130119 Super Junior M's Interview with Music Billboard 音乐风云榜 Part 2/2 (eng sub cc)

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It's very hot today because there are many guests. We haven't seen today's guests in a long time.
They will also have some new changes. This time they're finally here with their new album Break Down
Let's put our hands together for Super Junior M! Welcome!
Hello, audiences of Music Billboard We are Super Junior M!
Now we'll talk about talent. As we were talking about it, two people couldn't hold it in any longer
Because Henry said it himself before. He participated in production
Clever Amazing
Yes, so did you participate in productions before?
Yes, in our previous album, Perfection I had a solo which was also a song that I wrote myself
So you've participated before Zhoumi, is this your first time taking part in this area?
I've actually participated in all the albums'
Because I had written for the first 3 albums so the fans were also anticipating for the next one
So I kept taking on that responsibility (of writing songs)
Talking about Break Down, I heard that the moves for this song are very classic
I had actually wanted Eunhyuk to demonstrate a bit, but I heard you were injured
I'm okay Are you okay?
Okay, let's do it like this. You dance, then I'll find someone to dance with you
Actually in the past year, they were all very busy Because the new year is coming
Last year, including with Siwon, and then Donghae, Zhoumi, and Henry You've all acted in dramas or movies
Are you all satisfied with your results this year? Zhoumi?
I'm actually quite happy with last year, because "When Love Walked In" is considered my first official idol drama I learnt many things
This time, I had a good opportunity to act in a movie with Michelle Yeoh And I was also the male lead
I had never dreamed that I would have such an opportunity
Just now, as we were talking, we mentioned the topic about group collaboration
So I hope that, since everybody had taken part in acting So I will split everyone into 2 teams
So we'll showcase which team has the stronger team spirit
We're going to choose 2 leaders; One is Donghae and the other is Siwon Both of you are going to be the leaders of your team
I'm going to tell you the prize, which is being able to eat the most authentic Beijing snacks Because Siwon told me just now that he was hungry
And the penalty is trying out some of Beijing's more unique snacks Those that most people wouldn't dare to try
With a bonus hug from Mr Gorilla
Eunhyuk! Monkey
Thank you, Mr Gorilla. Please great us first Now why don't you just stand here
We're going to start now The task in actually very easy
Donghae and Siwon will choose 3 members each and form 2 teams Then there will be a big test on their acting skills
The winning team will be able to try the various snacks we prepared While the losing team will have to try Beijing's unique bean juice
Will the Super Junior members like the taste of bean juice? Donghae and Siwon, quickly pick your members and start the challenge!
Siwon's King of Dramas Farewell Scene
Henry Manager
I'm going to join the army Ok, you have to take care of your body
I will come back for you
But you have to remember to change your socks, and takes your baths
Ok I will When you can't finish your food, don't stuff them in your underwear, noted?
You didn't have to give me the money
Use it well Why is it so little?
Kiss kiss kiss I will miss you
Are you leaving?
Sadness Take care
Take note of your health
I don't have money
Just go
You know everything about what we did last night right?
Fine, continue keeping your mouth shut Here, morning coffee
It's good right?
Donghae's Miss Panda and Hedgehog scene
Drink it
*expert in panda language*
Firstly I have to tell all of you Everyone in the studio
Donghae, Eunhyuk, Zhoumi, and Henry They're in one team
And then Siwon, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Sungmin are one team
We'll first hear it for Donghae's team. If you liked their performances, give them a round of applause
Next, if you liked Siwon's team, give them a round of applause
You've won!
We'll first reward Donghae's team Donghae, Eunhyuk, Henry, and Zhoumi
We'll give you something delicious
The team receiving the punishments will have to each some very special foods
Is this good for the body?
I have to explain the Chinese name for this is dou zhi (bean juice)
Actually like old Beijing, there are many people in Beijing who love it But there are also many people who hate the taste
What is this?
This is somewhat..
Beijing I love you
Beijing I love you forever
Okay, you don't have to really finish it
Really? No need, really
Lastly, we hope that someone will represent the members to sing a small part
Who will do it Everyone votes to pick one person
A Distant Embrace
At Least I Still Have You