Thierry and Guillaume at Antidote Wine Bar

Uploaded by antidotewinebar on 14.09.2012

Antidote is the place to be for relaxing and experiencing true food and true wines.
You work all day, you spend six or eight hours in the place and you come back to a place
when you want to unwind, where you feel comfortable. I know you people arrive with your suits,
take off your tie, breath, it's a place of leisure and pleasure. You get organic wine,
it's not going to do any harm to your headache and you get many plate of nice food which
is going to please your belly. So when you come back home what do you do? You smile even
if you get grief from the missus, its what important? In France when we talk about
wine bar, bar à Vin, it's a place where you go and you eat and you've got a real food
menu where you can have starters, mains, deserts, you can do a four course if you want, in a
pretty relaxed atmosphere, more like a bistro type of atmosphere, but it's slightly different
in England where people think wine bar, people think wine and the food ala Francaise. We got
the same feel, the same passion, we've got the same taste, not in women of course but
hey, so there you are. I'm very proud and Guillame is very proud as well to bring a
plate and say because I know where the food is coming from and I know the way it's been
prepared and I think it s very important. Same for the wine, I know every single person
behind the wine in the glass, which is very important, you alright, put the plate on,
enjoy yourself, big smile, because you are proud about what you put on your plate.
In France you don't drink wine without food, so it's very simple, it's very good wines,
organic a lot, seasonal food, very well sourced, simply cooked and that s all and then you
enjoy it, that's what it is. And this is what we try to create here in England, I mean try
to have a little bit of vive la difference, the French. Exactement.