Genghis Khan Episode 7 English Subtitle (Captions)

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The word "Yi" probably can only be understood by Chinese alone.
The so called "Yi brothers" (sworn brothers)
Refer to those who are not kin forming a strong bond by pledge.
Mongolian is called Anda.
Tiemuzhen and Zhamuhe, these two grassland heros,
had three times sworn to be "Yi brothers",
yet they fought life-and-death battles with each other for more than 20 years.
Are you sure it's Aletan and Huorchi who want tojoin us?
It doesn't surprise me that Aletan comes,
But Huorchi is Zhamuhe's cousin,
How can he desert Zhamuhe
andjoin us?
Is there a trap?
Let's go and check out.
Please listen to me.
I figure you two brothers must think
I'm Zhamuhe's close relative,
why should ljoin you?
Although my ancestors and Zhamuhe's ancestors had the same mother,
But they belonged to two families.
I belong to the real Golden Family.
Of course I should contribute my wisdom
to the Golden Family.
However this is not
why I left Zhamuhe.
What's more important,
Yesterday night an immortal let me have a dream.
What did you dream of?
I dreamt of
a yellow cow
going around Zhamuhe.
It knocks over Zhamuhe's carriage,
then dashes towards Zhamuhe,
What happens then?
Zhamuhe dodges and the cow bumps against a tree,
Its horn breaks with a crack,
And it becomes a cow with a single horn.
The cow turns around suddenly,
kicks dirts towards Zhamuhe,
and says in human voice,
"Give abck my horn!"
What happens later?
Then the cow carries Zhamuhe and his carriage
and follows Tiemuzhen.
It runs along an even road
and howls loudly. It howls while running.
I still don't understand.
Ah! The providence wants you to become an emperor,
It's a whole country that the cow carries.
The glory of the Golden family is soon to recover!
Heaven and immortals revealed to me secret of providence,
Let me see such s scene with my own eyes.
So I come to report to you.
If you become a king one day,
How will you repay me who brought you such good news.
If I become a king,
I will grant you a fief of ten thousand households,
That's the equivalent of the Hans' marquis.
Fine. Huorchi.
In addition to that,
You should always follow my advice in the future.
No problem.
Besides, you shall allow me select 30 beauties in the country to be my wives.
30 wives?
Aren't you a stallion?
30 is not too many,
the Han emperor has much more.
Thank Chief for your kindness.
As all the chiefs are my witness,
A king must keep his promise.
I've got all that I wanted.
Now you must fulfill your promise,
and follow my first advice.
You should become the Qiyan tribe's khan.
Tiemuzhen, this remark of Huorchi's does make sense.
Brother, you should become Khan.
Right, brother, it's time for you to become Khan.
Brother. Brother.
Brother, say something.
Tiemuzhen, haven't you ever thought
that we Mongols need our own Khan?
Only thus can we achieve the unity
and solidarity among the various Mongol tribes,
so we can have enough strength to
fight all our enemies who oppress us. In order to set up the throne of khan,
We must call the chiefs of the various tribes
by a plenary session. To a meeting.
The khan must be elected
Do you think it's absolutely certain
that I'll be elected?
Can scramble for the throne of khan with Tiemuzhen. Only your uncle Talitai,
Aletan who's a descendant of Khan Hutula,
your cousin Huchar,
plus Sachabieqi who's a descendant of the oldest son of Khan Hetula
and the son of Khan Woquibarhehan.
Here's my analysis:
Among them you uncle
and you cousin
have never had any military exploits
besides, they've once deserted us,
so they won't compete with you.
The most likely one who has the qualification
to be your rival is Sachabieqi, a Zhurqi
who doesn't know his own limitations.
Is that muddle-headed fellow worthy of becoming Khan?
If he becomes khan,
He'll lead us to steal horses.
You think he's a muddle-headed fellow,
But he himself believes
he's the most eligible candidate.
Otherwise he wouldn't have left us more than ten years ago
and set up an independent tribe with Talilhutai.
Right. Sachabieqi is our major rival.
My suggestion is to ask your uncle Dalitai
to nominate Tiemuzhen
then let your cousin Huchar
take the oath of allegiance to you first.
Aletan must find it hard to object openly,
Being isolated, Sachabieqi
with one hand.
Sachabieqi can't clap
This is a good idea
Strike the iron when it's hot,
Let's do it right away.
This matter must proceed swiftly,
my uncle and my cousin Huchar.
I'll ask my mother to talk to
What's the matter?
Isn't it Menglike and Shuchitai?
How are you? Two brothers.
Chief Zhamuhe, does this Hulijinzhalihai
just want to have a sip of horse milk wine and leave?
Don't repeat the tone of that dead man Yesugay.
Just like you.
I intend to serve chief Zhamuhe
together later.
We can often drink horse mile wine
Why wait until later?
To celebrate our reunion.
Bring two more bowls
It's not necessary. Zhamuhe, Tiemuzhen is your sworn brother.
Dalihutai is Tiemuzhen's enemy,
therefore should also be your enemy.
Why do you take in this stray cur?
You and Tiemuzhen took for three times?
Haven't you forgotten the oath
It's not me who have forgotten the oath,
It's Tiemuzhen.
I organized an allied forces of 40,00 men
and helped him take revenge and get back his wife.
But why did he leave me without saying goodbye?
Why did he take in
Aletan and Huorchi who left me
and thousands of their subordinates?
For leaving you without saying goodbye He must have had some unspeakable reasons
But it didn't amount to betrayal.
Aletan and Huorchi
putted out to pasture with Tiemuzhen
exactly actuated themselves desire.
But it didn't amount to betrayal.
Don't say anymore,
Me, Zhamuhe's saber.
I never kill my guests.
Don't you two
also want tojoin Tiemuzhen?
Chief Zhamuhe,
I think these two
will flee tojoin Tiemuzhen sooner or later.
In 1184, Tiemuzhen aged 22
in our Mongol Qiyan tribe
since Khan Hutula died.
The title of khan has been vacant
There must be a queen in a beehive, A group of wild geese also has a leading goose.
How can our Mongol tribe with a population of tens of thousands do without a khan?
Today the various tribe chiefs gather here in order to elect a kahn.
Since the time our ancestor Haidu,
All khans were elected from talented people.
Now the grassland is dominated by several powers
that fight against each other.
Our Mongol tribe is so weak
because of our disunity. What we lack is a wise and resolute common leader.
Now we have one, he is Tiemuzhen,
who is a direct descendant of the Golden Family,
he's the only choice for a khan of the Qiyan tribe.
We support Tiemuzhen to be our khan.
Right. We support Tiemuzhen to be our khan.
Dalitai is my fourth uncle,
Uncle Aletan is a descendant of Khan Hutula.
Brother Huchar is the oldest son of my second uncle.
Brother Sachabieqi is also a descendant of the oldest son of Khan Hebule.
They are either my uncles or elder brothers,
Am I Tiemuzhen a little too young?
I'm afraid I couldn't shoulder this heavy responsibility and make everybody obey me.
It looks Tiemuzhen has scruples about us.
We take an oath before Heaven.
I take an oath before Heaven.
How about you? Aletan.
I also swear to support Tiemuzhen.
Don't stare blankly. Let's swear. Go.
We support Tiemuzhen to be our khan.
We support Tiemuzhen to be our khan.
We shall be Tiemuzhen's forerunners on the battlefield.
We shall be Tiemuzhen's forerunners on the battlefield.
We shall offer pretty girls
fine drapes and swift steeds
that we have plundered to Khan Tiemuzhen first.
We shall offer pretty girls
fine drapes and swift steeds
hat we have plundered to Khan Tiemuzhen first.
If we disobey Khan's orders in war time,
Khan could desert our wives and daughters
confiscate our property,
throw our heads in the wildness
If we disobey Khan's orders in peace time,
Khan could take over our subordinates.
Snatch our wives and daughters.
Throw our dead dodies in the wildness.
I swear before Heaven, Huchar
Dalitai. Altetan.
Tiemuzhen is now our new khan.
We support Timuzen to be our khan.
Damned Tiemuzhen!
This was obviously a plot to force you to give in.
Wasn't it Dalitai who proposed
that Tiemuzhen be khan.
Did Tiemuzhen decline for a while?
Tiemuzhen pointed out that
Sachabieqi is a descendant
of the oldest son of the Khan Hebule.
Later it's Huchar who made everybody support Tiemuzhen.
Who's Huchar?
He's the son of Tiemuzhen's second uncle.
Obviously this is their ploy to cheat our Zhurqis.
Tiemuzhen has usurped the throne of khan which should belong to Sachabieqi.
Mother, what should we do?
Should we leave Tiemuzhen?
No. If we leave the Qiyan tribe,
Whose khan can you become?
Then we should give in to Tiemuzhen without resistance?
Don't worry.
Don't shoot a game at the first sight,
Close in on it little by little,
Only start to attack when one shot can kill, Wait,
Tiemuzhen will give us such chance.
What? Tiemuzhen is going to call himself khan?
Chief Zhamuhe, it's absolutely true.
Brother, since he was deserted by his subordinates
and owned only 9 horses,
We Zhadalan tribe has dominated the Mongol tribe.
It's you who led 40,000 allied troops and defeated the Mierqis
and helped him get back his wife.
It's you who helped him gather his scattered people and made him strong.
Last time he left without saying goodbye.
Now he calls himself khan
without even notifying us.
Does he still respect us?
This is almost return evil for good.
Chief Zhamuhe,
Tiemuzhen's envoys to notify his inauguration
have returned from Heilin, Tuowolin Khan's territory, and come to the Zhadalan tribe
What was Tuowolin Khan's reaction?
It's said he gladly acknowledged Tiemuzhen
as the Mongol khan.
This dotard!
Perhaps an old fox also!
Chief Zhamuhe,
Tuowolin is not a Mongol,
He doesn't care about who becomes the Mongol khan. Moreover, he's Yesugay's sworn brother.
Chief Zhamuhe,
You wouldn't be so dull as to
be fooled by Tiemuzhen and still applaud?
Don't you want to use chief Zhamuhe's hands
to kill Tiemuzhen
who you tried to kill but failed?
You're Yesugay's good friend.
What do you mean?
I left Tiemuzhen at the same time as you,
When you set up an independent tribe,
I'd already led my subordinates tojoin chief Zhamuhe.
Can our friendship of more than ten years
be destroyed
by a filthy mouth?
Chief Zhamuhe,
Don't listen to his instigation.
A filthy mouth never speaks good words.
The Mongols need unification, not internal strife
Otherwise the Tatars who have already recovered
and the remaining Mierqis,
especially the Jin Dynasty who massacres us every three years
will exterminate our race when we're busy fighting each other.
Don't argue anymore.
I want to see my good sworn brother
Tiemuzhen Khan's envoys.
Give my orders,
Line up and welcome them.
Haven't I made myself clear?
The nobles of the Qiyan tribe and the chiefs of the various tribes
have elected Tiemuzhen to be the khan of the Qiyan tribe in consensus.
Now we're here to notify the Zhadalan tribe,
and hope Brother Zhamuhe will kindly acknowledge
and give support as an ally.
To my good sworn brother.
I have nothing to say
But I do have a few words to ask you
to pass on to Huchar, Aletan and Talitai,
As Tiemuzhen's brother and uncle,
Why they have to drive a wedge between me and my sworn brother Tiemuzhen?
How could I not know such things?
When your brother and I were together,
Why they didn't elect Tiemuzhen khan then?
What are their motives to do it now?
You only want me to
pass on such accusations to them?
No, tell them,
I hope they keep their promise,
make my sworn brother feel secure,
and never go back on their word again.
A tribe needs a khanjust like a piece of clothing needs a collar,
Only if they wouldn't tear apart your collar.
Don't worry about that.
As long as we brothers are around
and you, his good sworn brother, support us,
We won't let anyone
tear our collar.
Ok, then I'lljust treat you, envoys of my good sworn brother,
to our Zhadalans' excellent horse milk wine.
Please sit down. Everybody,
I propose this toast to celebrate my sworn brother's inauguration as the Qiyan tribe's khan.
We Mongols have a unique leader now.
From now on,
Every Mongol shall obey him,
Are we Zhadalans included?
This you have to ask Tiemuzhen's three envoys.
Chief Zhamuhe,
Why you let a dog come to such a nice banquet?
Who are you referring to?
Who else?
Itjust barked a moment ago.
How dare you!
You should call me uncle.
Chief Zhamuhe,
Who is that man whojust talked so unkindly to us?
I am Talihutai
Oh, you are the Hulijinzhalihai that chief Yesugay used to call,
a selfish and greedy fellow.
Now I see how you look like.
How dare you disrespect seniors!
You almost killed my whole family.
What kind of senior are you?
Shut up.
Don't forget this is my brother Zhamuhe's tribe.
He who comes to sing is my friend.
Whoever makes rude remarks
is not my friend.
Come on, let's drink wine.
Right. Let's drink wine.
These two elders are right,
We come to visits our new khan's good sworn brother chief Zhamuhe,
He offers us
such good horse milk wine,
how can we disappoint him?
Come on, drink
What good horse milk wine! Look,
Chief Zhamuhe is drunkjust from smelling it.
What kind of sworn brother is he?
What's his purpose to take in Talihutai who wants to kill us?
In my opinion, We have to fight it out with him sooner or later.
Let's fight, we are not afraid of him now.
Shut up.
Of course!
You're Khan's brothers,
You ought to think twice before you act.
Although we have ten to twenty thousand subordinates,
The Mierqis haven't been destroyed completely,
Tuohetuoa and his son have gathered up their scattered people
and only wait for the opportunity to take revenge.
The Tatars are a stronger enemy because they're backed by the Jin Dynasty,
And the Taichiwus who hate us so much
hope to incite a conflict between us and Zhamuhe.
So I think although Zhamuhe is not a good sworn brother,
He shouldn't be our sworn enemy either.
Tiemuzhen, what do you think?
I think anyhow Zhamuhe helped us
We shouldn't forget this great favor.
Of course I hope he can become my ally in recovering our ancestors' glory.
What I want to see last is his becoming our enemy.
Even if we have to meet one day on the battlefield,
I'm still willing to let him attack me first.
Hasar, what do you think?
Only because I think the same way as my brother
I didn't quarrel with him in his tent.
Mother, what's your opinion?
Tiemuzhen, you are already khan,
You should decide everything by yourself.
Yes. Mother. Listen up,
the Zhadalans are our ally just like the Kelie tribe. We have to be tolerant of them
and avoid conflict in order not to cause misunderstanding.
We are only at the first stage of building up,
I don't want war,
I want my subordinates to be rich,
our cows and goats to be fact, our horses and camels to be strong
We completely obey Khan's orders.
Tiemuzhen's inauguration as the Qiyan tribe's khan
opened a new chapter of his hegemony on the grassland,
but it also brought intricate new conflicts.
It not only sped the gathering of his external enemies,
but caused internal disunity among the Mongol nobles.
Look, who are those people?
They look like Zhadalans. We'd better leave here soon.
Leave here quickly.
Whose horses are those?
Don't ask We can't provoke them.
They are Tiemuzhen's.
That's right. He is now the powerful Khan of the Qiyan tribe.
What? Can a goat boss the show after it wears a waistband?
Things are different now.
Before he didn't have so many horses,
Since he took in those horse thieves of the Zhurqi family,
His horses increase day by day.
There are maybe our horses among them?
Let's go and take a look Forget it.
Even your brother chief Zhamuhe
has to give in to him.
stop! Who are they? Maybe Tiemuzhen's men.
They've come again.
Stop. Go.
Is it chiefDachar?
Who are you?
I'm Zhelemie, a leader-of-people appointed by KhanTiemuzhen.
I've seen you in my brother's tent.
There must be some misunderstanding, Chief Dachar.
Those youjust took away are our Qiyan tribe's horses.
Sorry. I did itjust because I recognized they were yours.
A blacksmith has burned his apron.
Yourjoke went a bit too far.
But I still want to go further
Come, chop off the head of Tiemuzhens' leader-of-people
to see if he will still be so cheerful.
Your brother and Tiemuzhen have sworn three times to be sworn brothers,
I don't want to hurt the friendly feelings between us because of a few horses.
You'd better return our horses
Leave your head
so you can eat meat, Don't let it be chopped off.
Ljust want to chop off your head.
Why are you so stubborn?
Our Tiemuzhen Khan said,
If we meet Zhadalans,
We must give in 3 strikes of saber to them first.
I have already given in 2 strikes.
This strike will chop off your head.
Well, Dachar,
You'd better return our horses to me,
Go back and practice your swordsmanship more.
Run! Hurry!
Chief Zhamuhe, this is our
Taichiwu tribe's warrior Nayaa.
He alone can pull this carriage with three cows.
Is it possible?
I want to see it with my own eyes.
Nayaa, you can begin.
Who's this man?
His name is Zhirhuoadai,
He is a sharpshooter.
Sharp shooter?
To be able to shoot arrows is quite common on the grassland,
Does this guy have something special?
Chief Zhamuhe,
I will know when I see him
Put the bowl on your head and go over there.
Wait. Do you want to shoot this bowl?
Uncle Talihutai,
With such men of special ability, You can sure dominate the grassland and rebuild Mongol.
Chief Zhamuhe, I'm already over 50,
While you are in your prime age,
My only wish is to help you unify Mongol.
Chief Zhamuhe,
What's the matter?
ChiefDachar has been killed.
What? Brother. What's the matter?
We were pasturing horses in the campsite,
Tiemuzhen sent his leader-of-people Zhelemie to snatch our horses.
He killed 4 of our herdsmen,
and also killed chiefDachar in the end.
Brother. Dachar.
Chief Zhamuhe, how can one not avenge such atrocity? Even I can't swallow this kind of insult.
I must unite every man who is Tiemuzhen's enemy.
I must kill him.
Tiemuzhen. Stop laughing.
Pull Chahetai away.
Don't you see he's getting desperate?
Are you a wolf? You bite.
Father, why you didn't scold him?
Chahetai, you must remember,
Don't depend on anyone else to protect you,
Don't beg anyone else to stand up for you
Only after you've learned how to survive
with your own power,
then can you become a real Mongol. Go.
Tiemuzhen Khan, something wrong has happened.
Zhelemie has been arrested
by the Zhurqis
You killed Zhamuhe's brother Dachar?
I killed Zhamuhe's brother?
I thought I killed
an unreasonable horse thief.
Don't you know
what kind of troube you got us into?
I don't know.
I only know that I can't let our horses
be snatched away if someone feels like to.
That was Zhamuhe's brother.
By killing him,
You could incite a war between us and the Zhadalans.
According to you,
because he's a Zhadalan,
we must give him our horses if he wants them,
we must let our men be killed if he wants to kill them.
You really want to know what I think?
I love to know.
I will hand you over to Zhamuhe,
Let him decide your punishment.
You sounds as if you were a Zhadalan.
Only in this way can this dispute be put down.
You'd better hand him over to Tiemuzhen Khan.
I don't even have the right to punish a slave blacksmith?
Come. Bind him up.
That won't do.
If you bind my hands,
how can I defend myself with my saber?
Tiemuzhen is coming.
Ok, I'll ask Tiemuazen to kill you.
Your leader-of-people has got us into big trouble.
I know it all.
Now only by turning him over to Zhamuhe,
Can a war be avoided.
If I turn him over to Zhamuhe,
Then Zhamuhe won't attack us, right?
That's not for sure.
He killed Zhamuhe's brother.
Since even if we give him to Zhamuhe,
Zhamuhe might still attack us.
Then why should we send Zhelemie to him in vain?
Right. I also think this way.
You shut up.
I said,
We must restrain ourselves. We can't fight an internal war.
But what have you done?
Khan, you can kill me for bringing disaster to the tribe,
But I did it to protect our subordinates and horse.
Get away.
Don't you protect your subordinates like this?
I protect every Mongol who follows me.
You will drag us into a war,
a genocide.
But it's not I who want war.
Since the day I was born,
War has never stopped on the grassland.
I want to avoid war,
but if I can't avoid it,
I have to choose war.
Let's go.
He seems to have forgotten his oath.
Come whatever may, we'll manage Let's go.
Thank all chiefs for coming tojoin this campaign.
Uncle Talihutai and Khan Buyiluhei know
Tiemuzhen is a threatening wolf on the grassland.
If we don't get rid of him quickly,
He'll become big trouble for all of us.
If that's not the case,
We the Naiman tribe wouldn't have come.
Chief Buyiluhei Khan really talks straightforwardly
Then I'll say something.
In this campaign,
our 13 routes of armies add up to 30,000 men,
We outnumber them by far,
which is very favorable to us.
But we must launch a surprise attack on Tiemuzhen
So must not leak out information.
This is Tiemuzhen's campsite Dalanbanzhushi,
Our 13 routes of armies will march separately
and surround Tiemuzhen in the valley.
The his men will be like a flock of sheep driven into the sheepfold, waiting to be slaughtered.
Then we can annihilate
the entire Qiyan tribe.
The specific plan is as follows:
The Taichiwu tribe is the first wing,
Our Zhadalan tribe is the second wing,
The Naiman tribe is the third wing.
In the spring of 1191, the Thirteen-Wings battle.
In the spring of 1191, Zhamuhe organized an allied army of 13 tribes and launched attack on
Tiemuzhen at Dalanbanzhushi.
This was the famous Thirteen-Wings Battle in history.
Uncle Menglike's son Kuokuochu has
urgent military information to tell us.
Kuokuochu, why you come here?
Zhamuhe's 30,000 troops are secretly approaching you in 13 directions.
Oh, how did you pass through the marsh to get to our campsite?
I was taken as a pupil by old Saman at the age of 5,
Now I'm already an expert wizard,
Moreover, I passed through my father and uncle Shuchitai's campsite,
So everything was smooth.
Thank you, thank your father.
Khan, my father said he was asked by Uncle Yesugay on his deathbed to take care of you,
So he did what he should.
Where are you and your uncle Shuchitai's troop's campsite?
My father and Shuchitai set up their campsite on the bank of Wonan river.
Good. Borshu.
You escort brother Kuokuochu out of the campsite.
Please. Brother, what should we do?
This Zhamuhe has provoked us many times for the past 6 years,
This time he even united 13 tribes to destroy us.
Let them know we Qiyan tribe are eagles on the grassland, not mice.
The Zhadalans are attacking us.
It's your good sworn brother,
It's Zhamuhe whom I persuaded you not to provoke.
You didn't follow my advice,
and said you wanted to protect your subordinates.
Fine, now the opportunity comes. Protect them well,
but only after you succeed in keeping yourself alive.
I will.
If one can beat the enemy by bragging,
What's the use of sabers?
Khan Tiemuzhen, I feel we can't fight this battle.
The Zhadalan, Taichiwu and Naiman tribes are all powerful enemies,
But on our side,
The various families and nobles have their own designs.
We can't win this battle.
I once said
Zhamuhe had done me great favor.
I don't want to fight him on the battlefield.
This time I will have to.
Because if we retreat through Menglike and uncle Shuchitai's campsite without putting up any resistance,
we'll obviously betray them.
So we fight only in order to retreat.
Zhelemie, Muster the troops.
Retreat to Gulieyan.
Block the enemy.
Troops in ambush attack their flank!
Our troops in ambush have intercepted the Naimans. Retreat.
Battle of 13 tribes is a great disparity in strength.
In order to remaining the power
depending on the help of his father's friend Menglike and Shuchitai,
Tiemuzhen escaped from surrounding of Zhamuhe.
Tiemuzhen is coming! Run!