Defense & Parries in Foil Fencing : Reassemblement in Foil Fencing

Uploaded by expertvillage on 16.04.2008

O'kay this next move is not a parry per say but it is a defensive move known as an evasion
and it is very useful for getting out of the way of a blade which of course is the function
of the parry in the first place. It is called a Reassemblement in French and my French is
terrible. It is so called because from an on guard position or even occasionally from
a lunge you reassemble your feet quickly bringing the feet together and out of the way of an
attack but it is more useful than a foil because on effee this is actually a legal target area
but in foil it is useful against a low line attack because as you can see my target area
is here and a Reassemblement is a very quick way to get my body out of the way and if you
notice my point actually has not moved so that while I have made my target area retreat
from the danger of my point, my blade is still on point and ready to take advantage of any
sort of openings that might emerge. So let's show what that looks like against an opponent.
What you just saw there was a Reassemblement in action. I made an intense attack, a lunge
and Syria parried it with a retreat and then riposted with a low line attack which I then
evaded by pulling my body out of the way but of course keeping my body out of the way of
target for the attack that would have probably come next and that is the Reassemblement.