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I will never let them go!
Get a sneak peek at the latest episode of Superbook.
It's a whole lot better than my magic card shuffle.
Well, welcome to The 700 Club. Potential Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump used to
be pro-choice. Now he says he's pro-life.
And one of the main reasons he changed his mind was the decision of close personal friends
who chose to keep their child rather than have an abortion. David Brody has that story
from New York.
We're here in Times Square, where there is so much hustle and bustle. But the guy that's
really making noise in the 2012 presidential race is Donald Trump. And we came to New York
to interview the Donald. We met with him at his offices, Trump Tower here in New York
City. One of the questions I had for him was, "How did you go from being pro-choice about
10 to 12 years to now being pro-life?" Here's the answer. (Interviewing): The evangelicals
do want to feel at least secure that they're going to have a nominee that's going to at
least be solid on those issues, those social issues, and someone that's not going to just
cut and move on.
Well, one thing about me, I'm a very honorable guy. Okay. And I'm pro-life, but I changed
my view a number of years ago. And one of the reasons I changed, one of the primary
reasons, a friend of mine, his wife was pregnant, in this case married. She was pregnant and
he was going to, they were going toóhe didn't really want the baby. And he was telling me
the story. He was crying as he was telling me. They ended up for some reason, amazingly,
through luck, because they didn't have the right timing, he ends up having the baby,
and the baby is the apple of his eye. He said it's the greatest thing that's ever happened
to him. And you know here's a baby that wasn't going to be let into life. And I heard this,
and some other stories, and I am pro-life.
So those stories did come around and change your view?
Yes, they changed my view as to that. Absolutely.
That interview was well over 30 minutes and he talked about a myriad of issues, including
his message to evangelicals and the fact that people actually send him Bibles. Wait until
you hear about that. That's all next week on The 700 Club. David Brody, CBN News, in
New York City.
In the interview, Trump also said he started to have some conservations with top evangelical
leaders about running. We'll have David's story on his interview with Donald Trump next
week on The 700 Club.
Lee Webb has the rest of our top stories from the CBN Newsroom. Lee.
And Gordon, the pro-life movement is adopting a new tactic on behalf of the unborn: prayer
on the front lines. They are praying outside abortion clinics now for 40 days twice a year,
and 400,000 people have joined them. Paul Strand has that story.
They're standing and they're praying in 247 cities between March 9th and April 17th. Why
for 40 days? Because scripture shows God often brings about transformation during 40-day
And when we see the 53 million abortions that have been committed in America, we know we
need some transformation.
National directors David Bereit and Shawn Carney say they're seeing it.
And we've had 3,599 moms come to us and confirm that they've saved their babies, already hundreds
this spring.
We've seen nine abortion facilities close their doors and go out of business forever.
And we've now seen 43 abortion workers have conversions and leave the abortion industry.
Sherri Jackson, mother of eight in Manassas, Virginia, always brings two tiny rubber babies
to these vigils that are actually powerful examples.
I have a little brown baby and a little pink baby, 12-week-old pre-born children that we
usually hold as a reminder that we all start small. We all start this small. The words
of our Lord are, "Whatsoever you do the least of My brothers, that you do unto Me." And
the unborn are the least of our brothers and sisters.
Sherri's husband Tim says the vigils bring about a power.
I've never had a sense that my prayers are effective like I have praying outside a facility
like this. We need to get men out here. I'm a retired Marine. We need to get more men
out here praying. It works. It has an effect.
Some people think, "Well, when I go I'll be depressed, or I'll be angry," and that's not
the case.
A lot of people have waved and honked at us, showing that they appreciate what we're doing.
When we go, we take the Prince of Peace with us to a place that has no peace, and we pray.
And we trust God with the results. And that's why it's been successful.
Bereit points out that scripture tells believers to rescue those being led to the slaughter,
and now they can do it locally.
That is where children are being aborted, and that is where we can intercede to save
those lives, to protect those mothers and literally to change hearts and minds in our
This campaign, the 40 Days for Life, is all about prayer. And it's about allowing God
to work through us, through our peaceful vigil, to change hearts.
It's empowering. It's encouraging. And the people who participate in 40 Days for Life
see that they're the ones that are transformed. Their hearts are turned closer to our Lord
as they participate.
Paul Strand, CBN News, Manassas, Virginia.
Congressional negotiators are still trying to come up with a budget deal before midnight
tonight to avoid a government shutdown. The lawmakers and the White House say they've
narrowed their differences, but they aren't talking about what's dividing them. A shutdown
would mean, of course, hundreds of thousands of workers would be staying home, and that
would delay work on things like tax returns, business loans, medical research, visa and
passport services, and so on. Both sides have indicated some flexibility, but Republicans
still want deeper spending cuts than Democrats.
The death toll from Brazil's worst school shooting ever has risen to 12 now. A gunman
opened fire Thursday inside a Rio de Janeiro elementary school. Cell phone video shows
panicked students fleeing the building. The children were lined up, we're told, against
a wall and shot execution style. The dead include 10 girls and two boys. Police say
the shooter is 23-year-old Wellington Oliveira, shown here. He's a former student at that
school. The Arabic TV news channel, al-Arabiya, reports that he's a convert to Islam, but
authorities still don't know why he did it.
The conservative incumbent appears to have won the state Supreme Court election in Wisconsin.
A county clerk says she incorrectly entered the vote totals for the race. That clerk has
been criticized in the past for her handling of elections. But the new total gives Justice
David Prosser a 7,500 vote lead over his liberal challenger, this woman, Joanne Kloppenburg,
a dramatic turnaround from yesterday's results. The race had become a referendum on Wisconsin's
new law limiting the collective bargaining rights of public employee unions. Money had
poured into both sides in this race from across the country. If the vote total stands, conservatives
will keep their majority on the state Supreme Court and are more likely to uphold that new
The couple at the center of a headline-making embryo mix-up has announced that with the
help of a surrogate, they're expecting twins. Carolyn and Sean Savage told their dramatic
story on The 700 Club recently. They had trouble conceiving a child, so they turned to a fertility
clinic for help, and it worked. But just days after finding out that Carolyn was pregnant,
they learned the baby she was carrying was not hers. There had been an accidental switch,
it turns out, of embryos. But she went ahead and had the child and gave it to the rightful
parents. Well, they wrote about their ordeal in the book Inconceivable. And now some good
news for the family. The Savages went on the Today Show yesterday to make the announcement.
We hit the jackpot.
And I want you to break the news to the audience. You really did hit the jackpot.
We did. As our doctor said, Dr. Sherry, he said, "We hit it out of the ballpark." So
we are expecting twins.
Twins. Wow.
This upcoming summer.
The couple will welcome the twins into their family in August through their surrogate Jennifer
Onash. And today, they said, "We are so grateful for the incredible support of all the viewers
of The 700 Club who have reached out to us after being touched by our book and have sent
prayers of support. Jennifer's sacrifice on our behalf is so humbling and the gift of
a lifetime she is providing us makes us eternally grateful. Jennifer will always be a part of
our family. We are deeply blessed and there is no doubt God is holding us in the palm
of His hands. God bless!" Great story, Gordon.
That is a fantastic story. Congratulations to Shawn and Carolyn. I love the interview
they did.
Well, wonderful people. I meet lots of people on this program who love children, but those
two really, really have just a passion for family. And it's wonderful to see God bless
them with not one, but two wonderful children for the future. So we'll keep on top of that
story and bring you more news.
We'll give you more on that.
Yes, that's right. Well, coming up, more Americans know what's in a Big Mac than what's in the
Ten Commandments.
It's the same in every community that I've ever been in around the world. Let's get this
good news of the Gospel to people as young as we can.
How to raise biblical literacy around the world, when we come back. Plus, stay tuned
to learn how you can win an iPad, too.
Coming up later, an artery bursts in his brain, twice.
There is no hope. There is no way my husband is going to come out of this.
And his desperate wife takes desperate measures.
I just began to declare, "Life, Prit. Life. Live, Prit, live."
Her story shocked us. Her loss touched us.
She will never be the same.
I can't do this anymore.
Her comeback inspired us . . . .
I don't need easy; I just need possible.
Something good is going to come out of this.
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Next week. You know her as an actress. Now hear Ashley Judd speak out on her biggest
role yet. Plus: Could this man be the next president
of the United States?
Why isn't there any to deal with these long term problems?
Meet Senator John Thune.
I don't think that people of faith ought to shrink away from being in the public arena.
Tomorrow on The 700 Club.
The Bible is the bestselling book of all time. An estimated 100 million copies are sold worldwide
each year. But how many people actually read it or share the stories of the Bible with
their children? Here is Gary Lane with a look at biblical illiteracy around the world.
To the outermost reaches of the earth, the Far East, Africa, India, Latin America, and
the Middle East, Christian missionaries and evangelists often endure harsh conditions
to bring the good news to the unreached. They're committed to delivering Bibles to those who
have limited, or no knowledge of Christianity and the Bible, like Buddhist children in Thailand.
This boy said he knows about Heaven. "Who lives there?" we asked.
I have no idea.
Who is Jesus?
I heard from a teacher by reading a book. They said Jesus was in the Islam religion.
We asked these boys, "Have you ever seen a Bible or have you heard about Jesus?"
No, I haven't.
Who created your great-great-great-grandmother?
The earth.
And we talked to some Hindu kids in India.
I don't know what Bible is.
I have never read the Bible, but definitely I have heard a lot of stories and miracles
of Jesus.
After we die, we go to Heaven. So there we go to Heaven and we become an angel. We become
a star.
There are many fairies and gods, so I would wish to meet them.
And the lack of Bible knowledge isn't just in the developing world. Even in the world's
most evangelized nation, the United States, a number of surveys show that American Bible
knowledge is declining. A 2007 Kelton Research poll found that more Americans knew the ingredients
of a Big Mac than those who could properly identify the 6th commandment. And in 2000,
Christian pollster George Barna found that only 37 percent of all Americans could name
all four Gospels. Only 37 percent said they read the Bible weekly, even though 92 percent
of American families own at least one copy of the Bible. In the United Kingdom, a recent
Church of England study found Generation Y'ers, young people born after 1982, were indifferent
to Christianity.
I think they don't know the stories. And the Christian faith relies heavily on the stories.
So it's about telling the stories. So we have to find ways of making the stories relevant.
And that's perhaps the best approach, not only in the west, but around the world, says
Wycliffe USA President Bob Creson. He suggests Bible stories can help children and others
understand and apply the scriptures.
It's the same in every community that I have ever been in around the world. Kids love to
hear these stories and God works through the hearing of those stories to root Himself in
their hearts and minds. The reality is, when Jesus taught, He didn't teach without telling
stories and the same is true today. So you just think of those stories where Jesus said,
"Let the children come unto Me." It's the same principle today. Let's get this good
news of the Gospel to people as young as we can.
For Christian missionaries a century or so ago, delivering the good news to young people
and others meant giving them Bibles. But that isn't always the best approach today. On one
occasion, I joined some missionaries as they were distributing Bibles in Sudan. The people
were happy to have Bibles, but we later discovered they couldn't read them.
Sixty percent of the world's population is pre-literate. So it's absolutely important
to consider other ways for people to hear the good news of the Gospel. Faith doesn't
come by reading. Faith comes by hearing.
And by seeing. Gary Lane, CBN News.
Faith does come by hearing, and you look at the state of biblical literacy in the world,
and you literally shake your head. In America, you have people who can't answer a question,
"Can you name one of the commandments?" We've done surveys in China, and sort of an informal
one in a shopping mall that had a Nativity scene. It was during Christmastime. There
was a Nativity scene. And the question was, "Do you know the story? Do you know the story
of Jesus coming into the world?" And the answer was, "Well, isn't His father Santa Claus?"
So you get into issues where do people even know the basics? Do they know the basics of
the good news? And how do we get it to them? There was a Bible translator. This isn't the
first time in history that there has been a lack of information, basic information in
people as to what's in the Bible. It used to be illegal to have the Bible in the mother
tongue. According to the church, you had to have it in Latin. And if you didn't speak
Latin, well, that was tough. And people literally gave their lives in order to translate the
Bible into English. One of the first translations, William Tyndale's translation, he died because
of that. But his goal was, "I want the average plowman to know more about the Bible than
the average clergyman." And that should be a goal for all of us. And that's what we want
to do at CBN. We're re-imagining Superbook, a Bible cartoon series. We want to take the
Bible to the children of the world. And our goal over the next five years is for 300 million
people to see that broadcast of Superbook around the world. We're translating it into
20 initial languages in just the first 18 months of release. We're releasing it this
October. And I'm really excited about this project. I think this is something that could
really change cultures and change the level of knowledge, so that the knowledge of the
Lord can cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.
I am so excited about it as well. Bringing the Bible to life through animated stories
is the essence of CBN's Superbook series, not only for children here in America, but
as Gordon said, for kids all over the world. And now, we're excited to give you a sneak
peek at the latest Superbook episode. This one is called "Exodus: Let My People Go."
Oh, man.
Do you see what I see? Wow. That's a whole lot better than my magic card shuffle.
Joy, Chris and Gizmo are on another adventure. At a time when kids need God's supernatural
strength, freedom, and direction more than ever, CBN presents its latest Superbook episode,
From mighty miracles . . . .
. . . . to insecurity issues . . . .
I am not very good with words.
. . . . to widespread destruction, extreme frustration . . . .
And tell your people I will never let them go!
. . . . and victorious escape. Superbook's "Exodus" brings the Word of God to life with
the latest computer animation, providing biblical truths for today's youth.
We used to have in America a biblical context about sin and redemption. People knew they
were doing wrong when they were doing wrong. We don't have that any longer. It just isn't
being taught.
Superbook producer John Schafer:
And I think what our biggest thing is how do we reach a generation to give this message,
that there is someone who loves you. He created you. He has a purpose. But how do you do that
in a way that if they're not going to go after the Bible and read it or go to a Christian
bookstore, what do you do? And we have to find a vehicle and a medium. And that's where
animation is strong.
In each episode of Superbook, best friends Chris and Joy are faced with an everyday problem
that Superbook helps them to solve. by actually placing them in the stories of the Bible and
letting them meet and interact with characters, like Moses.
Have you lived here long, Moses?
In Superbook's pilot "David and Goliath," children learn that they can conquer giants
when they trust in God's power. "Creation" broke tradition by taking the familiar story
of temptation and sin in the Garden of Eden all the way back to the fall of the angel
Lucifer. And by July 2011, CBN plans to complete 10 more episodes, 13 total, encompassing scripture
and lessons from Genesis to Revelation.
When you think about the Bible stories, when people watch it, whether they're believers
or not, there's some type of spiritual truth that just resonates in them, and that's why
the original Superbook series, you always hear so many people saying it touched them.
CBN created Superbook as a part of a huge campaign to reach Japan nearly 30 years ago.
It was a monumental success, drawing a weekly audience of nearly four million people. During
the fall of communism in the 1990's, Superbook aired across the former Soviet Union where
millions of lives were changed by the series. People in more than 100 countries watched
the original Superbook. It was translated into 43 languages and viewed by an estimated
half billion people. The updated series will reach billions more. With the best writers
and producers and CG animation, the new Superbook rivals major studios like Disney and Pixar.
Probably the show that is as epic as ours is probably Star Wars/Clone Wars. Usually
characters you see on typical animation, there's maybe three or four characters on there, only
a couple set pieces. Our shows typically have 22 characters in an episode, 15 of them are
talking characters. The set pieces we use are very epic, like Pharaoh's palace. Our
shows are almost like little mini movies.
Every detail and historical account is fact checked for accuracy and cultural credibility.
In "Exodus," Superbook producers were challenged with what really happened to Pharaoh.
If you want to see how we handled the death of Pharaoh or the escape of Pharaoh, you have
to watch it and watch closely to see how we handled it.
And people are invited to do more than just watch Superbook.
The 22 minute show is a catalyst, is a vehicle to get kids to draw into the Bible, but we
want them to have tools to learn, experience the Bible more, and so we have to bring them
into the interactive site, whether it's on the web, whether it's on an app. We have to
make sure it's in an area that they're comfortable with.
So how's Superbook weighing in with its target audience? Kids who got a sneak peak at the
latest episode "Exodus" all agree.
We give Superbook two thumbs up!
Unbelievable. I just want to say, I just came back from Florida. From Florida. From not
Florida. From Africa, where I watched one of the things we did in a new children's home
there was to give them a TV, so these children could watch. And we showed them the old Superbook,
which compared to this is just like so incredibly different and basic compared to the quality
of this. They were enraptured.
is amazing what can happen. I was in a village in Thailand. And we showed one of CBN's animation
programs. And it was an older one. And literally the entire village at the end, there was a
local Thai pastor, and he gave an alter call. And literally the whole village, men, women,
children, all sit up and say, "Yes, I want to pray. I want this Jesus that you're talking
about." And it's all made possible because people like you care and say, "Yes, we want
to be a part of it." We're in the production cycle now, and we're doing a prerelease of
the episode to people that want to help with the production cost. And so what we're asking
for is a gift of 25 dollars or more. And with that gift, we'll send you the latest episode,
"Exodus." There's also a place on if you want to have "In the Beginning," the
story of Genesis, or the story of David and Goliath, "A Giant Adventure," where you can
order those as well. And what we're asking for is a donation of 25 dollars. And that
25 dollars will go into the production cost of the series. We're in production of 26 episodes.
These are expensive programs to do, but our goal is to see this broadcast in languages
around the world. We're already in the translation of Spanish. We're working on English, is the
first two, English and Spanish. Then we're going to take it to Portuguese, French, Russian,
Arabic, Farsi, Foran, Turkish, all the languages, the major languages, Bengali, Telugu, Hindi,
for India, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog, for the Philippines, Bahasa-Indonesia. We want
to see 300 million people watch this series in just the first five years of its release.
And we've made the quality so it will literally last a decade. And as we produce these, we
want to get into a broadcast cycle that will guarantee as children age through it, a new
generation, it will just take two years in television for a new demographic to come into
that age where it's appropriate for them to watch, and we just want to keep repeating
it and repeating it. So many can know the good news.
And we want to say also, while you've been doing the production of this, there are also
trading cards that come with this that have been included, and a great area on our website
where kids can actually go on and interact and play with some of the things. You've got
little games set up for them there. So it's a wonderful gift for Easter, I'm thinking,
for so many of you who have children, grandchildren, special people in your neighborhood. For your
gift of 25 dollars or more, as Gordon said, you get this particular version, or this particular
segment of it, called the "Exodus: Let My People Go!" segment. But also, you'll get
the trading cards, And if you want it by Easter, you need to call and let us know that by April
11th. Make your commitment, your gift, by then. And the way to do that is by calling
the number that's on your screen: 1-800-759-0700.
You can also log on to and do it that way. But what fun to put this in kids' Easter
baskets. And if you've got multiple kids, as Gordon said, we've got a couple of other
segments that have been done as well, so give us a call.
Well, up next, a brother and sister who agree on one thing. They both love the latest Superbook
My favorite part was where Moses drops the staff and it turns to a snake.
I thought it was awesome because I like how Joy is having trouble and the Bible helps
More actions on the Exodus episode ahead. Plus, their little faces say it best. The
impact of Superbook on the children of Costa Rica, when we come back.
A humble Shepherd . . . .
Who am I to lead your people out of Egypt?
. . . . and an evil King . . . .
Speak up, insect!
. . . . battle over the future of a nation . . . .
Tell your people I will never let them go!
. . . . in the latest Superbook episode.
"You must lead my people, Israel, out of Egypt."
Let my people go.
Come explore with Chris . . . .
Didn't see that coming!
. . . . Joy . . . .
I'm not good in these kinds of situations.
. . . . and Gizmo . . . .
Maybe I should try my magic card shuffle.
As they discover how God does amazing things through ordinary people.
For your gift of $25 or more, you'll receive Superbook's newest DVD Let My People Go, the
original Superbook Exodus episode and trading cards. Your gift will help create future Superbook
episodes and bring God's Word to the next generation.
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share your favorite videos.
David Carothers is 11 years old and his sister Adeline is 12. These two don't agree on much,
but one thing has captured their full attention. Take a look.
What could possibly be more fun than chilling out and watching your favorite Superbook DVD?
Seeing the brand new Superbook . . . .
. . . . before anyone else. Sneak peek. Sneak peek.
Adeline, David, and Victoria Carothers got a sneak peak of "Let My People Go," the newest
Superbook release.
My favorite part was where Moses drops the staff and it turns to a snake. Then he picks
it up and it turns back to a staff.
I thought it was awesome, because I like how Joy is having trouble and the Bible helps
Antoinette Carothers: Not only, of course, is it the positive message, but it teaches
them about the Bible and it gives them a visual of something they may not understand. And
as a parent, I appreciate that. The website, as well as the DVD, is wholesome, and they're
not only learning about God, but valuable principles.
I'm better at this game than Adeline.
No, you're not.
Yes, I am.
No, you're not.
Yes, I am.
We also surprised David and Adeline by giving them "Let My People Go" and "A Giant Adventure."
Oh, cool. Thanks.
Thank you.
If you want to help us with the production costs, we're inviting you to join with our
Superbook team. For a gift of 25 dollars or more, we'll send you the latest one, "Exodus:
Let My People Go." If you want that, if you want to help us produce this incredible series
for the children of the world, just call us: 1-800-759-0700. Or you can log on to
There's a place on the website where you can give a designated gift to Superbook. And that
will go directly into the production costs and the cost to maintain the website, If you
want to check out the website, just go to Superbook.TV. Make sure it's .TV, Superbook.TV.
And you can see all the great games and activities we have for children. Terry.
Well, Andreas and Alia are two lucky kids. They have a great mentor named Ronald Mayfield.
And Ronald likes to have fun with them and teach them about the Bible. And here's how
he does both of those things at the same time.
Ronald Mayfield has been volunteering to help inner city kids for over 20 years. For two
of his favorite students, Andreas and Alia, he's much more than a volunteer.
I'm not in the family, I'm part of the family. I would consider myself to be a mentor to
them, because I like to teach them things.
His favorite thing to teach? Stories from the Bible. So when Ronald learned about the
new and improved Superbook on The 700 Club, he grabbed the DVDs as soon as he could to
share with Andreas and Alia. He believes they're learning lessons they'll never forget.
They enjoyed learning about Jesus. They wanted to hear more about it in their level, which
made it more interesting to them.
Andreas learned so much from the Creation episode, he wrote a letter to The 700 Club.
Here's what it had to say:
This episode of Superbook was very good. I liked the part when Michael pushed Satan and
he fell off the rock.
And Alia loves the Superbook trading cards that come with each video. The Bible stories
are just part of Superbook's appeal. They're created with the latest in animation technology,
sure to capture the attention of this generation's kids.
I would recommend it for families, for mothers, parents, okay, single parents, to get Superbook
for their children.
I can't wait when another Superbook comes out so I can watch it and learn some more
about the Bible.
It's beautifully done, and you can see from listening to those kids that it really, really
has a huge impact. It's wonderful.
When have you ever heard a child say, "I can't wait for the next episode, so I can learn
more about the Bible."
That sums it up right there, doesn't it?
That does sum it up. All right, well, the original Superbook began as a campaign to
reach the nation of Japan nearly 30 years ago. Today, reaching the children of the world
continues to fuel the vision behind the new Superbook series. Recently, children in Costa
Rica watched Superbook's "Creation" episode in Spanish. And before long, they were all
shouting, "Superlibro!"
In San Jose, Costa Rica, children eagerly await the annual Fun Festival, hosted by the
City of God Church. This year's main event, the Spanish language world premier of Superbook's
first episode, "In the Beginning."
The festival is a party. The children have fun and learn while they're enjoying themselves.
We have been able to minister to many orphans, abandoned children, children in need of love
and understanding. And we have been able to touch their lives, planting in them a seed
of hope, a seed of truth, a seed of blessing.
The auditorium quickly filled to capacity with 1,000 children from across the city.
Obedience was the theme of the festival, and after the games and teaching came Superbook.
Superlibro! Superlibro!
All eyes were on the screen as "In the Beginning" illustrated the consequences of sin and the
importance of obedience. After the program, the kids were invited to pray, asking God
for forgiveness and His help to be more obedient to their parents. When asked how many prayed,
little hands went up across the auditorium. Later, we asked the children what they learned
from Superbook.
This movie is very beautiful. You learn to obey your parents and your teachers as well.
It teaches you a lot of stuff.
I learned that even when you sin, God forgives you. It was very, very special for me.
One little girl told us she wanted to see more episodes of Superbook.
Because I would like to learn more about the Bible.
Event volunteers were excited to see the response from the children. For some, Superbook holds
a special place in their hearts.
I remember watching Superbook when I was a boy many years ago. I didn't know you were
doing the project again. Seeing the characters again caught my attention. Here at the festival,
we try to teach in many ways, with puppets, with dramas. But without a doubt, to be able
to do it through a film, it's a very useful resource, very powerful. We feel very honored,
first of all, to have been the first to see the film. I think it's a very valuable resource
for those of us trying to disciple children.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
We're launching it out in October of this year. We're going to be working on the broadcast
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way there you can also pick up "In the Beginning" and "A Giant Adventure" if you want those
additional episodes. Terry, there was a woman's conference recently outside of Iran where
Christians from Iran went and traveled. And the speaker wanted to know how did they become
Christians. And it was amazing the response, that the broadcasts in Farsi that we have
been doing on satellite television, of the original series, was the catalysts for them
saying, "Yes, I want more of that."
So here are mothers coming out of Iran saying, "We've been watching Superbook for years."
And so now we're producing a whole new version, a new edition, a re-imagined edition using
the latest in animation technology. And if you want to be a part of helping us, call
us right now: 1-800-759-0700. And we invite you to join us on Facebook. We're actually
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All you have to do is go to One word, SuperbookTV. And you can join in
the conversation on Facebook. And when you do, we've got a special contest for you, where
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get you some episodes loaded up on the iPad II as well. So if you want that, go to
and enter the contest. It's free to anybody. All you have to do is enter, and we're giving
away three of these.
That's awesome.
You can't get one. I'm sorry.
I know. I was just going to say, is that only outside the building?
No. You're not allowed.
Okay, well, still ahead, nearly half of all people who have a brain aneurysm die. Prit
Adams had one, and then two days later he had another.
I knew at that moment that Prit was slipping out of my hands. We were going to lose him.
Things were very, very grave.
See what this desperate wife did that baffled her husband's doctors. Plus, we're going to
be praying for you and your needs, and that's all coming up, so stay with us.
Hello, is this thing on? Hey kids, do you love games?
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And do you love discovering things?
Well do ya?
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I was in a lot of pain. I remember feeling, "I don't want to have cancer. Why is this
I went to pray with my 10-year-old. He said that he wished he had two hearts, because
one of them was breaking.
I had to reassure her a lot that I'm going to be okay. Things are going to be all right.
God is on our side.
This is one thing Cancer Treatment Centers does for people. They give them the courage
and the strength to battle cancer.
When you first walk in that building, you almost feel like there is the presence of
the Holy Spirit.
It is about the patient. It is only about the patient and what is it that they need
and what do they want.
Call now, and we'll send you this free DVD that shows you how our very special team of
experts and caregivers put you at the center of everything we do. Hope is alive at Cancer
Treatment Centers of America.
I don't really see how anyone can get through a life-threatening disease without the Lord
in their life. He gives us the strength that we need to carry on.
Welcome back to The 700 Club. Unmarried and gay couples will soon be able to adopt children
in the state of Arkansas. The state Supreme Court has upheld a lower court decision Thursday
to strike down a law that prevents them from doing so. Some gay couples are already making
plans to adopt. Pro-family groups say the high court failed to put children first. Arkansas
voters approved that law two years ago.
Operation Blessing is working to help restore sight to victims of the disaster in Japan.
The group is partnering with a team of optometrists and lens technicians to set up three eye clinics.
They are providing free eyeglasses to those who lost theirs. Operation Blessing has purchased
1,400 pairs of prescription and reading glasses to distribute. David Darg, the disaster relief
director for the ministry, says things like food and fuel are important, but the victims
also have a need for everyday items, like eyeglasses. To date, Operation Blessing has
delivered more than four tons of emergency relief supplies to the area. And you can find
out more about OB by going to its website at
Gordon and Terry will be back with more of The 700 Club, after this.
Soul Surfer means trying your best and not giving up.
Being able to get back on her board after losing an arm in a shark attack, is just really
It is wonderfully acted, inspirational, terrific story.
Comes from your heart.
I'm still crying.
It's a really great movie and really inspirational.
Definitely a movie that everyone in the family should see.
Probably the best movie I've ever seen.
When you come back from a loss and never say never, you find a champion. Soul Surfer, rated
PG. Now playing.
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Next week. You know her as an actress. Now hear Ashley Judd speak out on her biggest
role yet.
Plus: Could this man be the next president of the United States?
Why isn't there any attempt to deal with these long term problems?
Meet Senator John Thune.
I don't think that people of faith ought to shrink away from being in the public arena.
Tomorrow on The 700 Club.
Medically speaking, Prit Adams should not be alive today, or at best he should be acutely
disabled. His CAT scans reveal, quote, "permanent and severe neurological impairment," the result
of two back to back brain aneurysms. Well, now, we're about to show you what his medical
records don't indicate, the miraculous power of prayer.
Pritchard Adams served as a missionary to Haiti for 28 years. He was visiting Canada
the morning he felt a pain so severe in his head that he collapsed to the bathroom floor.
By the time paramedics arrived, his condition had gotten worse.
Prit grabbed the back of his neck and his eyes just glazed over and he went unconscious.
And they immediately put the oxygen mask on him and whisked him away.
In the emergency room, doctors discovered a subarachnoid hemorrhage. An artery at the
base of his skull had burst, filling the space between his skull and the thin membrane covering
the brain. Nearly half of all people with a ruptured brain aneurysm die. And those who
survive likely have severe brain damage.
They had to put a drain in his head to draw the blood out of his head. And he just had
tubes coming out from everywhere. When I saw the look on the doctor's face and heard the
report of the aneurysm that there were few survivors that survived a brain aneurysm,
I knew that things were very, very grave.
Doctors performed surgery to stop the bleeding. But Prit had already slipped into a coma.
They didn't expect him to live through the night. By this time, people around the globe
were praying and fasting for Prit's recovery.
We just immediately started to pray, and decided that we would let the medical community do
their job and that we would do the thing that we knew how to do best and that was to stand
by his bed.
Prit survived, but not without complications. His blood pressure soared and he developed
pneumonia and an infection. Doctors warned Dana that if Prit had a second aneurysm that
he would not survive. Two days later, he went into cardiac arrest, and he had a second artery
explode in his head.
I knew at that moment that Prit was slipping out of my hands and that if God did not intervene
we were going to lose him. And immediately I stood by his bed and I started rebuking
the spirit of death. And I said, "No, you cannot come here. You have no authority in
this place." And I just began to declare, "Life, Prit, life. Live, Prit, live."
Doctors resuscitated Prit and began to prep him for the surgery to repair the second artery
that had burst. But before they could operate something changed.
The neurosurgeon came in and he shook his head and he said, "Mrs. Adams, your husband
is a perplexity to us. Three times now he has skirted death. We were getting ready,
prepping him to take him in to do brain surgery to find out where the hemorrhaging was coming
from and an hour ago he started to improve. We do not understand and all we can do right
now is just say that we will follow his progress.
Doctors were not optimistic about his full recovery. CAT scans showed the speech and
motor areas of Prit's brain were badly damaged and that he would have permanent and severe
neurological impairment.
I got very, very tired, and wept, and wondered how long this trial was going to last. But
I always believed that God was going to somehow heal my husband.
Dana's faith never wavered. She reminded God of His promise to take care of them.
"And you said in the day of adversity that I could call on you and today is a day of
adversity. I need you and I need you now, because there is no hope. There is no way
my husband is going to come out of this unless you give me a miracle, Lord."
On July 27th, 23 days after the first aneurysm, Prit woke up and a few days later he started
to speak.
We prayed that he would start talking and when he started talking he wouldn't stop.
After 52 days in the hospital, Prit left in good condition. Today, Prit has fully recovered
except for some short-term memory loss. He walks two miles a day and is looking forward
to going back to minister in Haiti.
Prit Adams: I am more thankful than ever for my wife and for my children, for my family,
for the spiritual family that we have in Haiti, the churches that we have, the believers that
we have. I am thankful for every moment now, for every minute that we have and more than
ever before.
I'm grateful that I have my husband back. I'm grateful that I have the father of my
children back, my lifelong partner, my soul mate, my best friend. I would encourage whoever
received a report that contained no hope for them, to take that report to the Lord. Prayer
and the Word of God are greater than anything they could face.
That is a prayer warrior, and that is what the power of prayer can do. An amazing story.
A miracle.
I tell you, if I'm ever in the hospital, I want Dana praying for me. There is so much
to the parable of prayer that Jesus taught, where He said there was an unrighteous judge,
and there was a widow that knew that that judge could turn things around for her. And
even though he was unrighteous, he didn't want to do anything, her persistence is what
got the answer. Now, we don't pray to an unrighteous judge. We don't pray to a God who doesn't
want to answer our prayers. We know that He's good. We know that He heals. We know all these
things. And so with that knowledge, let's have persistence, that we don't give up, that
we pray through until we get an answer. Now, it's my favorite time of the program, where
we get to pray with you, for you, for whatever needs you have. And all the scripture requires
is that we believe. I like to remind people, don't have faith in your prayer or some ritual
or how much you fasted or how much you even know the scriptures. Don't have faith in any
of that. Jesus says it clearly in Mark 11:22, "Have faith in God." Put all your faith there.
And if you think you don't have any faith, let Jesus be your faith. He is the author
and finisher of your faith. Let His completed work, what He did on the cross, let that completely
wrap around you and just immerse yourself in that. Look to Him and look to His wounds,
because it's by His stripes we are healed. It is not by our prayers. It is not by what
we think. It's by what Jesus has already done. And when you immerse yourself in that, you
get all the belief you need. That's the key. And when you understand that key, have faith
in God, then you can speak to the mountain, and it will be moved. It will be. That's what
Jesus said. Now, before we pray, we want to encourage you with some other people that
have been healed. Here is Marilyn from Illinois. She had severe attacks of pain, redness, and
tenderness in her joints from gout since 2003. She couldn't afford a doctor. Last December,
she was watching The 700 Club. Terry, you said, "There's someone with a recurring gout
problem. God is healing that for you right now. It's just going to be gone. You'll not
experience it again." From that day, she's had no more symptoms. She also had severe
headaches. She had brain lesions from bacterial meningitis. One day I had a word, "God is
healing lesions on the brain. Touch your head and be healed." Immediately, all the headaches
stopped. She hasn't had any since. That's a miracle.
That is a miracle. And here's more. This is Betty. She lives in Southfield, Michigan.
She had surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy for thyroid cancer after doctors found two
spots in her throat and one on her right lung. That happened in 1998. For 12 years, she still
had pain. The lumps on her throat didn't go away. And then last December, she was watching
this program with her adult son, whose name is Jason, and Gordon, you gave this word of
knowledge. You said, "You've got nodules in your lungs and in your throat. In Jesus' name,
be healed. All of them are shrinking and leaving, and it's just a tremendous miracle happening
for you." Betty said she felt a pain shoot through her neck. All of the lumps were gone.
In January, her doctor confirmed her healing and was himself amazed. Betty said this was
an awesome testimony for her son to witness, because he had just recently become a believer.
One of the employees here wrote a special prayer request for Julie down in Florida.
She's got some autoimmune problems. She's had a mysterious virus that's shut down organs
in her body. Doctors say there is no hope. But Julie, with God there is hope. We're going
to pray for you. We're going to pray for others. Just join with us. Don't watch us pray, but
join with us. And if you've got a need, lay a hand on that area of the body that needs
healing. The prayer of faith will raise you up, and all you have to do is believe. Let's
pray. "Lord God, we just pray for Julie right now. And we speak to the organs in her body.
We speak to her stomach. Stop bleeding now. We speak to her intestines. Digest food normally
now. We speak to all the autoimmune systems. And we say stop fighting her body now. Release
Julie now, in Jesus' name. We ask for energy. We ask for restoration from what has been
taken from her. We ask for joy and peace to be on her now. And for those laying hands
on the body right now, receive healing, in Jesus' name." There's a man laying your hand
on your right shoulder. There's pain in the back of the shoulder. You have limited movement
in your right arm. God has just released that. You just felt a jolt go through that joint.
And what you couldn't do before, do it now and begin moving your right arm and receive
healing. Terry.
There's someone else, you have scoliosis. You've had it for a while, but all of a sudden,
it's really begun to affect your life, and the pain is excruciating. God is healing you
completely right now. That is just going to straighten. The pain is going to go away.
You're going to be set free. You're going to have full mobility again. Someone else,
you have peritonitis. God is healing that for you, and you're not going to suffer damage
from it.
There's a man named Martin. You've got problems with the disks in your back. And it's in the
middle lower back. And God is just healing those right now, and is restoring them, filling
them with fluid again, making them limber again. What you couldn't do before, begin
moving and twisting your back and realize God has just given you a tremendous miracle.
There's somebody else, you've suffered emotionally for a while now, several years. And God has
just given you the peace of God which passes all understanding. It's just going to wrap
around you like a warm blanket, and all of that anxiety, all of that loss, all of that
grief and pain are just going to lift right off of you now, in Jesus' name.
There's someone, you've had a hospital stay, and there's an infection that has set into
your left leg. And God is just clearing that out from the bone. You're being healed now,
in Jesus' name. Amen. And amen. If you've been touched by God, we want to share in your
good report. Just give us a call: 1-800-759-0700.
We leave you with these words from Jesus . . . .
. . . . "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the
Kingdom of Heaven." God bless you.
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