Dan final assignment

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he takes something
shifted and then it comes out
nobody's said
that's very few people to sleep in the woods in
apple Inc recalled a
in some ways it's
for the privilege to be able to hear
so much lou
almost at all
and yes of course you can also do for you
I think people
you're that the need some way of
try and it's delivery
turkey you what is it
lot of great sounds that
it will take to the voters
is that photograph a
it's all that
ga foreign and given them
the peace to this and incidents and
can't ignore it won't
and in a way we the
to trial
also I am reflecting on our consciousness today
it's sure that I think
if you don't write songs
and he comes from like this you feel a lot of pressure could something want to make it
your comments got to be the right thing but
it's just like a monster so
doctors just right
get it down so
you find something that good main ethics war
I mean it's like the
you trafficking it's where you're also like
it really gets it
it's the most
Texas instruments says that includes not
miss di re
maybe sometimes it is
you know where the where you get that
greek right
the you can't even believe
and so perfect and I am
that's tough feels like it's always going to feel like that's the pig out too
the nuts and bolts of it
again it's like
you're not going to be %uh
is that good
who looks incredible homes
midwest in Chicago
frankly that mean
do you imagine that your first house
the bill for in the building at get committee worried about meet Frank lloyd Wright
be discreet artist of thing
you never going to depended deal
it's then
and some
radical things
with Justice
you'll allen
recognize those who create your own in
in this stuff will flow
okay here's a little excessive
still aren't
in that context we do this again
thanks Frank
with an instrument that
so it's a little free writing in about a minute
about a specific person
the bottom line
get some strong emotional
send your got a
girlfriend boyfriend
some specific person
but you still go a little bit there
terry that
it's you
what specific
the ocean
this statute
a particular tree
some like that
right but first
of that
the rule
for the tree or whatever
stick with that
hold on to
it's the ocean
the ocean any relation to the ocean and it's too you know
all the while holding in my hand here first
first regarding
and you see what happens
if years
writing about one thing
writing about another
that's first
the second years
and keep yourself
outside of it
describe the thing itself what it's doing
how it's affecting
the PP jealous
it could be that jealous ocean
oh she made
this constant pain
no it's the science
starting to cast longer shadows on the its peacekeeping
more and more like that
of and get the end
the body
the second verse
you into the picture
you enter the picture
there's a relationship between UN base
the actors
first there's was just the thing alone
the second reason is UN the thing
drop the curtain
captain sales
and without scene
without giving away any equals signs without saying
the pollution and talking about is actually my mother ahead
wilkins ship
wolf but US that person correct
suddenly you're talking about
just a little bit an experiment in randomness okay
therefore it's got to bring the first call
remember those
homework assignment
of those
little things
let that be the well
the third person
it's just
somebody speaks we don't know
it might be
the ocean will
that speaking
the the mother speaking back
or whoever that person is a completely answer for that
it can't be the singer
you'll find out
come back to the chorus at
the first person is
we'll call it the ocean
and members of things
the ocean
our objectives
second verse is
part of the picture
that's it
from town to town
shell shocked
and the to find it
place for tonight
you enter the picture
for instance the
you're talking directly to them
that's first he's
those %uh
those lines
and back to court
it might be perfect
Michael was peninsula and in that
in Michael you Michael
yeah I can really work with the third first assignment but small alike
everything else so out just who you
member in the world the new of songwriting you know
here's another way in