How To Download Facebook Videos (2013) | How To Download A Video From Facebook

Uploaded by HowToVideoInfo on 11.12.2012

How to download a video on facebook for free.
If you want to download a video on facebook, you can do so very simply by following these
quick steps.
First off, log into your facebook account
and find a video you'd like to download.
When you've found it, right-click,
click Copy Link Address.
Then go to
which is formally
this box, click Paste
and then click Download
Now it'll download, and once it's ready,
very simply just have to right-click
download video,
Save Link As.
Now a pop up,
and you can name it whatever you want. Let's call it sample2, it'll save it as an MP4.
Click Save.
And there you have a downloaded facebook video.
Starts playing,
and that's it!
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