[Interview] Lunafly Talks about "Day By Day," "We Got Married," BoA and More!

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Hi Soompiers. Hello it's Lunafly!
Hi, I'm Sam, the leader of Lunafly!
I'm Lunafly's second, Teo.
I'm Lunafly's maknae, Yun.
Can you tell us about your new track "Clear Day Cloudy Day?"
"Clear Day Cloudy Day" is another song we composed just like our first track, and lyricist Kim Yi Na wrote the lyrics.
This song has a different feel from our first single, and it's about giving a hopeful message to those facing difficulties.
Where and how do you find inspiration when your composing?
We find our inspiration from our everyday lives.
While others may look at it as very ordinary, we think that ordinary day as something special. As such, we feel inspired by every little thing that goes on that day.
Sam, we know that the Korean lyrics to "Clear Day Cloudy Day" are by lyricist Kim Yi Na, but did you come up with the lyrics for the English version "Day By Day?"
Yeah so, with the English versions of our songs, I write all the lyrics.
"Day By Day" is a song about hope, and I guess it's about someone who is in a bit of difficult and dark place,
but they're waiting day by day for their hope to be realized.
So yeah, it's a song about hope.
We last met you in September. How have you been since then?
Yeah, that was....before our debut, right?
We were here before we debuted.
A lot of amazing things have happened since two months ago.
We were placed on Melon Charts, we went to Japan twice, we released our second single, and just a lot of wonderful things happened.
Street concerts. Yes, we've also done a lot of street concerts and performances since then.
You recently had your mini-concert in Japan. What was it like performing among foreign fans for the first time?
So we had our first mini-concert in Tokyo, which was our first ever concert.
We played for an hour and a half, two hours?
So, it's the first time we played for that long in front of people.
It was truly an amazing experience, I have to say.
There was two hundred and fifty of our fans in Japan, and we didn't really know we had many fans over there.
So, it was truly an amazing experience, and they were fantastic.
They really cheered us along, which helped a lot, and we hope to have many more concerts in the future.
You shot your music video in Japan and also had a mini-concert there. Are you planning on focusing on your Japanese activities?
Well, we want to promote and try more in Japan, and we also want to perform in different countries as well.
We don't get to see Lunafly on various variety/reality programs. Is there a reason why you're not appearing on them?
We wanted to make ourselves known for our musicality first and foremost.
That's why we are currently focusing on live performances than variety programs right now.
If given the opportunity to choose any variety or reality programs, which one would you like to be cast in?
Our answer is unanimous. We would like to be on "We Got Married."
Well, I don't have a girlfriend ^ ^
I've seen and felt a lot from watching the program since I was young.
I want to go out and try shows like that, and I really like the atmosphere of the show.
They look so happy and all. What about you?
Yeah, they definitely look happy.
Who would you want as your wife on "We Got Married?"
I haven't really thought of it...but Juniel. I really want to co-star with her.
Hmmm, I kind of have a lot...
I would like to star with BoA sunbaenim, but I don’t think that’s possible...
BoA sunbaenim is his ideal type.
I've actually listened to BoA's music since I was young.
My grandmother would send me her CDs. I've started liking her since back then.
Teo, with your long locks and pretty looks, do you ever get mistaken for a girl?
Oh, I get that quite often.
When I go to the restroom, some of the adults look at me warily.
Sometimes, they look at me and back at the sign to make sure they're in the right room.
Also, when I'm on the subway, I occasionally have people tap on my shoulder and ask whether I'm a girl or boy.
So yes, I do get mistaken at times.
Hi Soompiers! We hope you like our new singles "Day By Day" and "Clear Day Cloudy Day."
We hope to see you more often. Thank you! We are Lunafly!
Soompi chaego!