've got a lot of pig farms.
We do actually use some pork in
the recipes in limited amounts.
We've got great egg farms.
All the available deer
and venison here,
and then all the beautiful produce.
I brought a variety of colors
just to show what is in
there between the jalapenos
and serano peppers,
tomatoes, green bell peppers.
Look at the variety of color and flavor.
They are all found in your
local farmers market.
And we have some of the best
seafood in the world on the
Mississippi Gulf Coast.
We've got one other trick.
I am going to have you heat up this skillet.
I think we have a nice searing
going on here.
Let's pull that off the heat.
Are these the sweet potato chips
you were telling me about?
I'm excited to see this.
This is a little bit of a trick.
But slide these over and move
some other product appear
for you to see.
Are those regular sweet potatoes?
Guess where the sweet potato
capital of the world is?
I don't know, but I'm sure
you're going to tell me.
I have a sneaking
suspicion I've got to get that
to you right now.
It's right here in Mississippi.
And everybody out there knows
it is Vardaman, Mississippi.
Sweet potatoes, it is literally
the capital of the world.
It's beautiful to use a great
local ingredient like sweet potato.
I like to use them in as many
of the recipes as I can.
Really healthy, too.
Everybody is saying that
sweet potatoes really aren't that healthy.
When you load them with
butter- or sugar, or marshmallows.
All the things that most people
want to put on them,
they are not healthy.
So what we are going to do
today is take them and crust
them with a little garlic in
a little curry figuring the curry
kind of goes well with your chili.
It does.
It is a different spice,
but it blends well.
We are going to sprinkle some
fresh chopped parsley,
and then we are going to sear them.
You may think we are back to the oil
and the fats.
We are going to use this
beautiful nonstick skillet.
We're going to take a zero fat
spray so we can brown them and
have something that's healthy.
Did you do anything to the
sweet potato beforehand?
My only trick and you hear me say.
There is always a trick.
You've got to ask.
It's my trocha.
As Cheero, the chef I trained
with in Italy, would say you
always have a trocha.
That was his trick of the trade.
The trick on these is all you
do is par boil your sweet potato.
So let's say you are having a
dinner party and you want to do
this when your guests are there
because they really need to
come right off the pan hot for
them to enjoy them.
Get that par boiling done
ahead of time.
How long would you boil them?
Just until the water steams up?
About seven minutes.
Seven to ten minutes
depending on how high and what a
rolling boil and if it is submerged.
And the size of the potato.
So let's go ahead and
sprinkle a little bit of
this garlic powder.
Remember, garlic powder has no salt.
But garlic salt does, like you said earlier.
Be careful.
Read your labels, folks.
Take a good look at them because
there's a huge difference.
The nutritional value on them
labels is very educational.
Not only does it tell you what's
in it, but the portion size you should use.
That's the other thing we are
talking about here on Fit to Eat
is trying to reduce the size
and the portion of the food that you use.
We are going to turn means, now.
We're going to do the same on both sides.
I bet that is going to complement well.
A savory herb seasoning on the
outside sweet potato with
chili and the coleslaw?
You know I had to have a little
surprise for you.
I like it a lot.
I'm actually getting excited.
These are things you haven't seen
at some of our dinner parties.
And that is half the fun.
And I tell you, you can go to
the website:
To get this recipe,
to get the coleslaw recipe,
to get Dennis' famous deer
chili recipe, all of that is
going to be online for you.
So don't forget.
So now we have this coated nicely.
You said a little bit of
this zero trans fat,
zero calorie spray?
Take it away from the flame.
Spray it over here.
It is nice and hot.
Now there is another trick.
Let me see it for a second.
Here you are.
Oh, spraying the sweet potatoes.
Another trocha, folks.
It helps it crisp.
If I could see those tongs, please.
Now we're going to take them and
put them face down in the pan.
Ooh, smell that curry.
It instantly smells great.
Isn't it amazing?
It is incredible.
When you do this in your house,
if no one is in your house,
you are going to have the
neighbors coming over and seeing
what you've got cooking in the
kitchen because this stuff smells delicious.
We are going to keep a little
bit of the parsely on the side
so that we can garnish those
when we pull them off.
But you are going to be surprised.
We are going to peek at those
and see because it really
doesn't take long for them to brown.
They are starting.
We are going to turn them about two times.
Isn't that aroma of the curry.
That is so good.
And that is so ingenious.
I never would've thought to use
curry with the sweet potato,
but I bet it would blend
because you use coconut milk
with the lots of curry.
It's a sweet element.
I think it is really good.
The people that are out there
who've never tried something
like this, par cooking the
sweet potato and then using it
this way, it looks so pretty.
It's almost like bread, but healthier.
But you are not eating anywhere
near as much of the potato, too.
So don't forget, one of the
things that we are going to
keep harping on is portion size.
How are we coming with that
chili over there?
The chili is working hard,
it is looking good, smelling great.
We are getting near,
so I'm getting excited.
It's pretty close.
I think we could be just about
ready to start in a little bit
to plate it up.
You have a nice variety going on.
We have this wonderful
venison chili with all of
these wonderful aromatics.
You have the curry encrusted
sweet potatoes and a coleslaw.
For some reason, it doesn't sound
to me like we are having a
healthy meal, but the way it
has been prepared,
it is healthy all the way around.
I'm going to make this look really pretty.
That's going to be one of the
fun things as well.
Because it has great colors so
we are going to take the tongs
and put one portion of the
coleslaw right on the side of the plate.
We are kind of cheating here a little bit.
I think honestly if you are going
to eat, you want to make it look pretty.
Let's put that right back over.
You eat with your eyes and
your nose first, folks.
Right about here is our portion size.
That's exactly it.
Then we cut the heat down nice
and low since we are going to
just let this boil for a while.
That has an incredible aroma.
You can see it steaming as we
are coming off right now.
Beautiful sweet potatoes.
Whoo hoo!
I really like the idea with
the sweet potatoes.
I'm excited to try this.
Look at this: curry-crusted
sweet potatoes.
Let's put a little dollop
of fat-free sour cream,
a little dollop of shredded
cheese and some green onion.
A little parsley over here.
That is a gametime feast
without the guilt.
Honestly, I would love
tasting Dennis' chili.
Thanks so much for coming on.
Thank you for having me.
It's a beautiful thing.
I am Chef Rob Stinson here
with Fit to Eat.
And remember, you can get all
of our recipes at:.
Chef Rob Stinson.
Thanks for watching Fit to Eat.
We are going to have a great
time enjoying this.
I need a spoon.
I'm ready.
Looks great.
Thanks so much.
Thanks for having me.
That would be great at a
dinner party.
It looks great, man.
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From our waters to your table,
wild-caught, Gulf- fresh seafood
is fresh, local and healthy.
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