Naked Women's Wrestling League Thoughts

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now I am the super bowl she's
February first
work this way
I voted that's so
okay first stop this is for adults only
%uh jet eight she on that charges new York
be sure to watch my
of safety they always stay
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and still confronting the it's are as dole
that's supposedly is so still easier to who it is
and it 'cause you take you deep okay
all right I want to talk with this deal
the topic of his views
they key women's breasts Lee I found out about this organization yesterday
as a matter of the city's alone
persistent rumors that his eyes call
buchanan is in brussels
who is it only John the this is a century
of thing
right she did not has cited a case
with wrestling one on that kids
I didn't believe it not that for watching
get through with me
there were fears of
one of the these eighty four
yet there is more %uh that he was
thank you
greatest hits care
I've cited so it goes the
well he is doing his thing character
the little bit cynical heavy Bush who is %uh
suppose if he did
bill koenig daughter of who were still people actually yes
you have to be TV rights
on another do was lay off they say
thank you thank you
don't see any thoughts
Don this is a on so
good show
did a great disservice awful
the vote for races started
well we have to leave
he than the voter best his race
yes his second reason
there's twin pieces with his he lawyer
again this is simply pete wilson care to
this is tricky
today he's at home for me
that is his only legal that caucus I don't know
he's scared is well
%uh the season were it and that's a good question
what do I think not gentiva of old KGB giants
I haven't seen enough that crockett yeah okay
are there for actress to take his life
she said
that for after state version defense side
and don't of the elements that
deadly keep this is keep that's it
it is it is more talking the
they kept the hill
don't address than eighty eight the child
kate you know there's just some that week city
this is so tight that home
this so-called us is promotion of life is
%uh accuses parties he
it's stuff or
so on zone
thank you
right to you is her home
ITT about full the on this I'm not sure
which you guys think it's it's a good feel for its new
the on dates in the comment box
you could feel free to the response it now
I take it you guys antitrust don't do something
I guess somebody is particular these bonds
but it says that the saga is that the subject of them
talk to us
it's a city
%uh kitty hawk to leave his cell
I take it you guys
overall media my property but
well kids who is
gail o'day of that
and it doesn't of the held two thousand seven a Cuban revolution through
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i'd say life and ATT
nice view down the road
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yeah there's a teacher I think
so says working just put the shotgun blast site
by the end of the week hello
places of is still wet
in saint louis is weak John
this is a isn't done picture
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of this is not a lot of the and it's interesting
the files of
his chair stuff okay on
I don't want of what is this kato I don't know
how reviews decade
%uh proceed to attack it
talk it down
%uh this naked with his restless the on
let me add that since he got no car wanted to what is it
anyways closing you guys gee we'd take strong issue case
give me your he gives up his organization think you've got
this is
what about held responsible for a child
I don't think this is is that we want game to do
I thought that was true a lot there
so you've got two thousand
I always say got there and on Wall street
nice life