(English subtitled) A New Year's greeting from Berryz Kobo 2013

Uploaded by Evisudai on 20.01.2013

Happy New Year!
We are Berryz Kobo!
Well, the new year 2013 just began!
Now I'd like to ask you about your aim or what you want to do in this year.
Anyone who wanna speak?
Go ahead, Natsuyaki-san.
Hi, I'm Natsuyaki. Well, Berryz Kobo has had many opportunities to go abroad recent years, such as Thailand, right?
Yes, we'are going there this year, too.
We've been given a chance to release a cover song and hold a live tour as well.
So, I hope we'll get more chance to offer an event and live in various parts of the world.
Of course, in Japan, we hope to hold such an event as you and we can develop a closer friendship.
That's why, in that case, we would be so happy if you come to it, bringing your friends along.
We're really looking forward to seeing you!
Then, anyone who'd like to talk about your objective?
How about you, Toku-san? You're looking vacant, aren't you?
No! I'm awake! I've been awake!
My mouth might have been closed though,,,
Personally, I strongly hope to be able to speak English!
So I wanna go to learn it anywhere, even if at an English conversation school in front of a station.
I strongly hope to do so!
This is between us, a few days ago, I heard our captain saying she would soon start her English lesson.
So I won't let her overtake me!
Saki-chan, Good luck!
Thank you~
Do your best!
Hey you, I'll do my best, too!!
Well...Why are you so quiet, huh?
You know what? I suppose somebody here have to be able to speak english so that we can expand our business abroad in the future, and
I think I'm just the person for that role!
I know, but you've told that purpose for three years, haven't you?
I'm so serious this year!
I'll really do it!
Ok, I know, I know it...
Come on! why will you stop my speaking!?
Please show us your guts, ok?
I'm sooo serious this year!!
I will do it!
I wish you the best, then.
Anyway, each one has your own aim though, Berryz Kobo will mark its 10th anniversary this year. So we're going to be more energetic!
We're hoping that you will give your continued support and warmth as ever!
This has been Berryz Kobo, giving the greeting to you! See you again!