Ruben Papian - The god, the devil and women

Uploaded by rubenpapian on 26.02.2009

We mentioned something… someone said something about devils and such?
Something to do with the women?
Yes, they are devils..
No, no, devil has a lot to work there Yes? Yes, yes.
He cannot process it so easy?
No, devil is just "he". And given the fact that is he
he doesn`t have the intuition developed enough nor the charm that women have
he does not have the ability to communicate and to manipulate, so devil is just a small child
Compared to women? Yes, yes
Preschool? Nationality is irrelevant
Yes, I wanted to ask that. It`s absolutely irrelevant
And some smart people say that the devils best trick was to convince the mankind that he does not exist
I wasn`t there then… I don`t… Then, is it…?
I don`t… maybe. Were you there? Colleague, you…
I haven`t heard that from you… No, did you…
Probably, in some way… You weren`t on the excursion?
I was absent from that class. We didn`t get t that semester on the Institute.
And why do people sell their souls to devil much easier than to god?
It`s better paid, that is very simple
Explain it to me, colleague
I will, pay attention. When do people talk to god?
Basically, when they need something. Isn`t that so?
Only then
Nobody comes to and says - my friend, what do you need?
They always say - I wish, please, pay attention, solve this for me, my entire life and so on…
Well, when he doesn`t want to solve it…
You see, basically, everybody expects god, I hope he is watching us now
to leave all of his work and to work all day long for particular man
And there are several billion, 7 according to last research, of men like him in this world
So, this god doesn`t do anything, just through that divine internet all day long, he is in the system too
he writes what he has to. And devil, nobody comes to him and tell him - do this
This is reversed situation. Just don`t touch me
I will listen to you and so on. So, it`s not easy to talk to devil
It`s not easy. But he rewards, doesn`t he?
In a way. And god always say - when will this people do something for themselves, always me, me, me…
If something doesn`t happen, people say - it`s god`s fault
Do you want to hear a joke?
Let`s hear it
Man is in the water and he is about to drown. And then there is that boat, how do you call it?
Rescuing boat
A few of them comes, they see a man in the water, and they say - let`s rescue you, to throw you this
he says - no, no, please don`t. - Why not? He says - I am a believer
I was that my whole life, I believe in god, if it is my destiny god will save me
Ok, they are puzzled, they think he is faking it, so they go back
The man is in the water, the rescue team returns to him and says - let`s throw you that… how do you call that ring?
Rescue belt
He says - no, no, no, and he drowns. The man was a believer, he had a direct link, and he went to heaven
There in heaven he spent some time
One day, god came out with his crew for a walk and this man approached him
excuse me, god, I have a question. He says - yes, how can I help you?
I have spent my entire life going to church, I believed, I have literally lived by your rules
but when I was in hard situation you have somehow forgotten about me
and you didn`t save me, I want to know why?
And god said - What`s your name? He said - John Smith. - I have sent the boat twice!